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Thread: Pvp gear

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    Default Pvp gear

    Hey all I'm new just need a few friendly helpful people who are willing to help me with a few questions

    Where can I get pvp quests
    Were do I get pvp armour and how?
    How can I get better weps ( the quest ones I'm getting aren't cutting it ) thanks heaps guys

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    Assuming you aren't level 60 yet. Hopefully my assumption is correct.

    PVP quests are available at the main city (Sanctum if Guardian, Meridian if Defiant). I don't know where in the city for Defiant. Guardian side: From bridge crossing into Sanctum, left to the crafting area, take another left into the big circle. Several NPCs with pvp quests.

    There are PVP vendors in many of the quest hubs. A bit south of Argent Glade/Quicksilver college is one. There's another by a tavern in Gloamwood pines. One in Scarlet Gorge, can't remember if its in Crimson Wash or another outpost. One in Scarwood Reach at Kain's Command.

    PVP gear costs favor, which you obtain from doing warfronts. (end fact, opinions start here) The endgame/late game pieces cost a LOT, and the pvp gear you obtain on the way will be outleveled soon if you level via IAs and some questing. From about level 45 onwards, you likely will want to save your favor for the level 60 stuff. I'd skip the level 50.

    Not all vendors sell all pieces. You might be able to get 2 pieces of one level, then another 2 pieces of the next one up, typically 5 levels higher. Also, queing for a random warfront and winning gives you a blue chest with equipment inside. Sometimes you get really good stuff, sometimes it's just ok stuff.

    Also check Rift store. I don't use it that frequently, but a lot of armor and weapons available in game are available for purchase through the Rift store for plats or other non real life currency. Though some also costs credits, which can be bought with REX or RL money.
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