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Thread: Enigma Guide 6/9 MoM (Written and Video)

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    Default Enigma Guide 6/9 MoM (Written and Video)

    Video Guide: https://youtu.be/x2gKesyzvQY

    Enigma is the first fight you should face after hitting 5/9. It is a three phase fight which has a very forgiving enrage time of 11 minutes..

    Raid Composition:

    1 tank
    1 Purifier/Sentinal (54puri/22sent)
    1 Defiler
    3-4 AoE healers (at least 1 lib is highly recommended)
    1 Harbchon
    1 Bard/Oracle
    1 Beastmaster
    Rest Single Target Melee DPS

    Phase 1:

    Boss casts:
    • Cleave - This is a 6 second cast that is a 180 cleave to wear the boss was facing at the start of the cast. It will one shot all non tanks. The tanks should not try to avoid it.

    • Chaos Flame - This will spawn a ground aoe under the tank. The tank should move out of it. these despawn eventually but there will be multiple of these up at the same time as the fight progresses so the tank just needs to kite them back and forth while ensuring the boss does not move too much.

    • Breaking End - Interruptible cast. Interrupt it and try not to find out what it does.

    • Overwhelming Force - This is an initial 3 second cast which is followed by a 3 second channel. During the channel, the tank will take very high dmg and will need cooldowns to survive this. This happens roughly every 30 - 40 seconds, use Unstable Transformation for the first and for the second use other heal cooldowns coupled with tank personal cds.

    • Meteor - This cast will place a pulsing red aoe on a raid member. He must stack to with other players to share the damage. This damage share caps at 5 players. simply have everyone stack up for most of the fight.

    • Emission of Turmoil. A 3 second cast followed by a 4 second channel. During the channel, there will be high raid dmg. This is where your aoe healers need to keep the raid up. This is not too dangerous unless there is a meteor having been cast just before. To make sure you have no deaths when these two come together, the liberator must use his cooldowns Mass Rescue, Redress and Ameliorate together as well as Puri using Gathering Flames + Flashover. this can be done once every minute. It is possible (but rare) to get meteor plus Emission of Turmoil twice in one minute, if this occurs, you can use the Beastmaster defensive cooldowns to survive. There will also be multiple players who get a debuff which needs to be cleansed. Have the bard/oracle aoe cleanse so that your healers can use all their globals to heal with.

    • Summon Pandemonium Obstructions. This will summon a crystal at the end of the cast. The crystal is called Pandemonium Obstruction and must be killed before the next cast Pandemonium is completed. when the crystal dies, it spawns a white aoe on the floor where it died, all of the raid including the tank must get inside this aoe to survive Pandemonium.

    • Pandemonium. 15 second cast that will kill anyone who is not protected by the aoe that the crystal drops at death.

    The tank will pull the boss from the left of the room with raid stacked up on the opposite side. It is tank and spank while dealing with the above mentioned casts until after the first minute.

    Pandemonium will be cast once every minute starting after the first minute. The Pandemonium Obstruction will spawn on the opposite side to where the boss is facing. Everyone must switch to the crystal to ensure it dies in time. Having 4 aoe healers will make this burn harder, if you struggle with this, consider saving raid and personal dps cooldowns just for the crystals. They are the only meaningful dps check in this fight.

    After Pandemonium cast has finished, the boss will immediately cast Sunder. The tank will run left out of the cleave and the raid will run right out of the cleave. this will leave yu on opposite sides again. Rinse and repeat these steps until 60%.

    Phase 2

    The start of this phase occurs when the boss reaches 60% HP. Enigma will cast Summon Chaos. At this point, two important things will happen.:

    Lasers will spawn on opposite sides of the donut platform, splitting into two 180 degree areas. These will slowly spin anti-clockwise and will kill anyone who touches them. The raid and tank must move constantly to avoid getting hit by them.

    “Sparks” will spawn. There are large orbs that spawn on the donut platforms. there are two types of sparks; purple sparks which are stationary and will one shot anyone who touches them and red sparks which move in circles around the platform and will deal around 50k damage to whoever touches.

    The donut platform is split into 4 circular lanes. The sparks stay within these lanes. At any one time, there will be 3 lanes with red moving sparks and 1 lane with stationary purple sparks. The purple spark lane is considered the safe lane due to the fact that when stood in between in it, you cannot be hit by the red sparks. This lane will periodically change as the phase progresses.

