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Thread: Lia's guide to Genesis

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    Default Lia's guide to Genesis

    Leveling the playing field here ! My paint guides are limited usually to my guild only and give an incredibly visual description of an encounter but I decided to give back to the community !
    Good luck everyone !
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    Thanks for the journey RIFT - It's been fun

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    Dark Genesis Guide - A written accompaniment

    Note: This guide has been written to be read in direct conjunction with Liadva's pictorial guide.

    Raid Composition

    • Tanks
    • Healers
    • Supports
    • DPSers

    There is a tight DPS check of many million on this boss.

    The Dark Genesis encounter is a very interesting one with many mechanics that have not been seen before. It also has some of the best tuning seen so far in MoM, and overall was an extremely fun filled, polished boss fight.

    Phase One (Picture 1)

    Pull the boss. Simple you might think. However this fight includes a very special mechanic that allows the pulling of the boss by a simple click of an (ingame) button. After a few raid nights figuring out this mechanic we moved on to the second challenge of this fight; the adds. By this point you have hurt Genesis enough that he no longer wants to be hit, and summons his robotic minions to help. Whilst Picture 1 requires no further explanation, it should be said that it is extremely important to split the group correctly and make sure that no one is left wondering where Dark Genesis has vanished to. After several more days wiping we discovered it was best to have a mix of DPSers and supports on both sides – trivializing the phase.

    Phase Two (Pictures 2 & 3)

    Now we find where Dark Genesis has run off to, turns out he was just waiting on the other side of the pillar. Again, whilst the picture detailing the mechanics involved here is very clear, it is crucial to the success of the raid that these instructions are followed carefully. The key is to get Dark Genesis to run away once more and this involves a lot of playing with Dark Genesis’ favourite crystal until he gets mad and decides to leave. Once you’ve upset him enough you quickly realise that this was not a good idea as he leaves you a far more deadly crystal that you need to deal with.

    Some raids might find this second crystal difficult to deal with. The trick here is the proper use of support (emotionally speaking), remember Dark Genesis cares about you, you can do it, you can get through this! (Cool downs may also be useful)

    Phase Three (Picture 4 & 5)

    Moving on to the next phase, you need to reach Dark Genesis again. Some players manage this faster than others by simply falling off. Dark Genesis is once again happy to follow tanks around, and due to the sheer simplicity provided in the picture I feel no extra explanation is required here.

    Phase Four (Picture 6)

    After being walked around a bit Dark Genesis displays some more feats of teleportation and moves to the final level – he knows you’ll run after him. There is nothing really new in this phase, you must keep him interrupted though. Remember, it’s not your fault and you don’t need to listen to anything he says. The image here depicts the pain you will have to suffer if you listen to him.

    Phase Five (Picture 7-9)

    Just when you’re almost done with him Dark Genesis decides he needs help, however his friend is not so smart and just doesn’t get what he’s meant to do some times. You will need to deal with this friend to teach Genesis a permanent lesson.

    I hope you’ve found this guide instructive and informative. Simply due to the massive complexity of this fight I understand there may still be some confusion despite the above pictures, but perhaps it has helped to shed some light on this great encounter!
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    Glad to see somebody picking up Apoth's slack now that they are gone. Hope to see a pre-kill guide of Arisen Arak.

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    masturbation goes cloud

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