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Thread: 4.0 Warchanter Guide

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    Default 4.0 Warchanter Guide

    Warchanter is our tank healer. We rely on strong direct heals while providing some shielding on top. With the addition of legendary abilities we also got a big boost in group healing capabilities, but you'll have to educate your fellow group members on how that exactly works!
    Due to lack of difficult PvE content I cannot say how Warchanter compares to the other tank healers yet.

    Here's a short PvP clip of what warchanter is capable of.

    Spec and Masteries:
    53wc/21lib/2pl: Best all-around, sacrifices some cooldowns to get some liberator goodies.
    61wc/10lib/5pl: Grabs more tank cooldowns, choose only if really needed.

    When to use which healer:
    If only group healing is needed, choose 61 Liberator. (Rarely the case)
    If some tank/spot healing is needed, choose 58 Liberator / 18 Warchanter.
    If more tank/spot healing or tank cooldowns are needed, choose Libchanter.
    If a full-blown tank healer is needed, choose 53 Warchanter.
    If more tank cooldowns are needed, choose 61 Warchanter. (Rarely the case)

    You pulse additional heal to up to 3 targets around yourself and both Stand Tall! targets each. With my current stats that is potentially up to 360k PvE HPS and 52k PvP HPS. Use We Won't Falter! to trigger this most of the time.
    Keep in mind that the range is rather small. If necessary, remind your group to stand next to yourself, the tank and whoever else you will put the second Stand Tall! on (preferably a melee).
    We Won't Falter!:
    Without this Battlesong would be a lot weaker. Being able to trigger Battlesong once per second for only 9 power is a big deal.
    Liberation Treatment:
    Legendary effect seems to apply only to the first target, even with Liberation Movement. The buff also shows it's only 10%, so those 20 power are rarely worth it, especialyl not when you need to push HPS.
    Pacifying Strike:
    Nothing else left to pick, so we go for some intercept. I'm not even sure if this works properly to be honest.

    That's it for legendaries. We use 4/5 because everything else doesn't help this spec. Liberator stuff is useless or too power intensive, Seasoned Strike doesn't help our warchanter healing and legendary I'm with you! doesn't benefit from We Stand United!'s on-crit effect.

    For PvP, make sure to buff yourself in that order so purges will remove Battlesong last.
    Deep Breaths, Aegis of Advocacy, Best Laid Plans, Battlesong

    Warchanter mechanics:
    - Most warchanter heals require Deep Breaths for the full effect. That means we have to sacrifice 75% of our passive power generation, forcing us to manage power as a resource.
    - With a cut in power regeneration, we have to manage it manually. For that we have access to a low cost heal with We Won't Falter! (WWF!). To generate power we can use Catch your Breath! (CYB!) and Tactical Rest.
    - After a full Tactical Rest channel our next three finishers will crit. Use that on We Stand United! (WSU!) to be able to cast I'm with you! (IWY!) for pseudo-free (you need the 25 power, but it won't cost any).
    - Deep Breaths allows us to use Stand Tall! (ST!) on any two targets. A lot of abilities are stronger when used on a ST! target. Because Battlesong triggers around ST! we want it both active at all times.
    - Encouragements. Some abilities have this attribute. The main thing to know about these abilities is that they trigger Battlesong and reduce your cooldowns. The main two Encouragement abilities you'll use are WWF! and IWY!.
    - Legendary Battlesong gives us a very strong boost in direct heal both on tanks and as a limited group heal. For proper usage, tell your group that they'll get passively healed around yourself, the tank and whoever else you will put ST on. The range is short and Battlesong will prefer closer targets as opposed to injured targets. Move around a bit if someone isn't being healed who is clearly in range.


    I will split this section into general, tank healing, group healing and DPS. See Abbreviations above if you're not familiar with the soul.

    - Keep up both ST at all times. Prioritize tanks over melee over range. Don't use it on yourself!
    - Use WWF twice before any engagement for healing increase and cast time reduction on WWF.
    - Try to use WWF atleast once every 30s to keep the cast time reduction buff running.
    - Use TR 5-10s before the fight starts for the auto-crit on WSU.
    - When using TR, always aim for the full channel. Only cancel it if absolutely necessary!
    - You want to keep your power high at all times, use CYB and TR for that. Try to use TR when you think nobody will die within three seconds.

