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Thread: [3.5] Comprehensive PvP Liberator Guide

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    Default [3.5] Comprehensive PvP Liberator Guide


    Welcome to my guide to warrior PvP healing. As there is already a decent introductory guide Liberator by RoughRaptors, this guide will mainly focus on the PvP aspects and playstyle of Liberator.

    Liberator is currently one of the strongest and most well rounded PvP healers in the game, and greatly compliments a strong ST healer like Physician or Purifier.

    • Very high mitigation/effective HP - tanky
    • HoTs provide a purge buffer and allow you to heal even when CC’d
    • Ameliorate will continue to channel if you’re hard CC’d
    • Very versatile and can provide strong single target healing
    • HPS is not buff dependent – functions well even when purged

    • No powerful single target CDs
    • Medical Facility can easily be wasted, and is weaker than Monsoon or Flame of Life
    • Energy drains very quickly

    The Build:

    Self Healing Variant
    58 Liberator 12 Warlord 6 Paladin

    The rationale of this build is that Medical Facility is not all that strong in PvP. Damage is rarely predictable enough for it to be a major factor, and the short, 6 second duration makes it easy to counter or be wasted. One well timed debilitate or stun will waste your entire Medical Facility. Drains are even worse - Warriors take no time at all to drain, regenerate energy slowly, and there's little that can counter it.

    Instead of Medical Facility, this build give you a large amount of additional, essentially free self-healing. This synergizes well with Defend, which increases your damage taken, and will allow you to more freely position yourself. Additionally, this build allows you to block (which admittedly isn’t strong in PvP), guard, and most importantly, a pull and an interrupt. These tools will allow you to better control the flow of a match, pulling important targets and stunning deadly abilities like Ethereal beam. Kudos to Squirrelmayo.

    61 Liberator 11 Paladin 4 Void Knight

    This is the standard 61 Liberator build, with 1 point shifted for Shield of the Hero. This enables guard and increases your armor/resist. Do NOT use this for PvE unless you're sure there are no tank buff mechanics. If you do on something like Rune King Molinar, you may be marked as a tank and killed horribly.


    Stacking AP over CP is an outdated idea, especially in PvP. Unless you have a lot of downbolstered gear, your normal PvE DPS gear is perfectly fine in PvP. If your stats are downbolstered to the point that you’re over CP soft cap (3120), try to switch some things out for AP gear.

    Warmonger gear stats

    However, there are certain very desirable items items that will increase your healing output in PvP.


    T1 and T2 healing trinkets (both SHOEs and ST) are heavily reduced in PvP, and T3 ones have their on use effect disabled. As a Liberator, look for something with an AOE healing proc. Thus, the best trinkets for healing are:
    • Warmonger healing trinkets – best in terms of stats, can be very rare
    • Vial of Shikolec Embodiment – crafted trinket, close to T1 epic stats, easily accessible
    • Severed Houndspaw of Eternity – Lady Glasya (Gyel Fortress) drop, very rare, low stats

    Ranged Weapon

    Again, ranged weapon procs can contribute to your HPS, and every bit counts. Aim for:
    • Wamonger’s Shooter – T2 stats with proc, costs 12 Warmonger marks (roughly 1.5 million favor including upgrade costs), Warmonger’s Vengeance 3 piece bonus - great for DPS too
    • Finric’s Fate – T1 relic bow, inferior stats to Warmonger’s Shooter or downbolster, but the proc more than makes up for it compared to downbolstered items.


    Unlike your ranged weapon slot, your mainhand should your highest weapon dps one hand, since that stat is currently bugged and doesn't downbolster. Your healing is derived from Weapon DPS and AP. Your offhand is a stat and proc stick. Unfortunately, there are no warrior T1 healing one hands, so aim for a Warmonger one hand. I do not recommend getting the Warmonger 2H. It costs too much, and the AOE proc on the one hand sword is more desirable.
    • Warmonger’s Merciful Blade – T2 epic stats, costs 1.5 million favor including upgrade costs, very strong proc

    Synergy Crystal

    Use Medic’s Crystal most of the time, especially if you're solo queuing or if there isn't a strong ST healer to support you. An increase to ST abilities is more likely to save someone than an increase to AOE abilities. This is especially true in this build, where you gain extra positive reaction procs from Battlefield Medic and lose Deliverance casts from Medical Facility.

