just making a quick video to show you how to do this BP daily alone if you aren't able to find someone to help you. It was done on my prima , and every class can do this with some special movement speed oriented skill tree.

Video :

Builds :
Primalist : 35% move speed (Zephyr buff + passives) + Avatar that give another 50%
Cleric : 25% move speed (Favor of the Current + passives) + Windwalk/Shield of Oak that give another 50%+5%
Warrior : 37% move speed (Bond of Alacrity + Avatar of Wind + passives) + 50% from Fleet of Foot
Mage : 28% (Passives only) + 50% from Essence of wind
Rogue : 25% (Anthem of Competence OR Fleeting Instincts + Passives) + On the double that give another 50%
You can use insoles if you want to , but it's doable without them anyway.

I did it with every class with those build to be sure it really works.

The way to do this is simple :
- Click to the lever in the same order as the video to go from closest to farthest plateform.
- Run as soon as you clicked it to the 1st plateform
- Do it again for the 2nd and 3rd plateform
- For the last plateform pop your movement skill boost and you'll be able to reach the 4th one if you don't stop between the waves.

I hope it will help some of you in case you don't find anyone to help you do this. With 2 people it's a lot easier since you can run while he pull the lever.

Good luck for you BP and have a nice day.