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Thread: 3.5 Cadwelli Puzzle Tips & Tricks + Dimensions Items.

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    Default 3.5 Cadwelli Puzzle Tips & Tricks + Dimensions Items.

    Releasing with 3.5. Cadwelli is a little Island off the coast of Planetouched Wilds
    Closest Ports: Sky Fishery/Jad

    3.5 Cadwelli Puzzle Tips & Tricks + Dimensions Items.-2016-01-25_084932-2-.jpg

    A detailed guide has been awesomely compiled by the community here:
    Cadwelli Meta Puzzle Solving

    Cadwelli puzzle begins the moment you try to get on this Island introducing a jump puzzle to then complete the jigsaw puzzle style mission at the top.

    If you choose to continue the challenge you will then be sent across Telara in whatever order you choose to complete three more stages as a meta adventure encourages you to revisit or attempt puzzles in prior zones and artifact hunting in Planetouched Wilds

    Those who go beyond these stages to complete this puzzle enjoy multiple challenges that include creating resources, treasure hunting & strategy.

    The cost is simply a challenge but you could have all the platinum from understanding the market and working at this consistently yet still be slowed down by one of the other challenges.You could also have all the time but need to learn puzzles, how to jump or make platinum so on and so forth.

    A meta adventure puzzle has no discrimination making everyone work.

    3.5 Cadwelli Puzzle Tips & Tricks + Dimensions Items.-2016-01-25_082556-2-.jpg

    Fortunately for Dimension focused players completing the first part (getting to the puzzle on the Island and doing the "jigsaw") gives you a marble tile of random color type. You are able to farm this puzzle and this part is free.

    The next 3 stages cost 5000 platinum each-15000 total

    This will unlock access to the vendors on top of Cadwelli. All items available on the vendor are trade-able or available elsewhere in the game except for :

    Dream Hive Key, Architect and Aegmirs Skull.

    You can find someone who has access to buy all these items for you.

    If you go beyond this stage there is further costs and the ability to get my favorite item Bufo (the frog pictured above!) This requires two parts to achieve that cost 1000 plat each it is possible to ask someone to buy him for you for 2000 plat.

    Dimension items are now complete.


    • You can look for puzzle pieces in Planeouched Wilds at any time. (*A)
    • Using Alts to find puzzle pieces and artifacts for all stages is a must. (*B)
    • Warriors are the best class to farm artifacts with double jumps
    • Mounts make a difference to jump and land in some spots-experiment
    • Collecting all PTWilds artifacts gives you portrait badge rewards of each buff
    • Selling replica artifacts is a great way to make platinum-if anyone needs me to do a guide for making plat in RIFT let me know.

    (*A) Patron is very helpful for this stage using Artifact vials that help you see Artifacts on your map. Collecting any PTWilds Artifact allows you to hopefully get a buff for Poison (green) Burning (orange) or Nightmare (purple) artifact . These buffs cause damage, a level 60+ character is recommended that can heal itself in case you get all three buffs at once.

    (*B) Be sure to put puzzle pieces already found on each character as you log on to them so you do not pick up replicas. Also using alts to farm artifacts in PTWilds using up patron vials ensure you have found puzzle pieces on each char to avoid finding replicas.

    Why do this all and complete the entire thing?

    3.5 Cadwelli Puzzle Tips & Tricks + Dimensions Items.-callweddioutfit-2-.jpg

    Want it, want it so bad!
    Hope it helps everyone please let me know if I missed anything, leave questions or feedback and good luck all!


    Thank you also to everyone who contributes to the Cadwelli solutions thread - Dior @Laethys for the Vendor screenshots and DeadSimon for this EPIC adventure and the last screenshot


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    Great post!

    I didn't know you could send items to other players, I thought they were soul bound. Yet I see the gifting ability. Thank you for the spoiler.

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