just fool around a bit and have no idea is it'll be useful for someone or not. basically, I made it for myself, but if someone find it useful - have fun ;)

since 3.2 I wanted to make all dyes, but It required a lot of resources and I was too lazy to calculate it all or craft all of it one by one. so I make a little excel sheet.
first sheet contain all craftable dyes and you may set any quantity what you need (basically each by one). if you don't need some of it, just remove quantity value or set to 0.
second sheet contain all resources what you need as with distillates as without it. also, you may set prices for each if you planed to by it at ah.
finally, you'll get complete list of all reagents and costs as per reagent, as total.

also I d added all locales (en,fr,de,ru). you may switch it by combobox at top of first and second sheets. if you can't see combobox, you may change it by appropriate editing "I1" cell at third sheet (2 for en, 3 for fr, 4 for de and 5 for ru). also you may just download file with presetted localization. files are identical, just selected localizations are different.


all data, recipes and localized names from rift.magelo.com

p.s. for malware panic-mongers it's a ms excel files at google drive. link shorted by google shortener service.