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Thread: Nightmare Tide Expert Dungeon Rune Guide

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    Default Nightmare Tide Expert Dungeon Rune Guide

    Alright children, gather ‘round.

    Sit, kneel, bend.

    You listening? Good. This is going to be a primer on the Savant Runecrafting Recipes currently in the game that you can purchase (relatively) cheaply, to get your gear situated and ready for Expert dungeons in the coming week(s). Experts in Nightmare Tide require you to play as a team, but also to come prepared to play, which unfortunately means that yes, you gear needs to be enchanted. Thankfully, many of these are cheap to buy, so it isn’t too hard to re-purchase for when you get upgrades.

    This is not going to be a “best in slot” guide. It is going to give you the names of the items and the stats, as well as the location the rune is meant to go. Use it simply as a guide to find the items while you search the auction house. Items names will be in GREEN.


    Fine Potent Rune: Strength +20, Endurance +11
    Fine Deft Rune: Dexterity +20, Endurance +11
    Fine Insightful Rune: Intelligence +20, Endurance +11
    Fine Sagacious Rune: Wisdom +20, Endurance +11

    Abiding Resolute Rune: Endurance +20, Guard +15

    Feet, Gloves, and Belt

    Fine Unwavering Rune: Spell Critical Hit +98
    Fine Steadfast Rune: Physical Critical Hit +98
    Fine Intrepid Rune: Crit Power +73

    Abiding Thwarting Rune: Endurance +55, Guard + 25

    Cape, Helmet, and Shoulders

    Fine Rune of Strength: Strength +60
    Fine Rune of Dexterity: Dexterity +60
    Fine Rune of Intelligence: Intelligence +60
    Fine Rune of Wisdom: Wisdom +60

    Abiding Rune of Endurance: Endurance +40

    Legs and Chest

    Fine Stalwart Rune: Strength +58, Attack Power +25
    Fine Wrathful Rune: Dexterity +48, Attack Power +25
    Fine Dominating Rune: Intelligence +48, Spell Power +25
    Fine Unblurring Rune: Wisdom +48, Spell Power +25

    Abiding Hardy Rune: Endurance +48, Guard +25

    One-handed, Off-hand, and Ranged

    Fine Weapon-run of Strength: Strength +55
    Fine Weapon-run of Dexterity: Dexterity +55
    Fine Weapon-run of Intelligence: Intelligence +55
    Fine Weapon-run of Wisdom: Wisdom +55
    Fine Recondite Weapon-rune: Spell Power +45

    Abiding Glancing Weapon-rune: Block +100


    Fine Twin-rune of Strength: Strength +110
    Fine twin-rune of Intelligence: Intelligence +110
    Fine Twin-rune of Wisdom: Wisdom +110
    Fine Rage Twin-rune: Attack Power +90

    Abiding Twin-rune of Endurance: Endurance +110 (Two-handed)
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    Nice List.

    Here are some additions:

    Fine Intrepid Rune: Crit Power +73 -> only goes on the feet slot (not Feet, Gloves, and Belt)

    You also missed some runes (i hope i have the names right):

    One-handed, Off-hand, and Ranged
    Fine Rage Weapon-Rune: Attack Power +45
    Abiding Endurance Weapon-Rune: Endurance +55

    Fine Twin-Rune of Intelligence: Intelligence +110
    Fine Recondite Twin-Rune: Spell Power +90
    Abiding Glancing Twin-Rune: Block +200

    As already stated, I'm not sure if I have the names right. It would be nice if somebody could check that.
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    Notoriety runes:

    Earring Runes: Requires The Onir notoriety.
    Neck Runes: Requires Atragarians notoriety.
    Trinket Runes: Requires Cerulean Rhenke notoriety.
    Focus Runes: Requires Pelagic Order notoriety

    Honored is required for the first rune and Revered for the 2nd.

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    This was specifically for the runes that players can make.

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    Nice work!

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    Thank you so much for this!!

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    Edit: Nvm...... x.x
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    Fine Intrepid Rune is Feet only.
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