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Thread: Darkening Deep Dungeon

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    Smile Darkening Deep Dungeon

    I killed all the monsters and freed the captives, but I can't enter the last door to finish? What's the trick here.

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    Is this on normal or Expert setting? in the normal version once you kill the three bosses at the end, the Council, that's it, in the Expert version, once you kill the Council you go to a lift or just drop down into the hole to face Scarn, a dragon who's the last boss in Expert.

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    After you runned down the spiral there is boss #1 with 2 guards drotting little fire aoes. After that there is a larger room with alot of adds. There you free a prisoner on the left and fight against him turned into a #2 werewolf. After that it should trigger a npc who speaks and opens the door in the back. a pit full of spiders and the #3 Broodmother. After that follows a room like a sewerage and a glibber miniboss. After that #4 3Goblins Overlords with a campfire. After that an elevator in the back gets unlocked. There is a larger door on the left which is the nm exit. take the lift or jump down the shaft where you will find a arena-like room with a red dragon, which is the last boss. *To exit the dungeon after it right click the little icon below your minimap -> leave dungeon.

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