    Buffs, Utilities and Things:

    Everything should be placed on yourself (unlike PvE). This is in order of lowest to highest importance, so cast them in this order.

    Recovery PostureBuilders heal you for 8% of your AP. Cannot be purged and lasts through death
    Continuous TreatmentOn target buff that places a small absorb that refreshes every 10 seconds. Next to useless. Disappears on death.
    Shield of the HeroEnables guard (base 7m range), increases armor by 3%, and increases resist by 9%. Lasts through death.
    Adrenaline OverdriveOn target buff that increases max HP by 3%. Disappears on death.
    Positive ReactionOn target buff that spreads 15% of overhealing from you to 5 targets (multiplied, not split). Disappears on death.
    Aegis of AdvocacyDecreases damage taken by 9% (3% per stack). Lasts through death.

    Utility and CC
    Neck PunchInterrupts. 20m range, 8 second cooldown. Use this on abilities like Ethereal Beam.
    Sergeant's Order20m, off GCD pull. 8 second cooldown. Use this to harass other healers, disorient DPS and pull important targets into your zerg.
    Eye of the Storm10 second, off GCD snare. 10 second cooldown. Use to snare people chasing you, stone carriers, and fleeing enemies.
    Conflict Avoidance3 second stun. On GCD. 30 second cooldown. Use this to stun someone trying to capture an objective, fleeing enemies, or enemies using CDs. Watch for CC immunity.
    NeutralizeST cleanse. Use it in a cleanse macro (provided below).
    CounteractAOE 10 person cleanse. 10 second CD.
    Soul RedemptionCombat res. Use a @mouseoverui macro. 5 minute cooldown. Restores 100% HP (with mastery) and 50% mana (but no energy or power).

    Healing and Playstyle:

    Check out RoughRaptor’s guide to liberator for short descriptions of abilities.

    1. Rotation
    Healing, particularly PvP healing, is greatly based on your ability to react to damage that your teammates take, and thus, there is no set rotation. Although you have attack points, this instead gives you moments of weaker or stronger healing. The key to successful and useful output is understanding your abilities, and which are best suited to the conditions of a match. Below, I will explain how to handle different situations.

    1.1 Pre-combat preparation

    Put up three stacks of Mass Casualty Response, making sure that you’re in line of sight of everyone. If you’re not actively healing, refresh whenever you can spare an attack point. Also, build 3 attack points and put up Corrective Measures.

    Put Liberation Treatment on your teammates. This ability has a 1 second GCD, goes on 4 targets, and is relatively strong. Make sure to have it up on yourself and melee at the very least pre-engagement.

    Place three stacks of Prolonged Recovery as well as Extraordinary Care on the player rushing ahead. The first player to reach the enemy team will most likely be the initial focus target.

    1.2 Single Target Healing

    If your target is over 70% HP and is not going down quickly, make sure Liberation Treatment is up on them. Then, use Fast Relief on them if you can be stationary, or First Aid If you cannot.

    If they’re taking moderate damage but are not in immediate danger, use your attack points to use a 3 point Dichotomy of Pain once for the HoT portion, then refresh Mass Casualty Responseand Prolonged Recovery on them. Put up one stack of a HoT at a time, alternating between builders and HoTs and staying at 2-3 attack points. Do not use more Dichotomy of Pain on that target unless the HoT component falls off. Spend your attack points on a Dichotomy on another person, or putting HoTs on yourself. Use Quick Remedy as a quick spot heal when you have no attack points. If you're at one attack point, a use it with a HoT refresh or one point Dichotomy (which does around the same healing as a Quick Remedy).

    If your target continues to take very heavy damage but isn’t in immediate danger of dying, continue maintaining your HoTs. Use three builders followed by 3 attack point url=http://rift.magelo.com/en/ability/2075301762/Dichotomy-of-Pain]Dichotomies[/url]. A sequence of one builder and one point dichotomies yields around the same immediate healing as three point dichotomies. Instead of two weak heals followed by a very strong heal with a 3 second interval between cycles, you get one strong heal every 3 seconds.

