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Thread: Plane Crawler Project

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    Exclamation Plane Crawler Project

    Need 2 tanks and 2 ST tank heals and 2 Raid heals (bard or cloro aswell)

    Stage 1 kill 8 thralls and the plane crawler can single pull thralls but interrupt their restoration.
    ignore the beams on the first stage. after you kill the thralls kill the boss to progress.

    Stage 2 kill builder then the plane crawler again. Avoid power ark red frontal cleve. when you move through the beams you will get the ionized buff and will make you immune to energy disposal. Energy disposal is a move the boss does to reduce healing and damage that you do. Ignore the red effect around the boss that is just to inform you that he is casting energy disposal. (Ionize lasts 5seconds so make sure you have it through the energy disposal move).

    Stage 3 kill Archtech first then will need to kill the planecrawler again. there are 4 mechanics in this one. Interrupt Archtech's restoration. Interrupt flowing sands on the Archtech or it will increase the bosses cast speed. the boss will get a buff called strength of stone you cant interrupt it but you can purge it off, it increases the boss's outgoing damage. You still have to run through the beams to get the Ionized buff for when he does energy disposal.

    stage 4 kill Builder first them kill plane crawler again. Avoid power arch the red cleave again. The builder will put down a Line of Sight bubble (Firey looking bubble) it will break your LoS on the boss (doesnt do any damage). The builder will also do an ability called Placing Launcher this will place a red bubble called Earthen Launcher the outer circle will damage you the inner will pull you in so just avoid that. The boss will do energy disposal again so get ionized to avoid that.

    stage 5 you will need to kill 4 thralls again then kill the plane crawler. you will have to interrupt restoration again. casted by the thralls. you will need to avoid Earthen Launcher again the red AOE bubble. Still will need to get ionized to avoid energy disposal. The boss will introduce a new mechanic called Doom Cannon that is a 1 shot ability that needs to be interrupted, he will cast it 1-4 times in a row.

    stage 6 last stage avoid earthen launchers again. interrupt doom cannon again up to 5 casts in a row he will cast a BIG BIG red AOE with called unstable tether (looks like an enemy cant be damaged) get out of those as quick as you can before hes done casting because once the cast is finished it will explode and kill you. and still need to get inonized for energy disposal.

    This raid rift basically just progresses in the ability's of the plane crawler and the adds he has. But im sure everyone is curious about the loot because not many people know this raid. This raid you just get Essences just like Sea of Ladon to be rezzed and rolled on! lolz so if you choose to do this I hope this guide helps you do so or if you choose to do Sea of Ladon have fun doing that aswell

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    Decent enough description of the phases. Could hardly be called a guide tho.

    Also you didn't mention Pulse Turret. This is another 1 shot mechanic, I believe it starts in Phase 5 but may not be until Phase 6. This is not interruptible it will need to be Spell Reflected, preferably by a Mage running Dom, but a Cab can do it in a pinch.

    It is very sad no one ever runs this anymore. Its not really terribly hard, but you do need at least 5-6 DPS that know where to find their Interrupt button. I think it is by far the better RR of the original 2, Darkest Magic is just pure fun however.

    Reasons why no one runs it? There is no location with a GY 10 feet away and you can just keep throwing bodies at it like you can SoL, So you can't just fill your raid with anyone with 1k hit. You do need at least 5-6 DPS that know where to find their Interrupt button.

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    Question loot

    I guess few people do this rift for 2 reasons:
    • Who plays Dom ?
    • Who completed this rift ?

    Still, as we do it in Tarken and not Goboro... Is the loot better ? Is the drop % of greaters higher ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heliodromus View Post
    Is the loot better ? Is the drop % of greaters higher ?
    1. No
    2. Probably not.

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