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Thread: Guide: Binding of Akylios

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    Default Guide: Binding of Akylios

    Haven't seen any public guides for Aky yet and I think enough guilds have killed him already, so here goes!


    There are a lot of different lineup options on this fight and the enrage timer can be quite forgiving, especially if you can stack a lot of Saboteurs. The forgiving enrage timer can also allow you to "overheal" the encounter as well.

    This means that the main challenge of the fight is mechanics: both the personal responsibility of avoiding stuff that will kill you, and the raid-level responsibility of managing DPS/healing to trigger certain events at the correct time. With a proper setup and clearly defined roles, the timing becomes second nature, and that's what this guide is here to help with.


    2 Tanks: one Paladin recommended for Life's Rapture
    Healers: 2 LGV Chloros, 2 Wardens, 1 Purifier, 1 Defiler
    Tentacle DPS: 1 Pyrochon, 4 ranged ST DPS (Tempests preferred, add Inquisitors/Rangers/Pyros if needed)
    Boss DPS: 1 Bard/Oracle, 6 AoE/mixed DPS (Saboteurs, Cabalists and Warlocks)

    - It is quite possible to drop a healer from this setup, but with the current enrage timer there is no need to do so.
    - Liberators can replace Wardens on this fight, just be sure to sort out your raid cooldown order.
    - A Physician could replace the Purifier, but you'd be losing the Purifier's Sign of Faith, Gathering of Flames and Flame of Life. I'm not sure if the Physician's abilities make up for this or not.


    - Enrage is 9 minutes, 430k DPS is needed
    - Both Akylios and Tyshe need to be killed around the same time to limit deaths to enrage
    - Tyshe and Akylios can and should be "cleaved" (along with any tiny adds) for maximum DPS
    - Tanks need to swap Tyshe back and forth to limit raid damage, swapping Akylios is a good idea as well
    - Multiple interrupts are needed on Tyshe's Might of the Leviathan cast
    - Tentacles spawn every 50s, these need to die to prevent debuffs and/or puddles from becoming a problem, killing them triggers waves
    - Akylios triggers waves when he submerges, these can overlap with Tentacle waves if a Tentacle is killed at the wrong time
    - Rasmolov (friendly NPC) spawns a Crystal when healed to full, this Crystal needs to be destroyed at the right time to produce a "safe zone" bubble that is used to survive Akylios' Tsunami
    - Akylios' Undertow is unavoidable channeled raid damage and happens every 30s


    TYSHE has 79.1M health and uses the following:
    Autoattacks - hits for 30-40k.
    Razor Cyclone - Used every 9-10 seconds, does raid damage. Applies a debuff to the active tank called Shredded Soul, which lasts 35 seconds. If she does Razor Cyclone when the active tank already has Shredded Soul, she gains a stacking buff (also called Razor Cyclone) that increases the damage of the next Razor Cyclone. The stacking buff lasts 15 seconds. In other words, tanks swap on Tyshe when she reaches 3 stacks to prevent the RAID from taking too much damage. After the swap, her stacking buff will eventually expire.
    Might of the Leviathan - Hardcast that must be interrupted 4 times to stop the cast. If the cast completes, it buffs an active tentacle:
    - Lashers attack faster (more raid damage)
    - Stingers spawn puddles faster (less room on the platform)
    This ability has a 30s cooldown, but is only used if a Tentacle is active (ie. it generally only gets used every 50s or so).
    Interrupting this is VERY important, since buffed tentacles result in heavy raid damage and/or lack of space to dodge other mechanics.

    AKYLIOS has 108M health and uses the following:
    Autoattacks - hits for 35-45k.
    Behemoth Chomp - Similar to Regulos' Void Assault. It hits the 2 closest players to his mouth for 40-50k damage. Make sure these 2 players are tanks
    Ruthless Undertow - 9 second channeled raid damage, used every 30 seconds. The first 4 seconds of the cast are a wind-up, and are followed by 11 ticks (6k damage each) every .5 seconds.
    Tsunami of Obliteration - 10-second cast, one-shots anyone not in a protective bubble near the end of the cast (see Crystalline Void). Used every 60 seconds.

