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Thread: Episode V - Chronicles of Thuug - The Savior

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    Default Episode V - Chronicles of Thuug - The Savior

    What's up my fellow rpers, mmo players, & raiders. Yeah, so we finally made it to the Ember Conclave. We would have made it here sooner, apparently about 5 people had an issue with me being an officer so they left and we had to get 5 more scrubs in. Lucky for us the 5 that left couldn't be much worse, besides the new group we recruited know their place (under me.)

    Now about me I finally stopped clicking and learned how to create a macro sort of.

    So Conclave, personally I thought they would be bigger. I'm a bahmi (any good maintank is) so they really aren't much larger than me.

    As normal we start going over the strat. I interrupt the raid leader and ask him which am I going to be tanking ( this is all I need to know, mechanics? If I die I blame the healers.) He informs me that I will be tanking Packmaster Nahoth. I knew all I needed to know so I started talking to one of the females in the guild. I learn she is single, I tune out everything else. And we set up voice bindings so we can talk while raiding without constantly being interrupted.

    She gives me her facebook addy and I go to see who I'm talking to. This is unexpected she is hawt. Suddenly I hear Dunsparrow yelling Thuug give us a count down.

    I apologize, explaining to him I was watching a video trying to learn what to expect. His reaction suprised me. He asked everyone to take 5 to watch the video. So, I started talking back to this girl. I'm so digging her. Finally another ready check goes up.

    Everyone is ready so I give the countdown.

    I grab my mob, I'm building some threat when dunsparrow calls out for me to kite him. I start running full speed around the room. The boss isn't snared or slowed so he is hitting me in the back. Finally I die, the boss being at 97%.

    Freaking healers say they could not keep up with me and healing me at the same time.

    I start to respond with good fing healers would anticipate my every move, when Dunsparrow interrupts me and says, " what the duck are you doing? " I responded that I was kiting him as instructed.

    He paused a moment and showed me where to kite him, and explained that I would be going slow.

    I give another count down.

    I bring him close to the base of the stairs the raid is stacked by the ledge. A crystal is dropped 2 people die ( no healer is worse than an applicant healer ). We decide to keep going.

    A ranger gets charmed, I pull him to me, something like scorpion in mortal combat, god I loved that game. When he uses a knock back on me. It knocks me clear off the edge. I release, no player can rezz me. I begin to rage at the rogue who did this.

    Long run back.

    I make it back and rebuff.

    I give yet another count down.

    I pull. I bring Packmaster to the base of the stairs, the first crystal lands on ranged. Then the move in behind him. The second crystal lands in the raid again. I move the boss and the ranged move up. 2 crystals down no deaths yet.

    Another crystal and I move him up the stairs. And bam all the warriors die to a cleave. I call them a couple of choice words, then call out battle rezzes. As they are rezzing another crystal spawns. My raid frames become a christmas tree. As each warrior takes a rezz thier raid frame lights up green and then turns grey as they die. Dunsparrow calls a wipe.

    At this point I am good and tipsy off the crown and coke I have been drinking.

    I pull again, the first 3 crystals go down nicely. Suddenly dunsparrow dies. I jump down taunt his boss and start tanking 2 of the three. Fire crystals are going down all over now. Finally, last man standing I die.

    Duns told me to never do that again. I can see why so many people on these forums dislike him.

    We pull again.

    Finally we get the first boss down. Woohoo, an add spawns from his corpse no naturally I pick it up after it kills someone. Teach them to aoe around spawning mobs. Then the raid takes huge damage. Once again I'm the last man standing.

    We decide that we are going to spread out when the first boss dies. I tell them I'm the maintank and they should focus on getting away from me.

    Another pull. And another flawless phase 1.

    As soon as he died I picked up the add faster this time. I clicked it faster than my key bind last time. Funny how all these elitist think clickers aren't good. I am living proof they are wrong.

    Dunsparrow tells me to taunt Witchlord off the cleric tank. And tells the cleric tank to drop his debuff. Here I am doing that cleric tanks job and mine. He jumps up on the flame pillar loses his debuff and taunts the Witchlord back. He was fairly slow about it, his skill combined with the clerics inability to heal cause me to reach 0 hp.

    I call out for a rezz and receive one very quickly. To me a cleric is like a fat woman. If she's not good looking then she better make up for it in other places. If a cleric stinks at healing he better be quick on the rezzes.

    I get up, I run to taunt the Witchlord. This time I live though it was a little slow. I tell the cleric tank to watch me when I get rid of my debuff. I'm think to myself I'll show him. I click thunderous leap aim where I want to land. Sadly right at the same time i clicked I sneezed and wouldn't you know I missed the darn pillar completely. I did good though, the lava didn't kill me... The sudden stop from the rocky terrain did.

    I have never heard Dunsparrow rage so hard. I told him I sneezed. He kept raging at me. I looked over saw we only had 20 people online so I raged back..." You shut the F up or I'll log the F off. He shut up really quick.

    Once I put him in his place he decides to tell everyone to take 5 while they wait on me.

    After 7 minutes I come back to the computer. I get a ready check and dunsparrow is asking where I'm at. I respond I had just gotten back from my afk. He called me an idiot. Told me I should have not afked until after I ran back. F him.

    Now we pull again.

    A good phase 1 only one person died.

    Me and the cleric have this taunt rotation on lockdown.

    Finally Witchdoctor dies.

    Only one boss, Emberlord, and 2 adds left standing.

    15% the floor is almost covered with fire. 5 people dead. We can do this!!!!!

    3% boss enrages...

    Duns calls out for me to taunt the boss after he dies.

    I see duns blink once, twice, thric....denied.

    1% I taunt the boss! I use thunderous leap up the stairs, the boss close behind. He hits me! I dodge and jump off the ledge. Saved by pathing for the time being.

    5k health, 3people alive... Spoke to soon 2 people up..

    500 health , last person dies.....

    I try to kite while my dots are ticking. I had to run through fire. I click touch of life.

    Finally he hits me, it kills me, but the returned damage of my block struck the final blow to the boss.

    Everyone cheers. Not me though. I look at this slop of a kill and think wow we have some baddies. I think it's time I start looking for a new guild.

    Edit: I won't be looking for a new guild. The girl in my guild mentioned above, told me after raid she wants to get to know me. So, I will be remaining here, thanks for the pms about guilds looking for a tank. It's nice to know there are guilds out there that will appreciate my skills.

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    Nice story.

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