    Begin using CDs if necessary. Use your PA ability, Defend, on the target. Use Quick Remedy to instantly build three attack points for a quick Dichotomy. Both Quick Remedy and Dichotomy have strong HoT components, so they'll help you further top your target off.

    1.3 AOE healing

    Use Battlefield Medic for small, free Positive Reaction ticks.

    Ensure that there are three stacks of Mass Casualty Response on your teammates. If damage is light but you know there are approaching enemies, place Liberation Treatment on as many people as you can. Maintain Corrective Measures.

    Group Assistance is your spam builder. Use it to top your teammates off when damage is very light. Use Ameliorate (4 second channel, 3 ticks) off cooldown as damage gets heavier, especially if you’re in danger of being CC’d.

    If people are remaining above 80%, spend GCDs ensuring that Liberation Treatment is up.

    Once your teammate are beginning to dip, use Deliverance for a large AOE heal (2 attack points needed, 1.5 second cast). If numerous people are in danger of dying, prioritize builders and finishers over HoTs. For maximum sustained HPS, use a full channel of Ameliorate followed by Deliverance and Group Assistance. Continue using builders to 2-3 attack points, refreshing your AOE HoTs at two to four seconds. Zero second refreshes are not recommended because of the possibility of CC.

    If certain players are taking more damage than others, alternate between single target and AOE. Use Quick Remedy to quickly build attack points, follow by a Deliverance.
    If no one is taking extra damage but you want quick attack points anyways, use Quick Remedy on yourself to proc positive reaction.

    2. Cooldowns and Combos

    2.1 ST Cooldowns

    Use Defend (25% damage intercept for 15 seconds on a 30 second CD) liberally. You have extra healing from Battlefield Medic and your buffs. It’s off GCD, so weave it in on players being focus. It will not mitigate damage from objectives.

    Power Variation is a powerful ST healing cooldown (1 min CD) that heals based on your HP. Expect three 10-13k ticks. However, the first tick occurs 1 second into the cast, so don’t cast it on someone with 5% HP left and is about to immediately die.

    Instead, use a chain of powerful ST abilities. For example, starting from three attack points, you can use this sequence to quickly boost a teammate that’s about to die:

    Dichotomy (Defend) - Quick Remedy - Power Variation - Extraordinary Care - Dichotomy

    The point of spacing out the Dichotomies is because of the HoT component, which ticks 7 times over 14 seconds, and heals for approximately 90% of the initial healing value. Throw a Liberation Treatment in there too, preferably after Power Variation, if your target gets above 40% and isn’t dropping like a rock.

    2.2 AOE Cooldowns

    Use Mass Rescue, preferably right before your team is about to take heavy damage (from an incoming cabalist or bladedancer. Although not as powerful in PvP as it is in PvE, throw it in for a bit of a boost. It’s slightly stronger than a deliverance.

    Use Redress to boost AOE healing, particularly in concert with Deliverances and Ameliorate.

    Again, chain powerful abilities together in starting from 3 attack points in a combo like:

    Deliverance - (Redress) Ameilorate for 2 seconds - Deliverance - Group Assistance – Deliverance

    For further continuation, throw out Quick Remedy on yourself follow by more Deliverances.

    Positioning, Tips and Other:
    • As a healer, positioning and being in range of your teammates is paramount. Check your raid frames to ensure that you’re in LoS of as much of the raid as possible.
    • Use your positioning to control who takes damage. Don’t be afraid to stand in front of a DPS if you can afford to be a meat shield. You’re tankier and have oGCD self-healing. However, that doesn’t mean you should stand in the enemy zerg. Use DPS as meatshields if you’re taking heavy damage.
    • You don’t have to be in range of the enemy to heal.
    • Use Dichotomy of Pain, Liberation Treatment and Ameliorate liberally. Dichotomy has a strong HoT component, and is a very strong heal to begin with (crits for up to 20k for me). Liberation treatment has a short GCD and spreads. Ameliorate continues channeling while you’re CC’d and is a power gain.
    • Use 2 seconds of Ameliorate for max HPS from it. It ticks at 0, 2 and 4 seconds. Thus, clipping at 2 seconds gets you 2 combo points, 2 ticks, and allows you to immediately use a group assistance.
    • Use energy potions! They’re cheap and helps you quickly get back in after being drained, res’d or using many oGCD abilities. If you can afford them, Panacea (a self full cleanse) and Elixir of Impunity (break free) are also very useful.
    • Use recon vials if you can spare the favor.
    • If someone is facetanking and overextending, don’t follow them. Let the stupider DPS die. If someone if facetanking and standing in range, heal them. It’s more predictable and easier if one person is soaking up most of the damage.


