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Thread: Quick Guide for Enclave of Ahnket

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    Default Quick Guide for Enclave of Ahnket


    I made a quick guide for new folks into EoA. Should be enough to help ya through the dungeon and any other mechanics you can figure out on the fly.


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    for the second boss:
    - the player with the debuff has to look around and find a huge crack in the world, go trough it/touch it
    - the crack will despawn, the debuff will be cleansed
    - a hostile and a friendly add will spawn (only visible for the one who had the debuff) as a dd kill the add (7mil hp) or as a healer just top the friendly npc off
    - when you killed/healed one of them the boss will gain a stack (that can be purged) that deals aoe damage
    - i can't tell what happens if you do not kill/heal in time since we only cleansed the debuff and kept killing the boss

    as a sidenote: only the player with the debuff can see the adds (after he went trough the crack) but everyone can use targetless ae damage effects to help and kill it

    *edit: i watched the rest of you second boss guide and the answer for whats happens if you did not manage to heal/kill the add seems to be that you get 2 instead of 1 stack

    for the third boss:
    - he sometimes gets a 3mil hp shield that will make him immune to interrupts

    for the last boss:
    - depending on you damage taken/damage boss done stacks the interrupt will kill you easily
    - oh boy he does his interrupt cast while he is immune (died once to it because no one was paying attention during the portal phase)
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    For last boss:
    in it's final phase, when portals are down, you can purge the stacking damage buff off the boss. Not too important if you dodge bad stuff, int boss. But just thought I put it out there

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