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Thread: 4.5 Warlord 2020

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    Default 4.5 Warlord 2020

    4.5 Warlord 2020-wl2021.jpg
    Slapping meme

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Min/max Potential: 3/10
    Classification: super fun melee dps & offtank
    Kalerts highly recommendet

    STEP 1 Get Build & Macros (5mins)

    MAD JACK Warlord 1.5
    Legendaries: Ready Posture | Everything is a Weapon | A Quick Death | Icy Burst | Retaliation
    Buffs: Deadly Posture | Ready Posture | Storm Blade | Avatar of the Wind
    Blue synnergy Crystal (5% Builder damage)


    STEP 2 Get Kalerts (5mins)


    STEP 3 Get the basics



    Confused as heck?
    Ezpz for beginners

    side infos

    -> WL is absolutely not the meme spec i was said to be in 2018. It can very well keep up with RB -and other classes.
    It can tank QF, T1, Azranel on 1.5-2m dps
    Beeing new yourself: SalamiWL is your go to when entering T1, able to run 800k+ independent of the Eternal.

    //After linking threat #17 from the other WL guilde at least 30 times, i just copied and re-edited the infos in a separate and clean link now
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    I'm glad to see new guides are coming out for underused specs, awesome stuff.

    Shadeborn / Runeshaper guide next??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelyk View Post
    I'm glad to see new guides are coming out for underused specs, awesome stuff.

    Shadeborn / Runeshaper guide next??
    There is nothing redeemable about Shadeborn. I tried many times to crack that nut and no dice.

    Runeshaper I spent a long time on and pre-buffs I actually had some decent results with. It can hold 1m but just barely. The issue is there's no off-soul that enhances it very well at all.

    You have to go 61 for ROID to get your instant cast block so you're very limited to start. Druid will give you some fluff procs and damage, Oracle some extra bolts, or sent for some extra damage. Inquis can work but SH isn't optimal because of the way it times with CD blocks.

    You'll also find, that while manageable, it's sort of a rooted spec PvE wise. You're dependent on GRoE to maintain your eternal buff which you need to stand in. The template is the same as wall of fire so there's some wiggle room, but for stuff like missile storm it's not a great limitation.

    Considering it does 1m DPS less than Inquisitor but requires the same attention to play, lacks mobility, and is about 500k less than shaman. It's better just to lay off as far as raid specs.

    PvP it can do well though with the teleports, instant cast blocks, and delayed heavy hitters.
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    Definite tag to check out later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfenstein View Post
    Definite tag to check out later!
    You know the concept of browser favorites?

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    OG player - stopped playing for a few years, came back - hit 70 and spent the last 2 years just doing AH randomly. with the quarantine i got back into this and trying to rank up my eternal.

    Was running the "flamespear paragon" build and then switched the the "ezpz" build you list here. instantly gained around 120dps. in a raid group with curry I can maintain 380-410k dps on a colossi and have peaked at a 490K sustained for a 1:45 fight. Previously i was barely breaking 250k, usually low 200s.

    this is with ~3k crit, 2150 hit, and the 2392.9dps eternal. Very happy with this build and as I get the rest of my gear leveled up a bit, I'll give the main build/rotation a shot.
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