    As with most healing specs, I don’t recommend heavy macro usage outside the universal cleanse macro and mouseoverui macros. Use these at your discretion.

    This is the cleanse macro. Take out Counteract if you don’t mind the extra button. It’s in there because there’s generally always multiple people to cleanse in PvP. Hit the macro twice to counter an AOE fear from an inquisitor.

     #show Counteract
    cast Counteract
    cast @mouseoverui Neutralize
    cast @group01 Neutralize
    cast @group02 Neutralize
    cast @group03 Neutralize
    cast @group04 Neutralize
    cast @group05 Neutralize
    cast @group06 Neutralize
    cast @group07 Neutralize
    cast @group08 Neutralize
    cast @group09 Neutralize
    cast @group10 Neutralize
    cast @group11 Neutralize
    cast @group12 Neutralize
    cast @group13 Neutralize
    cast @group14 Neutralize
    cast @group15 Neutralize
    cast @group16 Neutralize
    cast @group17 Neutralize
    cast @group18 Neutralize
    cast @group19 Neutralize
    cast @group20 Neutralize
    cast Break Free
    This is a ST builder macro. It’ll cast Fast Relief when you’re stationary and First Aid if you’re on the move.

     #show Fast Relief
    cast Fast Relief
    cast First Aid
    This is an AOE builder macro. It’ll cast Corrective Measures when it comes off CD and you’re at three attack points. If you’re going to use this, use Deliverance at two attack points if you don’t want to use Corrective Measures a bit early.

    #show Corrective Measures
    cast Corrective Measures
    cast Group Assistance
    This is a harassment macro for hooking people in.

    #show Sergeant's Order
    cast Sergeant's Order
    cast Eye of the Storm
    There are various convenience macros.

    #show Quick Remedy
    cast @mouseoverui Quick Remedy
    #show Dichotomy of Pain
    cast @mouseoverui Dichotomy of Pain
    #show Liberation Treatment
    cast @mouseoverui Liberation Treatment
    #show Soul Redemption
    cast @mouseoverui Soul Redemption
    cast Break Free
    I highly don't recommend it, but if you really like PANIC macros, here's an example one:

    #show Quick Remedy
    cast Battlefield Medic
    cast @self Dichotomy of Pain
    cast @self Quick Remedy
    Dichotomy goes before Quick Remedy because even a 1 or 2 point Dichotomy of Pain is fairly strong ST heal, and it's a waste of attack points to not spend them on a Dichotomy before using Quick Remedy.

    Coming soon: A PvP Liberator video and example set up.
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    Iīd honestly go more into Paladin and use the 4 Points into more Base Health, and only 0 Points in Void Knight.
    But great Guide, thanks for effort


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    I personally prefer more AP/Weapon Contribution for greater healing output, but I can see more base HP working well. I've always liked mitigation over HP in PvP, since more although you can take more damage, nothing in PvP has the potential to one shot you, so having a bigger health pool just gives you a slightly larger margin for error.