    Rasmolov - This guy will be standing on a floating platform at the back (Jornaru's old platform). When healed to full, he spawns a Crystalline Void with 900K health. The crystal lasts 60s before despawning. It spawns a protective bubble for 15s when destroyed, which is necessary to survive Akylios' Tsunami of Obliteration.
    Nyx - When Akylios reaches 75%, 50% and 25% health, Nyx will place a 15s debuff on Akylios that makes him take double damage. No player interaction is required.

    The first Stinger will spawn 10 seconds in (just as Akylios emerges). 50 seconds later, a Lasher will spawn. Another 50 seconds later, a Stinger will spawn, and so on.
    Stingers of Akylios - 2.1M health. Thin tentacles that place Pooled Acid on the ground. These puddles tick for damage and apply a snare. The puddles do not disappear until the Stinger dies.
    Lashers of Akylios - 2.1M health. Paddle-shaped tentacles, these hit the raid with Wavecrash (6k damage) roughly every 10s. Wavecrash applies a stacking debuff to the raid that decreases damage and healing done by 2% per stack. This debuff does not get cleared until the Lasher dies.
    Deepsea Shrieker - 1.3M health each. Seacap-type autoattacking add. 10 of then will spawn in succession on each submerge phase, and they will also spawn one at a time when Akylios drops below 25% health. Not too dangerous to tanks on their own, but the damage can add up, especially if a large number are still alive when Akylios emerges from the water.

    TIDES OF INSANITY (aka Waves)
    It wouldn't be an Akylios fight without waves, right? At certain points in the fight, wave patterns will wash across the platform. Red lane graphics indicate where the waves go. The waves hit for roughly 17k on non-tanks, apply a stun, a DoT, and drain mana/energy/power. Like everything else, a single wave hit won't kill you on its own, but overlap it with another mechanic and you'll either die or fail the other mechanic due to the stun.

    Anyhow, there are 2 things that will trigger wave patterns:
    1. Killing a Stinger or Lasher triggers 2 sets of "cross-weave" patterned waves. There is enough time between the first and second set to get oriented.
    2. When Akylios submerges, it triggers 7 sets of "stripe" patterned waves. These waves take up less space, but there is less time between each set. This means that the red lane telegraph for the NEXT set will appear while you're still dodging the previous one. Do not get confused.

    Both of these wave types can happen at the same time. If a Stinger or Lasher is killed in the middle of a submerge phase, you get both the 2 cross-weaves AND some of the 7 stripe patterns overlapping, and the result is a total cluster****. Since every third Tentacle spawns shortly before Akylios submerges, it is a good idea to NOT kill that one immediately unless your whole raid is VERY good at dodging waves or has VERY reliable healers to bail people out.


    - Have both tanks sit in Akylios' mouth area by default. One tank will have Akylios, one will have Tyshe, and swap targets when Tyshe reaches 3 stacks. This positioning also allows both Tyshe and Akylios to be AoE'd.
    - BOTH tanks should focus target Tyshe and help with interrupts on Might of the Leviathan.
    - If one of the tanks has a "pull" ability (Rebuke, Planar Attraction, Sergeant's Order, VK abilities), you can increase overall raid DPS by pulling the Crystalline Void into the Akylios/Tyshe pile at the correct time and letting AoE damage destroy it (instead of relying on single-target DPS). Timing is important: pull it too early and the AoE DPS will destroy the crystal too soon, pull it too late and the raid will have to single-target it to survive. See the timeline below.
    - If using a Justicar, use Doctrine of Loyalty during Ruthless Undertow to help with raid healing. Total Assurance can boost healing even more.
    - While it is possible to eat waves without dying, the stun could potentially disrupt tank swaps, interrupts, cooldown usage, threat on adds, and crystal pulls. So avoid them!
    - Both tanks should work at picking up Deepsea Shriekers. The raid will be taking damage from Undertow when the submerge phase starts, so Life's Rapture and Doctrine of Loyalty will help with both healing AND threat.
    - Don't freak out if one tank ends up with all the Deepsea Shriekers AND Tyshe in the submerge phase, it is far more important to keep the tank swaps on Tyshe working properly than to distribute tank damage. Use cooldowns if necessary. If you want to, you can always have one tank AoE taunt and the other tank ST taunt immediately after, but this is usually more trouble than its worth.

