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Thread: BOS- Damage on ISIEL after todays update

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    Default BOS- Damage on ISIEL after todays update

    Something weird is happening today on Isiel in BoS with tanks geting 1 shoted from random stuff when before everything was ok.
    Checking death log doesnt add up the numbers for tank death.

    Anything like this happened to others after update on 03.05.2016?


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    Killed this last night with my main on NA and it was a one shot (we got a bit lucky with the mines). We run two cleric tanks and haven't noticed any issues with the CDs we usually use to mitigate voltaic thrust. That's mostly a big shield and HP increase.

    I'm also running in a different group with a rogue tank who is having a hell of a time with his CDs and we regularly see random one-shots for him. But that's not new for us, it's ongoing.

    Not sure if this helps ...

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