That is really ez-pz guide that can save your plat and runecrafter mats. You need to learn two recipes - Glyph of the Skelf and Glyph of the Baac. At start you need to craft Glyph of the Skelf until it comes to "green" tier. After that you need to craft Glyph of the Baac until you get 525 level.

You don't need to craft any runes only if you really need it for better stats. This way require only heliacal dust that is most common runecrafter material. And it can be easy founded from AH or from open world loot items.

If you have not enough dust you can learn transmutation to get it from heliacal star. But you need to be care. That is more valuable material and you shall need it at next crafting. Don't transmute all you stars to dust! Better to buy dust on AH.

Amount of plat and mats to level-up your runecrafter can be different from your guild perks, luck and using transcendent skill sphere. Last one is most interesting and allows to level-up your runecrafter, outfitter and fisherman from 450 to 525 all. Of course you need another toon that will get mats and don't waste time of potion. Just log out when you have not enough mats or plat faster and try to get it with your alt.

I hope that this guide will be useful for somebody.