    - General healing assignments: Purifier on Tyshe tank, Defiler on Akylios tank, Chloros and Wardens on raid heals and Rasmolov heals.
    - The Defiler will not need to heal very often since Akylios has lots of long casts, but maintaining Husk is VERY important.
    - Chloros should target Tyshe for maximum Corrosive Spores coverage, targeting Akylios is unreliable for hitting multiple targets.
    - The Defiler should also target Tyshe when DPS'ing for the same reason (Unholy Nexus). However, they can also help raid DPS by debuffing Tentacles with Marrow Harvest.
    - Healers should rotate cooldowns on Ruthless Undertow (Monsoon, Gathering of Flames, Flame of Life, Life's Rapture). If you can run 2 Wardens, a Purifier and a Paladin tank, then my suggested rotation is:
    1. Monsoon 1 + Gathering of Flames
    2. Monsoon 2 + Flame of Life
    3. Monsoon 1 + Gathering of Flames
    4. Monsoon 2 + Life's Rapture
    - Chloros and Wardens should watch Tyshe's castbar to see if Razor Cyclone and Undertow will overlap. The raid needs to be topped off immediately before and after Razor Cyclone casts... Flourish and Pool are good for this.
    - Timing the heals on Rasmolov is important for spawning the Crystalline Void at the correct time. The Defiler should make the call for this, since they can use Unstable Transformation to speed up this process. The call to heal Rasmolov should be made when Akylios emerges from the water, and immediately after his second Undertow.
    - Natural Splendor is really nice for the add pile in the submerge phase.
    - One of the Chloros should make sure that Wild Growth is available for when Akylios gets debuffed.

    - 3 Tentacles will spawn during every emerge/submerge cycle. The first 2 Tentacles in this cycle should be targeted and killed immediately, while the third one should be killed AFTER the next one spawns to prevent too many Waves overlapping while the Deepsea Shriekers spawn.
    - The Pyrochon should be debuffing every Tentacle when it spawns with Crumbling Resistance and Illuminate.
    - The Defiler should also use Marrow Harvest once on each Tentacle to debuff them (since Tempest DPS is non-physical).
    - One Tempest should be designated to use Evasive Redirection or Sergeant's Order to push/pull the Crystalline Void closer to the tanks, but do NOT kick it on top of the boss pile until the correct time (shortly after the first and third Undertows). One of the tanks could also handle the final pull, just be sure to communicate this.
    - When not killing Tentacles, all DPS in this crew are also responsible for managing the health of Akylios and Tyshe. It is OK to allow one to get far ahead of the other during the first half of the fight (especially for triggering an Akylios debuff at a good time), but during the second half its VERY important to bring their health percentages back in line.
    - Storm Torrent and Soul Drain (targeted on Tyshe) are DPS gains. Don't use these on Tentacles, obviously.
    - Speaking of Akylios' debuff, if possible you do not want to trigger it just before Akylios submerges since this will cut the debuff short. This is not a game-breaker though, since the enrage timer is very forgiving.

    - Congratulations, you have the easiest job. Target Tyshe and do your thing.
    - Warlocks should help with interrupts on Might of the Leviathan, even if it means stopping a hardcast. Remember that you have 2 interrupts, use both!
    - The Bard should use Multiple Oscillations since there will almost always be 2+ targets piled up. While this is usually DPS neutral, it gives you the option of doing more healing during Undertow if the raid needs it.
    - The Bard should maintain Coda of Jeopardy on both Tyshe and Akylios.

