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Thread: New to raids

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    Default New to raids

    I have been struggling with gear and hearing the annoying harassment. Well I do want some better gear. How do I get the HK gear and where is the dungeon?

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    Hammerknell it self is in Moonshade.

    Minimum gear for HK is T1 gear, which is obtainable via the T1raids(GSB/ROS/DH/GP) or via the expert dungeons
    You will need 300hit/focus at minimum to enter Hammerknell.

    Advise is:
    Get Greater Marks of Ascension via expert dungeons, etc
    these are marks for T2gear(HK-gear), which will get you ready for Infernal Dawn(and thus also HK which is 1 tier lower).

    You need to farm ISS for Resist vigils/machines(water for HK, fire+earth for ID)

    better yet: join a guild who are raiding Hammerknell, and have not yet entered Infernal Dawn.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gery View Post
    Do the daily quests for these factions until you max out the notorities:
    Order of Mathos (belt rune)
    Icewatch (head rune)
    Dragonslayer Covenant (legs rune)
    Order of the Eye (feet rune, trinket)

    Buy yourself a best in slot seal; Exuberant Ingenuity with polished demon horn augment.

    Join every conquest you can. They give a lot of PA, prestige and favor and you need the marks of conquest for best in slot trinket. The conquest point bonuses also apply even outside conquests. Buy the best chest, legs and belt pvp armors with favor before other armors since they have the best stat distribution.

    When you see zone events go and tag them. You only need to kill a couple of invasions to get the inscribed sourcestone rewards at the end.

    Do your daily expert dungeons, master mode dungeons twice a week and the weekly raid quests. Take Infernal marks as rewards and save up for gloves first and then belt. You get about 30 marks per week from those, both items cost 80 infernal and count as set items mixed in with HK set armors. Long term this is a faster route than taking other marks as reward if raiding ID is your goal.

    With marks of ascension from GSB/RoS/DH/GP buy head, shoulders and boots first. Chest/legs/belt are covered by pvp gear.

    When you get to HK and start getting greater marks you should buy boots first since the are the cheapest set item that is not covered by something else. Helmet and shoulders are the next ones to buy.

    Weapons are obviously a huge contributor to your damage. You will mostly be using ranged builds so always use the highest dps ranged weapon and wield 2 melee weapons of the same type. Train your PA accordingly, first the melee weapon attack power since it counts as double and then ranged weapon, followed by dexterity.

    Your quickest route to good weapons is pvp. Prestige rank 50 is a goal that is not dependent on instance lockouts which means you can really concentrate on it. Rank 50 pvp gun along with the conquest trinket are huge upgrades. A lot of the armor may be useful also and it will be better than wearing tier 1 raid amors.

    A lot depends on your guild too. Even just 1 or 2 runs of getting carried through HK would be a massive boost from greater marks and random loot drops.

    If you are busy then your gear should look something like this in a month:

    I used criterion pvp gear for some slots in that although it should be pathfinder gear because the pathfinder gear still has wrong stats on the site so it might have been confusing.
    this I found a good advise in a different thread, about starting to raid read it
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    HK = Hammerknell. Where is it? Hammerknell Fortress . . .

    The vendor for the gear is in Reclaimers Hold.

    As an individual if you want to get through it you will probably need to join a raiding guild, joining random groups will be hit or miss depending on the group, so you may end up better off just getting the planar gear if you want to go it alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NearioNL View Post
    Hammerknell it self is in Moonshade.

    As a new player, I find this gibberish.

    Also, is there an actual guide for gear somewhere? It seems to be lacking. (Actually, guides in general seem to not really exist for Rift.)

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    Jah man, nice necro. Plenty of guides if you look around.

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