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Thread: Guide to Eggtenders - Planebreaker Bastion [1/5]

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    Default Guide to Eggtenders - Planebreaker Bastion [1/5]


    I recently had the privilege of hosting a PuG run into Planebreaker Bastion and was initially met with much skepticism and disdain. This threw me off, as I felt that Eggtenders were, at large, not difficult at all. They had very few mechanics, limited to nonexistent raid and tank damage, and add-ons to help you with the nuances which could cause wipes. Despite a strong DPS check, these are easier than Regulos. Nonetheless, I have managed to procure 19 other brave souls and after an hour and change of tweaking and progression, we had our kill. Mind you, the group consisted of 13 people who have never seen the fight or haven no idea what it comprises of (this includes the tank), 3 who have had experience, and 4 alts of mains that have killed them.

    This is not to downplay any guilds progressing on them and having trouble downing them, perhaps it's just not knowing the skill-set of these bosses well enough that is hindering you. With that regard, I will provide a guide to the best of my ability which might help the struggling players as well as provide the guilds that killed it, a new way of looking at it.

    Before I start, one of the questions that I always was asked back during raid-leading days of mine was "Where should we head first, Breaker X-1 or Eggtenders?" They are dynamically two different fights and will ultimately depend on the competence level of your guild. I would still choose Eggtenders, especially after you read the easiest/least resistance way to do it, however if you have two strong tanks and 4 strong healers, Breaker might net you better results as it is, for all intensive purposes, a less of a DPS check than Eggtenders are.


    The Eggtenders is a boss fight that comprises of two parallel phases. While the ultimate goal is to down the five eggtenders, the eggs that spawn must also be dealt within a time-frame (provided to you by the game as a bar which fills up referring to you how much time you left), or else beetle-like creatures will spawn and wreck your tank (effectively a wipe). There are also random add spawns throughout the fight and these can accumulate, but bear no threat to the tank (depends on the strategy employed, read below). The enrage timer is at 6 Minutes.

    The DPS Check is strong, and possibly the reason why many fail on this boss. You need to collectively have 270,000 DPS [on the eggs and boss alone; any add damage should not be factored into this] to comfortably down this boss; however, the enrage is forgiving (you have ~15 - 20s after enrage to still down the boss), so less DPS would also suffice.

    In addition, the eggtenders have a large hit box (melee range extends as back as 20m from the center of the boss); so you do not have to be right next to the boss to do melee damage.

    The healing is very minimal assuming the mechanics are executed well. For this, at best, you would only need two healers both of which are tank healers - however, depending on the strategy you choose to employ and/or having a not-so-well geared tank, you might want to add a third tank healer (and wean it off if you are meeting enrage but not a kill).

    The tank for this fight should preferably a cleric tank as the favored, and easiest way to beat this boss is to range tank. More on this to follow; however you can accomplish this with a warrior or rogue tank. The caveat being, you will either need a Defiler beacon dealing with the adds (as there will be more than 8, which is the maximum amount of adds threat generating attacks hit) or deal with the adds (allocate some DPS to them).

    1. Frenetic Bile
    - Main attack on the aggroed individual (preferably the tank ) if at range (i.e. if the aggroed individual is in melee range, the boss will not cast this)
    - Very slow cast to start, however, every single cast places a stack on the boss which decreases the cast time of subsequent attacks, to a max of 20 (At which point, all cast time attacks are instantaneous)
    - Thus, it starts off (at 1 stack) doing relatively little damage but at 20 stacks, the hits happen very quickly (almost twice per second), at which point you will notice that the tank is taking significantly more damage
    - Every subsequent eggtender also reaches the 20-stack mark quicker than the previous one (i.e. their initial cast of Frenetic Bile is shorter). The first eggtender takes roughly 1:30 - 2:00 minutes to reach the 20-stack mark, while the fifth takes ~20 - 30s to reach it.

    2. Attack
    - Main attack on the aggroed individual (preferably the tank ) if in melee (i.e. if the aggroed individual is in range, the boss will not cast this)
    - This does, unmitigated, close to 40k damage - however, this is significantly mitigated by the tank's block, defiler links, and purifier shields.
    - This attack does less damage than an eggtender at 10+ stacks casting Frenetic Bile
    - Yes it's called "Attack" :/

    3. Slam
    - Only happens if the aggroed individual is in melee range - which, again, is within 20 m to the center of the eggtender.
    - Large bubble (radius of 20 m) centered on the eggtender that is active which is a one-shot mechanic to anyone caught in it at the end of the cast.
    - Also slows players caught within the Area of Effect

    4. Pool of Bile
    - This attack is affected by Frenetic Stacks; i.e. at 15+ stacks, this will become instantaneous (you will not see a cast bar - use karuulalert if needed)
    - The eggtender launches a missile at a random player (it could be anyone, including melee) which will develop into a faint red AoE on the ground (roughly 5 m in radius) which you need to move out of
    - Will 2-shot any individual except the tank.
    - The red AoE's location is decided after the cast is over; so do not move until then or else it'll spawn in your new location.
    - The Pools will stay on the map til the eggtender dies; however will disappear before the next eggtender spawns (who will cast his own pools).