    There are multiple ways to plan cooldowns for this encounter. In my experience, trying to line up longer cooldowns with an Akylios debuff is annoying, not needed due to a lax enrage, and can result in fewer cooldowns used overall. Here are my recommendations:
    - Use Flaring Power (if available), Orchestra, VoJ and Wild Growth (Chloro 1) when Akylios emerges from the water. Tentacle DPS should use Wavelength on the Tentacle that appears as Akylios emerges.
    - Use Lava Field when the raid is stacked up in the bubble for Tsunami of Obliteration.
    - Tempests have the option of using their second WL whenever its available, or waiting for an Akylios debuff.
    - Chloro 2 can use Wild Growth whenever but save it for Akylios debuffs if possible.

    - Avoid waves, try to stay out of puddles, and move to the Crystalline Void / bubble IMMEDIATELY when Tsunami of Obliteration starts casting. If you're failing at any of these, then you're either trying to do too much, or you have issues with avoiding stuff that kills you.


    10 seconds into the fight, Akylios emerges and starts his cycle. Each cycle lasts 2:30 before it repeats.

    0:10 Aky emerges
    0:10 Tentacle spawn 1 - KILL ASAP
    When Aky emerges, Defiler uses Unstable on Rasmolov and Chloros/Wardens heal him to full.

    0:38-0:47 Undertow cast 1 - USE MONSOON 1 + GATHERING OF FLAMES
    3-5 seconds after this Undertow ends, pull/push the Crystalline Void into the AoE pile.

    0:58-1:08 Tsunami cast 1
    1:00 Tentacle spawn 2 - KILL ASAP
    1:08-1:17 Undertow cast 2 - USE MONSOON 2 + FLAME OF LIFE
    As soon as this Undertow is done, Defiler uses Unstable on Rasmolov and Chloros/Wardens heal him to full

    1:38-1:47 Undertow cast 3 - USE MONSOON 1 + GATHERING OF FLAMES
    3-5 seconds after this Undertow ends, pull/push the Crystalline Void into the AoE pile.
    1:50 Tentacle spawn 3 - GET IT TO 20%

    1:58-2:08 Tsunami cast 2
    2:08-2:17 Undertow cast 4 - USE MONSOON 2 + LIFE'S RAPTURE
    2:10 - Aky submerges

    2:15-2:20 Seacaps start spawning and "stripe" waves start

    2:40 Aky emerges

    2:50 "Stripe" waves from previous cycle end
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    Tsunami of Obliteration is actually offset by 30 seconds when he dives. Your timeline touches on that but I don't see the harm in explaining the Tsunami timings at greater detail since anyone getting him close is going to witness these. Tsunami and dive follow a 2-1 pattern for the fight so it's two tsunamis and then a dive which means that Tsunami will go off at (give or take 1-2 seconds but riftmeter timer lines up on the dot I believe):


    And then the last bit is where it might get tricky - Aky does not submerge past like, 12% or so. That means that after the 7:00 Tsunami if he submerges you will have your next Tsunami at 8:30 and if he does not you will have an 8:00 and 9:00 Tsunami.

    Also might be worth mentioning that healing rasmolov to full despawns the active crystalline void in case of overzealous healers.
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    Yeah, I probably should have said "every 30s or 60s when Akylios is active" or something like that, and mentioned that he's up for 2 minutes, down for 30s.

    I wasn't even aware that he didn't submerge after 12%... that's good to know, and people just need to keep their same patterns going.

    Still, you probably won't get an extra Tsunami in that case - if he's under 12% at the 7:10 mark, then you're probably on pace to finish at around 8:00 unless people start dying. Another Undertow is definitely in the cards though and healers should be ready for it.
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