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Thread: Lady Justice Guide [Written]

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    Default Lady Justice Guide [Written]

    Lady Justice Guide

    Suggested Raid Composition
    2 Tanks
    1 Tank Healer, 3 Raid Healers, Defiler recommended for progression
    3 Supports (Archon, Bard/Oracle, Beastmaster)
    DPS 3 AoE (at LEAST 1 Cabalist), rest ST (melee for max dps!).

    Our raid setup was 2 Rogue Tanks, Puri, Defiler, Warden, Liberator, Chloro, 2 Stormcallers, 1 Cabalist, Bard, Harbchon, Beastmaster rest ST Melee DPS.

    The general idea of this fight is that the boss alternates between a normal phase and an add phase. In the normal phase the key is getting tank swaps done right, and raid not standing in red circles that drop every 10s. The add phases are a bit trickier and needs good healing, quick movement and most importantly: everyone knows how balancing scales work, right... right??? Also in the guide I’m referring to right and left as seen as you walk into the room from the entrance.

    Phases are % based. Enrage is an extremely forgiving 12 minutes.

    I have included time markers on the phase titles, referring to Life's recording of our first kill, seen here.

    Phase 1 (100% - 85%) NORMAL PHASE
    • Raid should stack to the side or behind boss. Few simple mechanics.
    • Cast HASTY PROSECUTION – 4 random raid members get a REACTIVE, target boss and use reactive once(!) or you will die in ~5s. (Spamming reactive can cause you to die as well). Using this reactive gives you a max health reduction, cleansed by standing in green circle around boss.
    • Cast TYRANNIS VERITATIS – Damage over time on raid, heal through.
    • Green circle around boss; cleanses health reduction debuff from HASTY PROSECUTION or CONTEMPT casts, turns red after a few seconds and knocks back/deals heavy damage to anyone inside – likely killing them. TIP Raid should be stacking outside this at all times, you can still melee boss from this range.

    • Boss is tanked where she stands, in the middle circle or she casts CONTEMPT which reduces everyone’s max hp.
    • Boss cleaves with ability RIGHTEOUS BLADE, it is aimed at active tank, tank should move out!
    • Tanks get stacks of a debuff that does nothing until it reaches 10 stacks, soon after reaching 10 stacks the tank gets another debuff that prevents receiving any heals.
    • Tanks should swap at 6-8 stacks, to remove stacks the tank needs to run upstairs to the back of the room, stand in the green circle and spam the reactive ability until the stacks are gone. Tank can then charge back down to boss. TIP Rogue tanks are fast, blinks work!

    Phase 2 ADD PHASE (@85%) [1:24]
    • 10 Blue orbs (Tears of Mercy) spawn around boss, off-tank can run over all 10 to pick them up. Gives reactive ability.
    • 12 adds spawn (Beholders of Judgement) from entrance of room they are immune to damage. Tank (or guy who picked up tears) must use this reactive on these adds to remove their immunity ASAP.
    • Adds will run to middle of room, use AoE DPSers to pull together/stun/snare/kill them. (Cleave too!)
    • Any adds not killed (at least 2, since you only have 10 tears) will run up to the LEFT scale and shift the balance, you must send the same number of players to the RIGHT scale to rebalance them. Send 1 tank and healer(s), as every time a player jumps on the scale, they and anyone on the scale will take damage, more damage is taken for each player that jumps on – at 7 players you will likely die. The scales must be balanced at the END of the JUDGEMENT cast. TIP use the yellow encounter bar to judge this, not the numbers in the emote as this often bugs.
    • Cast MERCIFUL JUSTICE (30s) This cast happens twice during this phase, dealing heavy AoE damage to whole raid, ~65k per tick per second. Use a Beastmaster healing CD for each cast to get through it.
    • Raid needs to stack in centre of room during second MERCIFUL JUSTICE as red circles begin dropping around room.
    • Players assigned to balance the scales should go up after second MERCIFUL JUSTICE is over.
    • Cast JUDGEMENT (28s) One shots raid if scales are not balanced at END of cast. TIP DO NOT JUMP OFF EARLY.

    Phase 3 (-> 55%) NORMAL PHASE [3:15]
    • Normal phase mechanics with 2 additions
    • After JUDGEMENT cast ends, boss will place a debuff on raid called LIBRA. This *can* be cleansed, it causes any heals taken by raid members to heal the boss.. by a lot. Cleanse it, since it can be cleansed. Libra will be put on raid again after 45s.
    • Red circle will be dropped on a random raid member every 10s, move out!

    Phase 4 ADD PHASE (@55%) [4:15]
    • Red orbs will spawn (Vigils of Justice). These are immune to damage for now, and will move in circles around room unless a damaging ability is cast on them.
    • Keep the orbs still by using damaging abilities on them, the damage won’t go through but they won’t move around the room.
    • The scales get shifted again, this time by a fixed amount of 6 (sometimes this is 7 and you should pay attention to the yellow bar to make sure!)
    • Send 6 to the LEFT scale, a tank, healers, ranged players. Remember to jump on one at a time, and get healed up each time.
    • Cast ORDER IN THE COURT (60s) By the END of this cast the scales (yellow bar!) must be balanced. TIP The cast DOES NOT END until the 60s have all passed, even though she stops casting when the 6th person jumps on. Therefore have the last person wait until the cast is ~57s through to jump on. If the bar is not balanced by end of cast raid will wipe.
    • By the end of this cast the immunity on the Vigils will have dropped, and they need to be killed by the AoE DPS/cleaved. The vigils kill anyone they touch that does not have guard on them.
    • Standing in melee range of these vigils cause large purple bubbles to spawn, these bubbles travel from the scales down to the middle of the room, and stun anyone they touch.

    Phase 5 (->30%) NORMAL PHASE [5:15]

    • Normal phase mechanics, 1 addition. Remember Libra!
    • Anyone hit by previous phase Vigils will have spawned purple bubbles, described above.

    Phase 6 ADD PHASE (@30%) [7:15]
    • Same as Phase 2, everyone can help pick up the tears here. 2 additional mechanics.
    • Cast VIRTUE OF WRATH (60s) Concentric circle AoEs spawn, same mechanic as the Ice Guy in Lvl50 10 man Drowned Halls raid, order is random here, and it’s a fast one shot if you’re slow to move! TIP Be fast.
    • Snare/stun/kill the adds in the middle of the room as in phase 2. Standing near these adds will also cause purple bubbles to spawn, so kill them from range.
    • Cast JUDGEMENT (30s) if scales are not balanced at END of cast raid will wipe. TIP The scales start off balanced, if the adds are slowed/stunned enough they will not reach the scales before the cast ends, therefore needing 0 people to balance the scales. If you can’t manage this players will need to go to the RIGHT scale to balance.

    Phase 7 (-> 10%) NORMAL PHASE [8:37]
    • Phase 5 mechanics

    Final Phase (-> 0%) [10:00]
    • Concentric circles again, and red circle continues dropping on random raid member with increased frequency.
    • Raid needs to stay stacked up, if you are forced into the middle area next to boss you will need to coordinate movement to make sure you have free space to move into, and not cover the whole area with red.
    • AoE damage cast still happens, boss may still attack also in this phase.

    TL;DR Alternates phases normal->add->normal->add->normal->add-> normal->final; tank swap on time and use reactive/move out of red in normal phase. Kill adds and balance scales according to encounter (yellow) bar on add phases.

    Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed or got wrong, if you have questions you can ask in-game, or send a message.

    Best of luck, hope for no scale bugs!

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