    5. Bile Faucet
    - A frontal cone attack that will spin clockwise roughly ~ twice.
    - This is also a % of maximum health based mechanic, ergo it will 2-shot anyone - including the tank (assuming no self-shields).
    - The cone has a range of 26 m
    - The eggtender is also surrounded (only during this cast) by a red AoE [much like Goloch], which you shouldn't be standing in.

    6. Eggs
    - Three eggs will spawn at the helical looking pillars starting at 1:20 and then every minute (roughly) after that.
    - These need to be DPS-ed down before the timer runs out (which is, iirc, ~40s)
    - If failed to do so, each remaining egg will hatch and produce a beetle-add which will do an incredible amount of damage to the tank - the tank CAN be kept alive through one of them if needed (with enough healers) but any more will usually net a wipe.
    - The eggs will also cast an attack called Pulse and is only relevant if you are in melee range of the egg.
    - If you are, it needs to be interrupted.
    - Ideally, meeting the DPS check, you'd only deal with 3 sets of eggs (9 total).

    Special mention: Ultrasteel Harpoon
    - Players can pick this up by clicking the glittering racks of weapons spread out across the arena.
    - You will get a temporarily ability which can only be used from range - and when used on a target, it will pull you to that target (saving you time from moving target to target)
    - Caveat 1: if you are in range of your own charge or blink, it is better than using Harpoon
    - Caveat 2: careful using these on eggtenders; you will not be able to move til you reach the eggtender, and you will be on the eggtender after the cast - i.e. if Bile Faucet is happening or is about to happen, you will die.
    - Caveat 3: there have been reports that if you hold your forward movement button while casting this towards an egg, you can get trapped inside the egg.

    Raid Composition

    Cleric Tank
    Mage LBV Chloro
    Cleric Defiler
    Rogue Bard
    Mage Pyrochon
    And any selection of 15 DPS

    1. You can add a Purifier if you are choosing to do the 20 Stack Frenetic strategy
    2. You can take out a defiler for a necro-link, and solo heal it as a chloro or puri if you are choosing to do the All-Ranged strategy
    3. The only reason Chloro is chosen as a MT healer is for Wild Growth to help with the DPS Check; you can comfortably heal the tank in Purifier or Sentinel
    4. Depending on how many ranged individuals you have, having a Tempest might be beneficial (for Focused Fire)
    5. You would want a majority of your players to be ranged (this is to avoid the Pool of Bile to constantly spawn on melee players - as if they have to run around, there is a good chance they will be stuck between the two AoEs [rock and a hard place :/])
    6. As I said earlier, you can choose to do a warrior or rogue tank on this - as long as they can hold threat on the eggtender, should not be an issue - just either use a Defiler beacon to tank the adds or have a constant stream of AoE (preferrably from Tact, as they bring Power Core).
    7. You can choose to have a Harbchon instead of a Pyrochon; however as it is a DPS check, I prefer the double Lava Field and faster buff activation
    8. Keep in mind that Orchestra and Lava Field don't stack; Wild Growth and Power Core don't stack - use these well to maximize your DPS output.

    General Notes

    1. The fight is started by one individual using the Ultrasteel Harpoon on the Architect Egg Sac in the middle (will disappear after, indicating the fight has begun)

    2. All ranged players MUST BE 27m+ from the Eggtender before Bile Faucet starts.
    * Have a stack-point-person who will monitor the distance to each eggtender and stand at the point people should be at or behind
    * Also have this individual watch for Pool of Bile casts and move left or right to get out of it - call it out in VoiP [find the path that has least resistance; you'll have to deal with 2 - 3 pools on average, so don't trap yourself by running into a pillar and having no where to go other than back -- this would cause you to outrange the boss, and thus DPS loss]
    * Remember to move after the cast has finished, not as its casting
    * All other players must be either infront (til faucet starts, then back up), behind the stack point but not left or right (As you don't want AoE placed where the stack point is going to move to)
    * http://www.curse.com/addons/rift/gadgets will help with finding the distance to the mob; activate the "Distance" gadget.

    3. Melee must only, at best, get hit by 1 tick of Bile Faucet - this is accomplished by running through the cone. Do not let it catch up to you or it will run you over; try to stay close to the Eggtender (but not in the red AoE).- Practice on Doctor Perfidus in Empyrean Core.

    4. Melee must also get out of Slam (if it applies)

    5. The DPS Split to meet the eggs will vary.
    * Start off with 5 DPS on eggs and rest stay on eggtender, and see if that works - add or take away DPS from there to meet the timer.
    * I personally prefer a pyrochon on the eggs to debuff them but also damage them (lessening the demand of moving a dedicated DPS from eggtender to eggs)
    * Melee should always be the people selected to DPS the eggs (to limit the mistakes that could happen due to Faucet)
    * Have a dedicated individual calling out if the Egg team needs more help on eggs, at which point allocate one or two more people to Eggs to get them down [this system resets every Egg spawn; i.e. if X was part of the eggtender team but was asked to switch to eggs to help kill them, on the next eggs spawn, X should go back to the eggtenders and NOT the eggs]
    ^ this is because, there are many little things that can happen which can increase/decrease DPS on eggs - movement/AoE/everyone on the same one? etc...; so DPS on eggs will vary on every spawn. Use your resources wisely.

