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Thread: cleric STmeele dps

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    Default cleric STmeele dps

    wanted to share my version of ST meele PvP cleric wih decent dmg and decent survivability.

    Dont know if im doing something terebly wrong with 61 shaman build, or it just doesent suite my playe stile but i have beter success with this build then with full shaman or druid.
    I dont recomend doing instances with this build, its realy mana draining but for pvp its very good..

    So the build is:


    As you can see i didnt put many points that improve pets dmg ,you can pvp just effectivly with out it ,as with little help from healer.

    Rotation is prety simple and straight forward
    Eruption of life
    Thorns of ire
    (for litle more dmg instead of Purifier you can use Inquisitor soul and cast vex)
    Ride the Lightening
    Combined effort
    Essence Strike
    Resounding blow
    Massive blow
    Fervent strike
    Icy blow
    Ferventent strike
    Icy Blow
    now you will have your Resounding blow and Massive blow rdy for another rotation

    Keep up your buffs and keep up Eruption of life wich will reduce cd of Resounding blow (7 skills) ,your massive will be ready after 6 skill rotation so fill this with fervent-icy
    and you will have another +50% dmg massive.

    If you shield up before rushing in you will have higher survivability than shaman, one more gap closer in Fea step with 50% speed buff,so less problems with dissconects.

    You also have snare,2 interupts , sleep and silence.
    Pet is really not necessery but it can heal a bit while u have Shield of oak ,Strangth of the Fea and Symbol of the Torch up.

    Your first rotatin is really devastating,and with Rage of the north ,Jolt is always rdy

    I just reacently hit 60 and have 2.3k Sp, 900wis and it works ,dont know how this will skale with higher tier gear but you can use this for fun lvling in WF.

    Wonder if some1 fully geared can parse this with Shaman and Druid
    Any way, sorry for my English and hope you can have fun with this spec
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