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Thread: Favor, prestige, ranks and what to do with them - guide for new / returning players.

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    Default Favor, prestige, ranks and what to do with them - guide for new / returning players.

    In this guide I will try and outline the specific stats and concepts you will be dealing with in Rift PvP before level 60. I will also try to guide you on how to spend your resources to maximise your character's potential.


    This is your pvp currency. Earned by killing other players and participating in warfronts. You can spend this at various npc merchants located around the world and also in the pvp section of the rift store. The cap on favor is currently set at 300,000. If you reach that number, you cannot gain anymore until you spend to drop your total below the cap.


    Prestige is a levelling mechanic for pvp and works much like experience. You start earning prestige at level 50 onwards and thereby gaining ranks, which are the pvp equivalent of levels.


    Ranks are the levels granted by accumulation of Prestige. The maximim rank you can earn before hitting the level cap is rank 50. At level 60 you can rank further to a maximum of rank 80 (warlord). From rank 1-50 the rewards for achieving ranks are titles. At rank 60, you unlock the Mercenary title and the ability to equip Freelancer armor and accessories. Rank 70 rewards the Freelancer title and you can now equip Freelancer weapons and Warlord armor. The final rank (currently) is rank 80 which rewards the Warlord title and the ability to equip the Warlord weapons.


    This stat reduces the amount of damage you take in pvp. The difference between a target with valor and without can be quite noticable.


    This stat increases your damage and healing in pvp, similar to attack power and spell power.


    Gear in warfronts from levels 50-60 has it's stats altered by a system known as bolstering.
    • Each slot is compared against the lowest set of PVP gear available in your bracket.
    • If your gear is less powerful its stats will be replaced with those of the PVP set.
    • If the gear you have equipped lacks Valor and is more powerful its stats will be replaced with gear from the PVP set.
    • Procs and Runes have no effect if they are on bolstered items.
    • Synergy Crystal Bonuses use your equipped items to determine which bonuses are applied.
    • Synergy Crystals, Greater Essences, Trinkets and Seals are excluded from Bolstering.

    The important thing to note about bolstering is that empty slots are not bolstered, so make sure you fill all your equipment slots.

    What should I spend my favor on?

    This is a question I hear asked alot on the forums and in game. You don't *have* to spend favor at all below rank 60 if you do not want to, however if you pvp a lot or plan to level solely through pvp you will find yourself capping out on favor a few times before hitting level 60.

    Levels 10-49

    PvP gear gives you an advantage in this level range so you may want to spend your favor on pvp weapons and armor from the rift store.

    Save up planarite from closing rifts and participating in zone events to buy essences and epic quality planar gear to supplement your pvp gear. These can be bought from the Rare Planar Goods vendor located in the zone equivalent to your level range. A good way to get ahead, if you have the patience to do so, is to save up and buy the 6 slot planar focus from the rift store using planarite. Having 6 lesser essences in your focus will raise your stats by a fair margin.

    Make sure you have all your slots filled with appropriate gear. This includes having your planar focus fully slotted and at level 40+ having a seal equipped.

    Think of buying gear at this level as an investment. Better gear will enable you to assist your team to win more warfronts and thus receive more xp and favor over the long term.

    Level 50-59

    Everything changes at level 50. From this point on your gear is bolstered to the same level as everyone else (with a few exceptions, see Bolstering above) and you start gaining prestige towards ranks. At this stage most people will want to be saving all their favor and spending it on the level 60 Mercenary gear set from the rift store.

    There is one key item you can buy at this level which you will use all the way to rank 80 and that is the Conquest Masters Planar Focus (6 slot focus with +50 vengeance) for 56k favor from the rift store. Make sure to fill this with lesser essences (quality does not matter - see bolstering).

    If you pvp a lot and are confident you can have all your Mercenary gear by the time you hit level 60, the following things can increase your stats in the 50-59 bracket:

    - Conquest focus for +50 vengeance (see above)
    - Conquest Masters Trinket or equivalent.
    - Level 50 synergy crystal and 4 part armor. (the armour will be bolstered, but you will get the stats from the synergy crystal which are very desirable.)

    I hope this helps to answer some of the questions often asked by new and returning players. If you think I have missed something important or made an error, please let me know via personal message on the forum and I can edit the post.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Thanks for this - this will come in handy for quite a few

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    Thank you for this guide! I just reached level 40 yesterday on my main (warlock/necromancer)

    I'll probably save up for that focus thing now, thanks for the tip!

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    Default nice

    a good guide.

    so if we get bolstered, then why buy the mercenary sets etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jck112011 View Post
    a good guide.

    so if we get bolstered, then why buy the mercenary sets etc?
    Prior to 2.4, you needed the Mercenary gear in order to upgrade to the Freelancer gear. Also, the bolstering applies an unruned Mercenary gear to your character. Therefore, if you have runes on your actual Mercenary gear, you would have more stats than someone who is simply bolstered.

    Patch 2.4 is coming on the 18th September (this Wednesday) and with it, Mercenary gear becomes obsolete and the new Level 60 low-tier PvP gear set will become the Freelancer gear set. Bolstering will also be increased to unruned Freelancer gear stats.

    Also, Freelancer gear will only cost favor (won't need Freelancer Marks anymore).

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    Default PVP Prefix Titles

    Hya Ash. Thank you for all of the great information that you provided. It will be most helpful.

    On another note, I was interested in knowing the lowest to highest ranking prefix title in order by rank for a Alliance. I tried googling it and also asked in chat in game. Would you be able to list them for me lowest to highest? Thanks in advance!


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    Default warlockone

    Your info is outdated at best...I am prestige rank 99 and still apparently climbing higher...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlockone View Post
    Your info is outdated at best...I am prestige rank 99 and still apparently climbing higher...
    That information was completely accurate...when he wrote it in 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genshiken View Post
    That information was completely accurate...when he wrote it in 2013.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks for the guide... I haven't played Rift since hitting 50 soon after launch, so I either forgot or a lot of this didn't exist when I played. Your guide is most handy and it keeps me from asking yet another inane question in guild chat!



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