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Thread: Is crafting ever going to be profitable?

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    Default Is crafting ever going to be profitable?

    By this I mean a point where I could buy crafting materials, craft them into higher tier materials, and then use those materials to make something of high value that only some one with high crafting level could make but is also something people actually would buy.

    Currently I am

    grandmaster armor smith (working on savant)
    grandmaster butchering (working on savant)
    grandmaster mining (working on savant)
    novice fishing
    novice survivalist

    I only have mostly basic recipes or recipes you can buy from a master crafter and even though many of the recipes are quite expensive for a new player (30 plat just to learn to become a savant for example and 20-30 plat for grandmaster recipes) I don't see these recipes producing anything of value that is actually worth crafting (20h material crafting recipes for example). Even a lot of the recipes on auction can go up to 800 - 1k plat but they produce items that no ones buys. I do not see how I can make money crafting anything in the game unless I am able to gather all the materials myself or get the materials under their average pricing. Some items cost more to craft than it does to sell the end product. I just do not understand this crafting system at all, the other games by Trion has much better crafting systems (Trove for example)

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    With savant you have a couple things going for you. First crafted gear can get you to 800 hit which is expert level so yes armor can sell very well. The second thing is that upgrading is worth it and is very easy you need an amender and thats about it for first tier. And thirdly you no longer have as many recipes that are purchased or otherwise earned. I can only think if 2 the cape upgrades. So crafting can be worth it if you start watching the market now and get a feel for what sells you can turn a decent profit

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    Default Most likely no

    I have noted across several MMO's that guilds of people will often harvest and feed materials to crafters. At this point the crafter has almost no cost...so they can make items at a far lower cost to them and sell on the market/AH.

    This usually means that a person who must buying material to make an item will lose money - it's cheaper to buy the item. This also means that one gathering materials, or growing their crafting level to make high end components can a lot of time and plat to do so.

    Thus, IMO, resource gathering becomes the best way for the solo player to make a profit. Butchering, Foraging and Mining.

    (didn't read the OP's post date. Necro post answer ftw! Sorry about that.)
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    Default Yes

    4 years ago when this question was asked I honestly dont know. But today it is possible to make money with Weapon and Metal Amenders and Celestial Matrixes. You can currently get 400 platinum for goodies like that. The resources needed to make them cost CONSIDERABLY less than that.

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    again a graveyard answer, but perhaps people are still looking at the thread..

    crafting profitable? In the long run/at higher skill level, it can be.

    Crafting/selling amenders is at this moment (10-2020) still a thing, same as farming/selling mats

    Next to that, one can make plat on the workorders.. no big amounts and it depends on the skill and skill level. But several skills have a relatively cheap workorder, because the mats are cheap/easy to get. combined with the 6/7 plat reward for the dailies, a level 66 can earn plat just making/turning in the workorders.

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