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Thread: artifact thief catcher

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    Thumbs up artifact thief catcher

    Cost of making:
    rare artifact thief catcher 75 ribbons
    uncommon artifact thief catcher 25 ribbons
    common artifact thief catcher 5 ribbons

    What we get when we use them:

    rare artifact thief catcher: atleast 1 green artifact, rarely 1 blue,
    uncommon artifact thief catcher: atleast 1 white artifact, more chance to get green
    common artifact thief catcher: atleast 1 white artifact
    + what ever that thief picks (which is rarely the case) so you end up with minimum rewards mostly and zone event prize some sourcestone.
    Why would anyone even make artifact thief catchers and participate in unstable zone events for this.
    The cost of making thief catchers is much much higher then rewards.
    With minion system and AH fees the prices of artifacts are going low.

    Please enlighten us what is the point of using artifact thief catcher.

    Thank you

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    They are for unstables only. I only get unstable artifacts from 8-hr. and promotion adventures, and the highest quality I've seen yet is rare. The epic unstables were hard to get when they were first implemented, even more so now with the lack of people doing the events. I've never received an uncommon- or common-quality artifact when using a rare net. The same for the uncommon net and common artifacts. You have a chance at 1-4 artifacts for common, uncommon, and rare, and the most I've ever seen from an epic catch was 3. Unless they code was somehow changed in 3.0 or 3.1, this has been the way it has been since they were introduced almost a year ago. .....Wow, it has been that long already.
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    Back when they where new I was hunting the epics and got around 10-15 shard firsts on some of them (the epics) and made a pretty penny.

    Now the point of them is, from what i used to do, was to run circuits of certain areas, nabbing all the common and up thieves and then after the event (30 minutes) break the artifacts of common and uncommon rarity (to make new nets) and sell the rares and epics for profit cos people always want the mounts.

    Using a common net I always got 1-4 commons, uncommon net 1-3 uncommons, rares 1-3 rares and epics 1-3 epics. I never did get a lower or higher quality unstable artifact from the nets, always what the artifact thief was, if you use an uncommon net on a common thief you will get common unstables, least thats how it was

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teamplayer View Post
    The cost of making thief catchers is much much higher then rewards.
    If you break down artifacts that you get from minion quests, then you can produce nets at zero cost. Sure, it's not a fast process but if you're worried about it, it's possible. Even better, pick up a bunch of artifacts on the ground from anywhere, and break those down.

    Break down whites and greens that you don't need from other unstable events too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teamplayer View Post
    Please enlighten us what is the point of using artifact thief catcher.
    You've already identified what the point of using the thief catchers are, to get the unstable artifacts that the thief is 'holding'. As has already been mentioned here, only ever use the catcher that matches the rarity of the thief, otherwise you're wasting dream ribbons.
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    Personally I only make/use the Epic nets. With the current price of dream ribbons I'd estimate it costs 30p to craft one, and the epics sell for hundreds of plat. Or, you can collect them for the cute squirrel mounts.

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