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Thread: Full Tier-3 & Tier-2 (SL) Raid Guides by Apotheosys

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    Default Full Tier-3 & Tier-2 (SL) Raid Guides by Apotheosys

    Hey, after adding Maelforge to our Guild's Guide Section on Apotheosys website, there's now a complete guide compendium available that will hopefully be helpful to ppl pushing to get as much content cleared as possible before 3.0 lands!

    Thanks to Jonus for promoting my guides on his awesome site, Riftgrate.

    Most of the guides were written during our progression and published shortly after we killed these bosses so you might find execution easier than it looks on paper.
    (Guides are focused on making progression smoother and faster, when it's on "farm" you can usually drop a tank or a healer)

    Anyway, here's the link again: Apotheosys Raid Guides - http://Apotheosys.eu/guides

    Keep an eye for more when 3.0 is out
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    Thanks for your guides Yobi !
    Hopefully I'll be able to release mine before yours in 3.0
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    Very nice to have a one-stop shop for this. Thanks for putting in all that effort even if it was initially just for your guild.

    In the few guides I glanced at I noticed a lack of talk about some of the newer specs such as physician or pyromancer. I don't expect you to re-write your guides every time top specs change so this is just a notice for anyone else who reads these guides that there have been changes that need to be taken into consideration especially in regards to what specs you ask your players to run.
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    Good guides, looks like the details are all there. I only looked at the Maelforge and Laethys guides though.

    Also, lol at Krass guide

    Laethys Orbs from 100-50%:
    - Defiler can stand at range and eat an Orb solo if Chimera's Gift is available.
    - Both tanks should stack with each other for Orbs if possible instead of eating them solo. Not sure if that's what the guide is recommending or not, but cutting the damage in half is always a good thing.
    - I recommend having one hardcasting healer (either the Puri or Chloro) at range so they can get more casts done. If they get targeted by an Orb, they can run to the melee pile and soak it. The key is to only have one player doing this, since any more players introduces a risk of messing up Orb placement or double-tapping the melee pile for unhealable damage.
    - As an alternative, you can have 2 hardcasting healers at range, but mark them and make sure they position themselves at different distances from Laethys (for example, one at ~10m and one at ~30m). This way, if they both get targeted they can both run to the melee pile and there will be enough time between each Orb hit to heal through it.

    Maelforge 30-5%
    - Maelforge doesn't actually use Cinder Storm during this phase (unless Hard Mode is on).
    - I checked logs, and Maelforge doesn't actually hit harder at all when he loses the Regulos debuff. It seems like the only changes are the 2 new abilities: Fusion and Hellfire Rain (big red bubbles).
    - After Maelforge finishes the Hot Potato cast, he hits the raid with ticks of Extreme Heat for 20s. Healing cooldowns are needed here. The last 7 seconds or so will overlap with Hellfire Rain bubbles appearing, so make sure to avoid the first few.
    - Like you mentioned, when in the air he spams Hellfire Rain a lot. These bubbles last roughly 10-15s before going away and are placed at random player locations. Each bubble ticks for around 10k damage. I recommend starting the raid on one side of the room and slowly moving to the other side, and when you get "trapped" between waves, existing bubbles and Infernal Storm, pop Talos' CD and run back through the bubbles to the side you came from (the first few bubbles will be disappearing when you get back).
    - He keeps doing Hellfire Rain after he lands, but only one bubble every 15-20s. Since a single bubble doesn't tick for too much damage and Cinder Storm is no longer used, dodging them is a very low priority and its very possible to just heal through the damage. Dodging everything else (waves, Tyrant's Fire, Infernal Storm, Molten Ground) is a much bigger priority.
    - Obviously this doesn't work on Hard Mode, where Cinder Storm can combine with Hellfire Rain and cause deaths
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    Sadly Apotheosys's site is gone now.

    Does anyone remember how to kill Maelforge in Bindings of Blood? There seems to be some raid wipe mechanic that I can't figure out, right at the very end of the fight. He gets a shield on him and then shortly afterwards we wipe. Cleanses are under control, so I'm scratching my head right now.

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    Found it on the internet archive:


    Here is the list of all their BoB guides. Someone should probably save and reformat these for history's sake:

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    Awesome, thanks!

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