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Thread: OVERCLOCKING Paladin and Liberator

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    Cool OVERCLOCKING Warrior

    OVERCLOCKING Paladin and Liberator-warladin_shas.jpg
    A series where we take Warrior apart and maximise the usage of one or more abilities.



    OVERCLOCKING Paladin and Liberator-paladin_01.jpg
    1) Oc Pala

    We are going to increase the voltage on Paladin by a larger bit to work on the performance without running too hot and risk 'fixing'.

    Your build: https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...aBh0/VmA2|Ps_M
    (For max healing go 4 into Uplifting Words instead of Well Honored Blades)

    61 Paladin for a tankspec with alot of taken healing-bonus and Healing-on-taken-hit-procc
    11 Tempest for Jolt
    4 Warchanter for Deep Breaths and another hot


    Protector's Fury
    Light's Balm
    optional Paladin:
    #1-> Shield of Defense: Trading control over the CD for saving very quick multihits on a laging server(irotp last boss)/ afk palying it. It only reduces it's default 1 min cd to 30 sec after getting procced tho.
    #2-> Retaliation: More passive damage and Aggro.
    #3-> Pacifying Strike: for protecting the raid a little.
    Skyfall as a very strong aoe ability hitting a target, it's surrounding targets and mobs between you and the target. Pretty much no limits in the number of targets hit.
    I'm With You! Most effective way to gain Attackpoints with it's 3 points on a 1sec gcd for Skyfall which can be used as an odd cleric hammer - also the 50% bonus on a Stand Tall!- buffed targets remains as legendary. (thanks Hendrik)


    61 - ENDOURING SOURVIVAL different from other classes the warrior version gets eternal boosted
    62 - STEADFAST SOUL you crit alot and it's responsible for the fun in this build
    63 - RUNNERS TRAINING guard range and you run alot outside of fights
    64 - PRECISION STRIKES makes your Jolts overlap for a 100% uptime
    65 - POWER VARIATION nice ranged aoe damage

    Steadfast Souls seems to get Eternal Boosted which means somone elses heals recieve your 42k bonus. needs further testing

    + Once you are starved and buffen you can afk tank
    + Good aoe damage potential
    + 600k-1mil (dry) 1mil-1.5mil (raid, without spaming Balm all the time) 2.5+mil (overclocked) selfheal/ second which is basically 2 permanent soulstreams on you
    + 99% of the cases no Tankheal needed
    + The more enemies attacking you the more heal proccs
    + Healers healing you have UP TO a 100% hps gain'
    + Alot of passive hots ticking very high
    + Benefits alot from the defensive Reliquiar (20% taken heal for x seconds)
    + Different from other Tankspecs your Warrior's Guardbuff (Shield of the Hero/ Accord of Resilliance from VK) don't reduce your Healing done. Deactivate it in RR and on certain bosses for even more Damage with Skyfall.
    + Most of the selfheal is passive while doing something else
    -> Aoe crystal for more damage, St healing crystal for max output (you need the st healing crystal for it to overclock)

    - Not as resilliant as going VK offsoul
    - Best to spam aoe abilities on singletarget
    - When wiping in T1 and lower you have to manually unclick buffs
    - A little improved but still warrior-style wacky ranged aggro
    - Selfheal-low on a slow atacking st engagement
    - Starve your power to start overclocking so prespam before pull - Just like a normal Healer- and keep spamming like a Chanter
    - Needs to get attacked for most mechanics
    - Not free to play

    ~one days heals hit so much more harder than others that nobody knows where the number difference comes from (3mil Vampiric wtf)
    ~Selfheal get rather Eternal- than gearboosted (besides the crystal)


    Use Pacifying Strike and Light's Benediction (one point is enough) in T2 to reduce taken damage by 3% and 7% for 15 seconds

    Use Macro #1 in Melee

    Use Macro #2 in gap phases or for others (2nd Tank)

    Use Sweeping strike and 'Shild of Light offgcd's' for reliable aggro (Lights balm alone without getting attacked already may not do it)

    Since this is more of a yolo spec i won't get much into detail.



    #show Ligh's Decree
    cast @self Light's Balm
    cast Light's Reprisal
    cast Retaliation
    cast Light's Vengeance
    cast Jolt
    cast @self Stand Tall!
    #2 May combine that with a manual Judgment to get Protector's Fury take over

    #show Sweeping Strike
    cast Sweeping Strike
    cast Light's Reprisal
    cast Retaliation
    cast Light's Vengeance
    cast Jolt
    cast @self Stand Tall!
    You can make an alternative with cast Stand Tall! being applied to the attacked player

    #3 Stand tall increases taken heal from I'm with You! by 50% but may causes a little delay. Don't hesitate to bind I'm with you! separate. I'm using the exact same on Tempest-Riftblade.

    use your @self toggle for self- 'spam'

    #show Stand Tall!
    cast Stand Tall!
    cast I'm with you!
    cast Jolt
    #4 nice to have, barely used

    #Show Power Variation
    cast @self Power Variation
    -> Million ticks are fun but rather focus on frequent ticks. The second the Eternal resets and needs to get starved again the direct healing from Light's Balm comes a little short! Prepare to may pop Aegis of the Light when you have ALOT on you since the Balm's ticks may won't tick as high as your hp anymore (1-2 secs)

    In RR on the 4 Rhino adds with alot of trash it's usually 2mil hps and 1.5mil dps with Skyfall ~every 6 seconds (block based combopoints).