    Tank Healing:
    - Use WWF as your main builder. Weave in CYB to keep your power high.
    - If someone takes more damage, use IWY instead of WWF.
    - Use WSU as your main finisher.
    - Keep track of critical WSUs for free IWY! You still need to be above 25 power, but it won't cost you any.
    - For highest throughput, spam IWY+WSU. This will drain you very fast, but can be sustained for a while after a full TR.
    - If no other tank healer is around, keep up WGTT on tanks. Make sure ST is active before using WGTT.
    - Keep up LT on tanks if your power allows for it.
    - For tank cooldowns, use Phalanx!, Healer's Intuition, Bond of Brotherhood and Redress.
    - I'm your Shield is another tank cooldown, but you will take a lot of damage, so be careful with this one!
    - WAU is a strong HoT, but pales in comparision to Battlesong and your other heals. Use it on tanks if you have spare power an AP.
    - DGU is a nice little shield. It triggers Encouragement effects. I mostly use it right before TR to drain myself as it's very costly.
    - ES is most likely never worth it. If anything, use it on a rogue tank, but I'd suggest not using it unless you're very bored while healing.

    Group Healing:
    - Battlesong will make up most of your healing. Triggered by Encouragements.
    - Use WWF to trigger Battlesong cost-efficiently. IWY also triggers it.
    - WWF into IWY is a nice burst in group healing. Add in DGU and/or WGTT for even more burst healing.
    - Other abilities to trigger Battlesong: DGU, WGTT and most Warchanter cooldowns. Most are too costly/important to use just to trigger Battlesong.
    - 53 warchanter also has access to LT for group healing, but it's rather weak and to costly.

    - Battlesong will make up for all of your DPS. Just trigger it the same way as for group healing.
    - Yell at everybody with ST on them if they're not in range for Battlesong to do damage! Or just give ST to tanks/melees! If ranged wants healing, they can come into melee range!

    SFP: Discussion:
    - Battlesong is very strong! Probably our best healer legendary. Not tactician-strong, but strong.
    - We Won't Falter! still has bad HPS in comparision, but grants 1 AP/s and has very low power cost. Mainly there to trigger Battlesong.
    - I'm with you! is very gimmicky, so I chose not to use the legendary. There's also the problem that the legendary version isn't affected by We Stand United!'s cost reduction. Hope this one is a bug.
    - Turn the Tide! is a joke, isn't it? Same healing on the two Stand Tall! targets and another target. That would tripple the healing, but when will we ever benefit from that? Also losing the overheal into shield conversion is just bad. Probalby a worse legendary than Deliverance.
    - 0pt synergy: Because of Deep Breaths it's very costly to keep up 0pt abilities from other souls. No other soul has such a huge penalty when using abilities from other souls. Just wanted to mention that. This mostly affects LibTreatment, but it's still a problem.
    - Power drain in general is still a problem. WC is still the hardest healer to not mess up with. I know there are rogue souls which grant more energy, so why not convert a legendary to grant 50 or 100 maximum power? That would be a nice QoL legendary. Just move the legendary from I'm with you! to Deep Breaths and let it grant that extra power.

    Looking forward to your feedback and questions!
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    Default Bye Bye Battle Song

    Battle Song Legendary healing just got nerfed on PTS by 50%

    RIP Warchanter group healing skills.
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    Also RIP Warrior healing in PvP. Warchanter with a nerfed Battlesong will be back to useless with how easy it can be killed even on live. And let's not talk about the state of Liberator in PvP.

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    So this spec is trash now?

    I just leveled my warrior up and wanted to use him to heal experts & queen's foci. What healing spec would you recommend for that?

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    TBH 'end game' content is super easy mode now, as in you can run most stuff undergeared and not hold progression back, so even with the nerfs, I'd just say find something you enjoy or if your in a guild, find out whats missing and fill that role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayzed View Post
    So this spec is trash now?

    I just leveled my warrior up and wanted to use him to heal experts & queen's foci. What healing spec would you recommend for that?
    You've still got a week left!

    And it's only battlesong getting nerfed (IIRC) so you can still play WC the real way! (which is awful and no one should ever have to do)
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