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Thread: Is 48 NB/28 Sin/0 MM still relevant?

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    Default Is 48 NB/28 Sin/0 MM still relevant?

    I play the game on and off, just got to 70 prestige, and would like to know if 48 NB/28 Sin/0 MM is completely outdated... it feels ok... but then again, I'm not up on a lot of the changes since 2.4. I'd like to start playing and grinding regularly, and would like some recommendations if this build is now considered obsolete. Also, any builds or rotations people would like to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    As a fella rogue said "You are hitting like a wet noodle" in this spec and probably constantly being healer-reliant unless you only come out of stealth when you have your self-preservation utility off the CD.

    Try 61 sin.

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