    The boss will continue casting the same casts from the first phase with the exception of Chaos Flame and any Pandemonium related cast.

    The tank needs to stay within the middle of his side of the lasers to ensure that Cleave is kept within his side of the lasers and not hit any of the raid on the other side.

    Emission of Turmoil is especially dangerous in this phase due to the fact that if a non tank gets hit by red spark during the cast, they will most likely die. All raid members must make sure that they stay within the safe lane during Emission of Turmoil. Meteors will also still need to be soaked, to make sure your raid does not get to spread out, you have everyone stack in the safe lane just before the purple spark which closest to the laser that is rotating away from the raid. Move as the laser rotates away sufficiently for you to reach the next purple spark safely and make sure Emission of Turmoil is not being cast as you decide to move.

    At 45%, Enigma will cast Hasten Sparks. This will simply make the red sparks travel faster, making it much more difficult to not get hit when moving around purple sparks. In reality though, this changes very little as you can afford to get hit by one or two red sparks while moving and as previously mentioned, you shouldn’t be moving during Emission of Turmoil anyway for that damage to be dangerous.

    This continues until 25%

    Phase 3

    At 25%, the sparks will despawn. You will then get the same boss casts as previously with the readdition of Chaos Flame.

    The major inclusion to this phase are the Fragments of Chaos. These are bubbles which spawn on either side of the platform. The bubbles have a crystal inside, if this crystal goes inside another Fragment of Chaos’ bubble, it wipes the raid. If the a raid member stand inside the bubble, they will take heavy damage.

    As the phase starts, there will be two clickable orbs that spawn on opposite sides of the platform to each other. The tank should face Enigma between these and 1 person per orb needs to click them. They will receive 3 reactives:-
    • Suspend - Indefinitely roots a Fragment of Chaos
    • Chaotic Pull - Pulls a Fragment of Chaos to you.
    • “Don’t know the name” - Passes the reactives to another player. this does not need to be used hence why I have no idea what it is called.

    The Fragments of Chaos will spawn from the same location which the orbs were, one on each.

    With the root and pull reactive, these players must make sure that the Fragments of Chaos do not hit the raid and also root the Fragments in a manner that will allow for the placement of more Fragments without the crystals ever being inside another bubble.

    The best way to do this is placing the Fragments firstly along the edge until you start getting close to where they spawn. Once that happens place the next one to side of the first fragment you placed on the edge but instead, in the middle. The next will go on the edge of the inner circle and then you just alternate between the two rows going towards the Fragments spawn point. You will eventually run out of space but this method should allow enough time to kill the boss.

    Roughly every 15 seconds, the two people who have the reactives will get a debuff. At 10 stacks of this debuff, they will be immune to healing and will die. This has not been an issue for our guild but the proper way to deal with this is to pass the reactives to another player if the stacks get too high.

    Once the two people assigned to dealing with the Fragments of Chaos learn how to do it well, your kill will shortly follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hababa View Post
    Video Guide: To make sure you have no deaths when these two come together, the liberator must use his cooldowns Mass Casualty Response, Redress and Ameliorate together as well as Puri using Gathering Flames + Flashover.
    *Mass Rescue

    You also didn't mention the cleanse.

    Also Fiery Will

    Also, if you do that, you MAY have shielding overlap and waste (since both may shield more than 50%). It may be better to alternate Gathering and Mass Rescue. Redress is the important ability there (even ameliorate only mitigates on 10). Ultimately, it's up to what you have of course.

    And yeah, 150 seconds should be more than enough to deal with 25%. You'll probably run out of space before running out of time.
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    You can run 61 Purifier instead of 54/22 if you're using a Primalist tank--they can use Vitrify. Primalist tanks 2 strong.

    Puri using Gathering Flames + Flashover
    Should edit that so it's Fiery Will > Flashover > Gathering of the Flames (especially since order of spells is important here as well.) The Liberator can/should also rotate every other EoT with Mass Rescue.

    It is possible (but rare) to get meteor plus Emission of Turmoil twice in one minute, if this occurs, you can use the Beastmaster defensive cooldowns to survive.
    If this happens, you can actually have the person with Meteor move out of the group and have the tank use Intercept on them as well as having Symbol of the Sun up. Alternatively, you can just have a BM/Lib build with Redress and alternate it for every EoT.

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    Yeah, I forgot about the cleanse and mixed up Mass Rescue with Mass Casualty Response, my bad. Will edit this guide and put in annotations for the vid.
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