    6. People might disagree, but I choose to use Flaring Power/Orchestra/WG 5s into the fight (preferably once everyone is settled at the correct distance) - as this will let you use FP again before the fight ends.
    In addition, there is no raid damage as long as people follow the guidelines above and below and thus a LBV chloro should handle any mistakes made by the raid; don't waste a slot by adding a raid healer.

    7. Keep in mind that there are only five eggtenders; and killing the fifth will end the encounter.
    Ideally, as I have said a few times already, you would deal with 5 eggtenders, and 3 sets of eggs in the following fashion:
    1 Eggtender > 1 Eggtender + 1 Set of Eggs > 1 Eggtender + 1 Set of Eggs > 1 Eggtender + 1 Set of Eggs > 1 Eggtender

    If the 5th Eggtender is up, even if the fourth set of eggs spawn, do not switch DPS - burn the last eggtender down.

    8. Lastly, use All-Ranged strategy if you have up to two melee and 20 Stack Frenetic if you have three+ melee.

    Strategy 1: All-Ranged - EASIEST TO DO
    Pros: less tank damage, less chance for mistakes; Cons: not as much DPS as having melees involved
    The main idea that you can accommodate with this strategy is jousting. You can limit the amount of Frenetic Bile casts, and thus stacks, resulting in practically no tank damage.

    The tank should be moving in and out of melee range (again keep in mind that this is large - 20 m radius) - i.e. Jousting. Once the tank enters the melee range, the tank stays there til either Slam or Bile Faucet starts, and then they back up to avoid both attacks.
    Done correctly, the tank should not take any more damage than the normal attack by the Eggtender, one or two Frenetic Biles, and the add hits (which only do 400-1000; insignificant) per joust. Ultimately, this would keep your Frenetic stacks <15, and thus not have your tank take spikes of damage that would need Cooldowning.

    Why only 2 or less melee on this? Well the melee will have to move out of Slam - which is a DPS loss; and they have an additional mechanic to deal with. You can choose to do it with more melee (Addiction killed them first as such), but in general, it creates more room for error/deaths. Keep in mind though, that if you do have 1 or 2 melee, you do not have to joust for the first two eggtenders - only the last three (this is because the Frenetic stacks don't stack as fast for the first two eggtenders).

    Strategy 2: 20 Stack Frenetic
    Pros: naturally more DPS by having melee, tanks need to stand and look pretty; Cons: large spikes on tank damage, melee players need to be smart and quick to react
    While the former is simpler for DPS, and healers; this is simpler for tanks.
    This strat should be employed if you have ~3+ melee [and if you are going that way, just add 2 more to make it 5 melee ] - as it'll give you more uptime on the boss from your melee DPS.
    The melees, again, should be allocated to eggs to prevent any mishaps with faucet.

    The tank just stands with the raid . Done! Problem being, the eggtenders will only cast Frenetic Bile. This would cause the latter three to do stellar damage to the tank - making it a heal/tank CD check.
    I have seen this done successfully with a chloro and a defiler; but a puri might be necessary.
    Also, this strategy will force you to notice the damage of the little adds - as it'll all add up when the eggtenders are at 20-stacks.


    1. Ranged @ 27+m
    2. Melee run for Faucet, get out of slam
    3. Tank joust or manage CDs effectively during 20-stack Frenetic
    4. Wean and clean DPS on eggs to meet timers
    5. Kill 5 Eggtenders, 3 sets of eggs, and enjoy loot
    6. As always, get out of red

    Ending Notes

    Good luck to all who are trying to best them!
    Let me know if I have missed anything or you need clarification on anything.
    I am not the most eloquent of writers, but I try.
    Stay frosty, my friends ~

    Note: I will probably keep running the PBB PuG at some point during the week when I am free (maybe branch into IG, and extend to Proteus depending on the competency and gear level I have with the players aboard) - if interested, just watch the crossevents channel.

    Also, any GLs and RLs, please let me know if I should "blacklist" your guild - so I can turn away any individuals from your guild and thus not lock them out of your progression run.
    In addition, I am only doing this to promote raiding in Rift and getting those that aren't close to or might not see this content to see it and enjoy it - as most of the PuGs that happen are a rote of 8/9 4/4 and 2/4 GA. I added a new 1/5 chapter, and will try pushing it further with time .
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    Best raid boss guide I have ever seen in rift forums:-).Thank you vey much.

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    awsome, and this answers my unaswered question about it being able to get range tanked

    http://tinyurl.com/RaremobsSL < Almost complete SL rare list.

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