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Thread: Krab's Guide to Murdantix

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    Default Krab's Guide to Murdantix

    This was my first video boss guide. This is based off of the strategies that [Juiced] on Laethys uses.


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    Can I give feedback on the video itself

    There's a lot of unnecessary breathing mouth noises (clicks). Cut your audio to avoid most of the beginning of sentence breathing. You can also write / have a really good idea of a script. To read your lines nicer, quicker and more fluently. Seatin is naturally charismatic and talks fast. He takes quick sharp breaths through the mouth. Oria cut his audio so there is no breathing, his sound that isn't talking.

    Speeding up the video and leaving in the TS audio is - sped up audio in general is annoying. Should've muted it after the opening pull audio. Either keep talking like Seatin or someone like Northernlion, or put some quiet, lyricless music on like Oria.

    Your minimap graphic that shows up at 0.47 doesn't get it's colour key explanation until 1.35 that's not right. It needed to pop up with the map. When you cut to show 50% interrupt, you didn't stay on it long enough. I know it's fast. Pause and show.

    The cuts to show things are off and the change in aspect ratio is bad. If all you're doing is zooming in - surely whichever software you're using can; zoom and keep the same screen/video size. Or just put them on top of the video. Black space is boring.

    Could've done a much quicker explanation of the mechanics at the beginning. Then used the power of post-commentary and video editing to explain them further.

    The video otherwise does its job. But my opinion though. Good luck if you're going to be making more guides.
    Rift needs more good content creators.

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    @Krab great video thanks for sharing

    @phs your feedback is spot on!

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