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Thread: 4.5 [PVP] TREAVER

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    Cool 4.5 [PVP] TREAVER

    Has anybody seen Treaver?


    Legendaries: Shadow of Dread(Reaver), Dire Blow(Reaver), Ravaging Strike(Reaver), Lightning Torrent (Tempest), Shock Pulse(Tempest)

    Buffs: Binding Affliction (Reaver), Empower (Tempest), Enhanced Conductivity (Tempest)

    For the third soul you can pick whatever suits your fancy. I choose either Warlord (for pull) or Champion (for charge)

    Spam Macro:
    #show Shadow of Dread
    cast Delayed Pulse
    cast Infestation
    cast Shadow of Dread
    cast Charged Pulse
    cast Ravaging Strike
    cast Power Manipulation
    cast @gtae Stumbling Morass

    Other buttons for dps:
    Dire Blow (DB)
    Lightning Torrent (LT)
    Electricity Blast (EB)
    Charged Pulse (CP)

    3 attack point > finisher

    things to note for decent dps and secure kills:
    1. (CP) only after fully channeling (LT)
    2. cast as many (CP) and DB as you can manage
    3. Abuse your utility (you can dazzle your opponents and keep them guessing while you chip away at their HP)

    Possible Starting Dps options:
    Spam x2 > DB (keep moving) (note: Infestation gives 2 attack points
    Spam x3 > DB (keep moving)
    LT (full channel) > DB (keep moving)
    Spam x3 > DB (stop only for Charged Pulse(CP) after (LT) cast if safe to do so)
    yadda yadda yadda...

    Utilities (you got tons):

    Thunderous Kick (Tempest: push back) => target control
    Elude (Tempest: Leap Backward) => escape/break free
    Delayed Pulse (Tempest: Roots Target) => escape/target control
    Light Refraction (Tempest:Stealth) => stationary camping
    False Repose (Tempest: Play dead) => for the lols
    Spasm (Reaver: interrupt) => interrupt
    Shadow Warp (Reaver: 15m Forward Teleport) => escape
    Stumbling Morass (Reaver: Snare) => crowd control
    Cloak of Death (Reaver: 6s Stealth) => escape
    Sergeant's Order (Warlord: 20m pull) => target control
    Bull Rush (Champion: 20m charge) => escape

    Break Free (Planar Attunement: breakfree) =>escape
    Fading Light (Planar Attunement: breakfree) =>escape
    Thunderous Leap (Planar Attunement: 20m charge) =>escape
    Vapor Rush (Planar Attunement: 30m charge) =>escape

    Purge buffer macro (Requires full Planar Attunement):

    #show Confluence of Dusk
    cast Confluence of Dusk
    cast Confluence of Cinder
    cast Confluence of Dust
    cast Confluence of Nature
    cast Confluence of Steam
    cast Wild Overgrowth
    cast Planar Protection
    cast Stormtouched
    cast Salvaged Tablet

    bonus trick: bring your crit pots with you

    Reasoning behind build:
    1.Harass players at flags and camps. play hide and seek with assassins and get points
    2.You are not bad as a team fighter, trigger enemy players by triggering their break frees prematurely setting up kills for your team and get points
    3.Nice ring to the name
    4.To share the lols

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    Interesting new toy

    -> Wasn't Septic Wounds and it's Twisted Soul for Necrotic Wounds super good?
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    Default my mistake

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas View Post
    Interesting new toy

    -> Wasn't Septic Wounds and it's Twisted Soul for Necrotic Wounds super good?
    My mistake, the 3 points in Power Leech was supposed to be 1 Septic Woods 2 Lingering Shadows

    nice spot thanks

    edit: fixed now
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