    1) This is another Rushed Release and i don't have alot of breakdowns on stock.
    So here is TDNM 1st boss in T1 gear half a year ago after using it for the very first time with a Tactbard and no further Healer (first try)

    Sorry for german, the main breakdown is in the top right

    Stromstoß = Jolt
    Seid Standhaft! = Stand Tall!
    Balsam des Lichts = Light's Balm
    Ewiges Überleben = Enduring Survival
    Schatten des Berges = i have no clue (seems to be the tenebrian rune)
    Note that Vampiric essence on the Weapon ticks the same as Enduring Survival when used.

    OVERCLOCKING Paladin and Liberator-liberator_01.jpg
    2) Bonus Lib

    The main Problem of Liberator aoe healing is the long gcd and the slow ticking aoe hots. To fix this i overclocked Positive Reaction with the same Method.

    This is based on the well made guide of Hepatitis:

    Your build: https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...iGkl8/!7f|Pv_w


    Extraordinary Care
    Liberation Treatment
    I'm with you!
    Skyfall (not a priority really but it does aoe dmg)

    Hot to use it

    Buff Deep Breaths and Positive Reaction on yourself.

    Keep up

    Extraordinary Care
    Mass Casualty Response
    Corrective Measures
    Liberation Treatment on 2 targets
    @ self and Tank Stand Tall!
    (advanced) @self Prolonged Recovery

    in this Priority

    #1 IF you need it very simple. Adapted onebutton Lib which automaticly mamages your 3 main hots

    #show Extraordinary Care
    cast Stand Tall!
    cast Corrective Measures
    cast Ameliorate
    cast Jolt
    cast Quick Remedy
    cast Mass Casualty Response
    cast Extraordinary Care
    cast Group Assistance
    #2 Emergency group save (azrael runphase with lasers and 10 stacks,- and that's why you refresh your hots early, can be used 5 times in a row.
    #show Medical Facility
    cast Medical Facility
    cast I'm with you!
    cast Deliverance
    cast Jolt
    Manualy rebuff Liberation Treatment on yourself and Tank/ person who likes fire.

    But what about tank Healing? :V
    Lately caught a tank standing in the tdem coucil laser for around 6 seconds after his health flickered strangely for those 6 seconds (yes went Lib tdem to chill&intel)
    Solotank irotp @5 bosstacks from addphase (!) was pretty chill.
    Positive Reaction on a tank may leads to more overhealing done on him but missing on Jolt there make those ticks simply unfrequently stronger and less relyable since the Tank simply may not be full health as PR wants to tick that split second. OC Lib is based on maxing your hp asap to keep PR ticking. Usually you just target yourself and run in range to everyone you want not to die. When the tank has struggles, target him and the I'm wich you! will take care of him.

    2) This only was a random RR first testing it. Note the HUGE difference in the % of Overhealing and active healing. Positive Reaction ticks like a Livegiving Veil (chloro) and automaticly hits the Friendly with the lowest Hp/ getting attacked. This evens people out before the big hot ticks from Exraordinary Care etc come in which means it saves people from quick multiticks. Best i have seen is someone with 28+ Stacks on Tarjula standing in a bubble with full Hp all the time.

    3) A normal RR done lately with me on Pala and someone on bonus- Lib. (Keep in mind that Oc Pala takes a chunk of the overhealing)


    to Ezrabby@Typhiria convcing me to post it and the great responses to the Rogue bofors in general. Also the people who trusted me to test Oc Pala in Raids. Khea@Zaviel not lawsueing me for using the screenshot. Jay for figuring out flaws in the presentation. Foguère for the main OC banner.

    Have fun trying and let me know about your experience!
    This is not too much in depth - see this as an expansion pack after getting used to Paladin and Liberator first! How-to may be addet in the future.

    Little Rant: Stop using the Tank synnegy crystal in T1 and below! nobody really singletarget heals you! You have more potential than standing there on 61 Void Knight or Riftstalker and afk demanding heals. Riftstalker with aoe Crystal Tactican and hellfire Blades quickly pulls 2 mil dps. Justicar with aoe healing crystal instantly tops up 10 People with Doctrine of Glory, 31 Titan has a ****load of outpit potential with St healing crystal and Essence Strike to mention a few.

