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Thread: [4.2] Warchanter 61 (Pvp focused guide)

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    Default [4.2] Warchanter 61 (Pvp focused guide)

    So i've seen a bunch of warriors recently in wfs who are either using libchanters because well they find it better than this spec because of energy managing etc, or 61 liberators who think Aoe heals are good...................which they aren't.

    This spec is good for multiple reasons; being able to tank decent strong classes (not counting warlords or primalists), have stronger burst healing and does more healings consistently than any other spec.

    • You do 50% more heals on your ST targets (Stand tall)
    • You proc your passive healings from Legendary Battlesong (which is pretty strong if you have all your ST targets Close by)

    • Your Power regeneration is reduced by 75%, which means you have to manage it in every situation (burst phase at the beginning most notably)

    At first this spec doesn't seem to easy to get a hand on because of being unfamilliar with managing your Power regeneration, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it rewarding

    Masteries and explanations:
    • 61 - nothing special here, just take the small healing Shields
    • 62 - +5% increased healing output and making your next 3 WC finisher critically heal
    • 63 - 10% less duration on Control effects on you
    • 64 - Duration increase for HoTs (healing over time)
    • 65 - Here you have 3 different choices, you could go with -5% power reduction and let it act as your purge buffer (using it to block purging your important abilities) or you could go with planar variation, I went with healers intuition because of how hard classes or frequently they hit on my target, this is extremely useful for situations where warlords are hitting for 100ks back to back or warlocks having strong DoTs on you

    Purges work in a first in-first out principle so the buff you apply first is the first one to get purged. You always do the most important buffs last.
    • Battlesong - Procs your strong passive heals from ur main warchanter abilities
    • We won't falter! - reducing cast time of it, useful for when raids aren't taking too much damage
    • Turn the tide! - Applies big cd heals on your ST targets and has its cd reduced by 33%
    • Liberation Treatment - increased healings received by 10% from non-liberator heals

    Spend the last point on whatever, it doesn't make a difference.

    I've been discussing with few other warchanters about the use of Turn the tide, they find it not worthwhile to use because of how low the cd heals for, as they can easily heal that much in just matter of seconds and argues that instead of spending too many soulpoints into warchanter, they should go into liberator for a 9% dmg taken reduction buff and giving you back 4 Power each time you proc a crit heal

    The reason why we went full Points into warchanter is because of Turn the Tide ability, as it can heal waaay too much with all your buffs applied and when the targets are under 50% hp

    For an example: Turn the tide heals for 100k with no buffs on, with liberation treatment and its bonus heals you do +10k extra, 15k extra from bond of brotherhood (30k if they are 5m Close to you) and 25k from best laid plans (if used beneath 50% hp)

    100 + 10 + 15 + 25 = 150k


    Big combo heal macro

    #show We stand United!
    use Warmonger's Charm
    cast Break free
    cast Fading light
    cast We stand United!
    cast I'm with you!
    cast Catch your breath!

    Take out Warmongers charm if you don't have it.

    There is the option to remove break free from your macro's, this would be more beneficial so you don't waste your break free on soft CC's such as Roots or Slows, and save it for hard CC's (stuns)

    Shield/dmg reduction macro

    #show don't give up!
    cast don't give up!
    cast We'll get through this!

    CD macro

    #show Phalanx!
    cast Phalanx!
    cast Bond of Brotherhood
    cast Defend
    cast Healer's Intuition


    #show stand and fight!
    ra %t Stop drooling on the floor!

    Abilities to keep on separate bars/keybinds:
    • We Won't Falter!
    • We are unbowed! - HoT that lasts 18 secs
    • Catch your breath! - Small heal but gives 15 power
    • Tactical Rest - Restores 100% Power and makes your next 3 warchanter finishers crit (which means you don't lose Power when they do)
    • Nobody backs down! - Large raid shield, twice as large for stand tall targets
    • Turn the tide! - Applies big cd heals on your ST targets and has its cd reduced by 33%
    • Stand Tall! - Your most important buff, where all your big heals comes from
    • Liberation Treatment

    • Bond of Brotherhood - Increases your healing by 15%. If targets are closer than 5 meters, it will heal twice.
    • Healers intuition - Heals you for 30% of damage taken for 5 seconds. f
    • Deep Breaths
    • Aegis of Sanctuary
    • Shield of the Hero
    • Best Laid Plans
    • Battlesong


    Start off by applying Stand Tall on targets (when it's a zerging phase at the start of a warfront, make sure you apply the Stand Tall targets on the most attacked raid member to have a higher chance of saving them), then use tactical rest to get ready for whatever is ahead and depending on following situations

    If the people are starting to get hit massively: make sure your Stand tall is applied on them and start spamming your big heals macro, if low on energy use Catch your Breath fast for +15 Power or Tactical Rest whenever suitable or available, if the target is taking too much dmg use your cd macro (press it 5 times to apply all the cds)

    If people are starting to not get heavily hit: Apply Stand tall on targets that are grouped up with others and use we won't Falter to trigger Battlesong heals

    If a target is about to die: Apply Stand Tall and use Turn the Tide to do big heals (if Bond of Brotherhood is available use it before you use Turn the Tide for +15% additional heals)

    Your shield/dmg reduction macro can be used whenever you want (ST targets benefits double the bonuses provided)

    I think i covered most of it, like i said it will take a bit of practice (30-45 mins?) until you get the hang of it, enjoy using it in pvp *


    When you are channeling Tactical rest and you get debilitated/stunned, the channel doesn't get interrupted meaning despite not able to use any abilities for a few seconds, you will still get your free 3 stacks of crits, so make sure you don't break free if you are channeling Tactical rest (bugged?)

    Sometimes in pvp, when two ST targets are close to each other, it's better to heal other targets who have low hp but aren't getting hit without using ST on them (example in whitefall where lots of people are stacking and where it's perfect to have two ST targets passively healing them for a lot of heals)

    If you are carrying flags/stones and there is a friendly face close to you, tell them to stay close to you so both of you are under Stand tall to get maximum heals from battlesong

    This is the first time i write a guide, so feel free to Point out any confusion, error yada yada yada.
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    Ty for the guide. You sum it up well. Always hard to use cd(s) with 19 power, starving from everywhere with the actual damages in pvp with people that rarely Los.

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