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Thread: Healing in WFs

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    Default Healing in WFs

    Healer Killing Order:
    1st - Defiler
    2nd - Purifier
    3rd - Sentinel
    4th - Chloromancer
    5th - Warden
    6th - Bard

    Everyone in PvP is basically a tank which makes ST Healing very important no matter the map, and having one is not enough.

    Please note that Warden is only good once the raid has 2 ST Healers (i.e. Defiler, Sentinel, Purifier), though if the raid is going to take heavy raid damage you might as well use it.
    The only way Warden can be superior to ST Healers is if you have at least 5 of them all spamming HoTs.


    Defiler is an Epic Healing Spec if you can use it to keep the tanks or healers up and is near impossible to kill if any good, with 3 Links that act as damage reduction buffs for the whole match.
    Weaknesses are Mana and the Links can be purged either from the Defiler or off the target of the link and is not that good at DoTs at all.

    Sentinel is an all Good Healing Spec it can pump out the ST Heals fast and maintain a number off people at once if the raid isn't taking too much damage. Its quick and easy to use with many buffs to aid in healing it self or 2 near by people, its combat buffs are super effective, with a 40% damage reduction buffs and a full heal (of max cleric hp) and even more important is can reset all its cooldowns every 2 mins.
    Weaknesses are Mana off course, all their buffs can be purged off which makes them easier to kill, they can become over extended if they have to heal too many without support very much when dealing with many DoTs on many people and to do their big heals they have to stand still & cast.

    Purifier a Updated Healing Spec that no cleric should do without, in PvP which mainly should keep its shields up on other Healers and high risk targets.
    Side note if a Defiler and Purifier team up the people they are covering are near impossible to kill.
    Mainly used for Pocket Healing tanks, their shields become a difficult problem to overcome.
    Weaknesses are again Mana though they rarely will use any and are very easy to take down if not being healed.

    Warden a Master AoE Healing Spec that again no cleric should do without, it can easily keep the raid alive with mass AoE and ST HoTs, with a cleanse that cleanses 10 people 2 times.
    Prefect for when the raid is taking heavy aoe damage or to keep every one topped off so the other st healers can do their thing.
    Weaknesses are again Mana very much, if their the only healer they can be ignored or simply killed with no resistance and they can't ST Heal at all.

    Chloromancer a all rounded Healing Spec that can do AoE or ST Healing at the same time, they have a lot of health and their DoTs stop people picking up objects in a radius around them, they can strip all the HoTs off anyone and is a good mix with other healers. They can powerfully heal a single person not matter who it is and aid with the aoe weather direct heals or by damage.
    Weaknesses are again Mana, they can't keep themselves up on their own when focused and they require a target in front of them in order to max healing also LoS & range issues can happen when tank healing.

    Bard is a Prefect Support Healer with raid and combat buffs that aid is all things, they can help with raid healing from time to time. Hybrid or 61 can be very effective in over healing or throwing out buffs that can turn the tide, they are very mobile and never have to stay still.
    Weaknesses depending on spec they can have trouble with their energy, they can't self heal much and their healing always requires a target to do so.
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    Default Another spec

    Tactician - Plop the curative core down every 15 seconds or so. Whip out the Curative Torrent and build up 4 stacks of your torrent debuff - fire Empyrean Bolt or Curative Bolt and Smash Torrent Primer. It should clear the 4 stacks away and boost your damage or healing of your torrents by 40%

    Keep your other heals handy for when you get in a pinch.

    Pairs extremely well with Bard.

    NOTE: These do have self heals. The Curative Bolt does not have to be on a target at all, nor does the healing ray. They can prove to be most formidable if not handled properly.

    - Guide on my part (Tac) is a work in progress. Have to take mine out again and go flamethrow something down -
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