    Funfact: RBT (riftblade tempest) uses the same offsouls and lets you solorun spe dungeons on 40k attackpower (use way of the water and st healing crystal on low gear) which means you can tank+heal+dps expert runs or tdnm take a trip through the fire, on tarjula go for the souls without a healer/ heal tdem while dpsing (riftblade goes over autoattacks and finisher) or just use it to be way more reckless in bos 1st running/ VP daylies /VP boss melee/ or even Titan trash melee going min 120k selfheal(as a full top dps spec while jolt and stand tall! help you to starve power and are a dps gain to spam)

    If you want to donate plat feel free to hit me up im pretty broke!
    sincerely Shascleric@Zaviel/Hierosolyma@Zaviel/Azuren@Zaviel/Jeru@Hailol
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    nice builds, i already use variations of them myself (liberator without tempest so i can stack all hots on the tank, less output in general but more tankheal) and when i made the tank i already forgot Jolt existed, so thanks for reminding me^^
    the st heal crystal boosts Extraordinary Care, in my case:
    - AOE -> 90178 shield 22524 health
    - ST -> 90339 shield 23074 health
    so not a very big deal and sadly the eternal proc only boosts healing.
    maybe (because its still trion and trion does random stuff*) Positive Reaction gets boosted by eternal proc/ST crystal, since it counts as a st heal (back in NT it healed the second boss in mount sharax, thats why i think it is treated as a ST heal)

    *well at least it got implemented by trion

    edit* they changed legendary I'm with you! so it gets the 50% boost, so you can now use it lossless, that means more attackpoint -> more skyfall -> more DAMAGE! ^^

    edit2* Steadfast Soul, the english client says you get this buff, when you GET HIT by a critical damaging ability and just to be sure i tested it, it does not proc if YOU land a critical hit with an ability. maybe this is a pvp only talent?
    and since thats the case you can use Soul Regeneration and can use Pacifying Strike for ST range aggro management (which is more than enough to keep the aggro against any healer/dd)

    edit3* for min-/maxing purposes you might want to make a own macro for all you hots so they don't go of during the small windows of eternal downtime (during those windows you can just spam I'm with! to get the proc back in no time)
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    Thanks alot for the numbers!

    The Jolt was an attempt to replace @self Prolonged Recovery since it gets absolutely shreddet from the eternal quickly ticking 1mil+, and increase the eternal frequency due to its 20 power cost every 6 seconds. It makes up for alot of passive healing points spent. Also you usually run a Liberator when you have alot of people running through alot of fire which brought up the idea to rather focus on quick ticks and shielding.

    sure you can run a safe lib with 6 bestmaster and pacifying strike but if your heals take a second to tick people die in your hands.

    Does Extraordinary care benefit from Steadfast soul? bc in that case it may become a cast @focus Extraordinary Care to increase it's chance to boost a crit on a warr and rogtank eventho im not sure how Extraordinary care hot behaves on a 100% crit the shield surely will.
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    Very cool stuff, can't wait to try it out.

    As far as having to unclick buffs for a wipe. Just make a macro with the following line...

    /cast last resort

    It'll autokill you instantly.
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    I fear it heals through it and breaks it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiye View Post
    Very cool stuff, can't wait to try it out.
    After seeing some people trying it please be sure to keep starving. Some may took the 'afk' joke a littlebit too serious. The oc Pala aswell as the Lib are based on Jolt and Stand Tall! being refreshed frequently while the eternal bonus is up which results in a couple hundret % tick difference (see IMG 1) 'Stromstoß' min hit vs average hit). Also cast@self Ligh's Balm stacks up with the procced one. Furthermore please don't forget to run the single target healing Crystal as default.
    Last edited by Shas; 01-05-2019 at 06:25 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendrikdawin View Post

    edit3* for min-/maxing purposes you might want to make a own macro for all you hots so they don't go of during the small windows of eternal downtime (during those windows you can just spam I'm with! to get the proc back in no time)
    Good point. When using this on a single target encounter that's the better way to go since replacing Light's Balm with I'm with you! for 35 more power used in 3 seconds - still keep in mind that Jolt and Stand Tall! only have 6 and 4 seconds cooldown while costing 20 power each. Actively Starving takes 3-4 seconds then while your Light's Balm proccs do raw healing. ST and LB greatly help in speeding up this Process so having a starve button should inclue I'm with you! Jolt and Stand Tall! - since the active Eternal boosts Vampiric Essence and Enduring Survival aswell,- starving is key
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    Thank u shas i love it <3

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    Default Forging a new bos meta (if there is even an audience for it)

    Alphatesting a Liberator build utilising the knowledge gathered from the previous two specs. Missing an encounter this week where people take enough damage for it to show off better. If the math is right it may result in a 10mil hps Liberator ->setup<-. Primarily using this weeks warr id for something else. Should be good for shipping next week. Also tinkering at bos 2/3 strat for more convenience.

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