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Thread: Mind Of Madness (MoM) Tier3 GUIDES going live!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junoses View Post
    You need a hug wilkoss

    - or were you just struggling in school ?
    na i think he's still struggling
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    anyone remember the days of Voodoo's riftstrats website? #Nostalgia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilkoss View Post
    I love Orias guides as much as the next person, but these are out way too soon. It's really ruining the fun of progression on new bosses. We enjoy analyzing skills and working out strategy, this kinda takes that away.

    Oh but Wilkoss, just don't read them! I'd be happy not to, but we can't expect none of our 25 raiders to watch them, and even if we did, other guilds behind us will be watching them and could overtake us on progression.

    Keep them coming but please wait at least a month, or until all 10 of the raiding guilds left manage to kill them.
    joke of the month

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