    What I mean is, if you're getting constantly damaged for 8k DPS, a bigger heal pool doesn't make you easier to heal. It just takes slightly longer for you to die, and slightly longer to get healed back up.
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    Few constructive comments:
    • You're missing "Void" for your buffs
    • Take Break Free out of your macros
    • Take the AOE cleanse out of your ST cleanse spam macro. With a 1.5s GCD, I would really recommend not prioritizing ST cleansing if you have a Sentinel, Physician, or Preserver healing with you. Your GCDs can be best spent maintaining all HoTs as well as spot ST healing. I would, however, prioritize cleansing yourself if a Dom is sitting on you dropping debuffs. But when in doubt: Ameliorate through it if you can get it to fall off via timer.
    • Medical Facility isn't bad if you have a rotation setup to heal without ever needing to hardcast Deliverance (which imo shouldn't be doing unless you just want fluff numbers)
    • I would also recommend keeping up Liberation Treatment (and Prolonged Recovery if you can handle it on 2 targets) on yourself to maximize your Positive Reaction healing because this is actually a really good buffer that doesn't really require any effort other than maintaining HoTs on yourself for maximum overhealing.
    • For ST healing, you don't make mention of using Quick Remedy on them; That's a ST healer, gives you 3CP, AND puts a HoT on your target. Couple that with Extraordinary Care, Dichotomy of Pain.. (Defend), and you can have some pretty stellar saves.

    I'm also not sure I would recommend you sacrifice your GCDs to do what your DPS should be doing (CC) when you could be ST spot healing although this is assuming you need to be doing so. Personally, when I'm duo healing with a Lib, I would rather them be doing big dick heals.

    Liberator compliments any healer as well .
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    The build in this guide (the first one) doesn't have void knight. It uses 12 warlord for the utility and 6 paladin for additional healing done and shield of the hero.

    One should never have break free in PvE macros of course, and I did say to use at your discretion, The AOE cleanse is in the ST cleanse macro because there's pretty much never just a single person to cleanse. It's not optimal but it saves key binds and decision making time.

    The whole rationale behind dropping medical facility is that it's far too easy to waste or counter. You only have one break free in Liberator, so if that's down and you get CC'd, your 1 min CD just got wasted. If you get drained, wasted. It's also less useful than it is in pvp because it's harder to predict and plan around when heavy AOE healing comes, especially when you can't instantly communicate with your other healers unless you're in a pre made with voice.

    Deliverance is incredibly powerful and hard casting it yields the highest possible HPS. The example sequence I listed takes 8 seconds and contains three deliverances. Deliverance hits a little under twice the healing of a group assistance, while a tick of ameliorate heals for slightly more.

    Deliverance - (Redress) Ameilorate for 2 seconds - Deliverance - Group Assistance – Deliverance

    With this sequence, you've done the same amount of healing as 8 group assistances in half the time, with the trade off being mobility and being susceptible to interrupts.

    Unless your team is already at like 90%, or if only two people need healing, hard cast deliverances (which are the only deliverances you can use in this build) aren't going to be a waste.

    For quick remedy, I did make mention of using it in the ST cooldowns section. Liberator only has defend, quick remedy and power variation in what can be considered ST cooldowns, so I left it there, but I'll stick it in the st healing section too.

    The CC and utility you get from warlord is off GCD, which is why it's so useful. I don't want to rely on someone else to interrupt a primalist or pyromancer focusing me. You don't sacrifice GCDs to pull, snare or interrupt (or off GCD self heal). You sacrifice energy, which is the main weakness of this build. You have so much off GCD stuff that you starve easily.

    Another thing I didn't mention was that recovery posture is a strong point in this build. My builders also heal me for roughly 900 to 1600. Although this doesn't sound that big, it's constant, doesn't need management and is energy free.
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    I would suggest to use always Enduring Survival Mastery. Doesnt matter which spec, donīt know if it was on purpose that its not skilled in the 61 Liberator Build.
    Itīs just way too strong as Warrior/Rogue, unnerfed Healticks.

    btw: Liberation Treatment is not triggered as ST heal, itīs heal is increased by Caretakerīs Crystal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Filri View Post
    I would suggest to use always Enduring Survival Mastery. Doesnt matter which spec, donīt know if it was on purpose that its not skilled in the 61 Liberator Build.
    Itīs just way too strong as Warrior/Rogue, unnerfed Healticks.

    btw: Liberation Treatment is not triggered as ST heal, itīs heal is increased by Caretakerīs Crystal
    Yupe. That was an oversight.

    You're right about Liberation Treatment. I swear it was tagged as an ST heal (and it really should be, being a ST HoT without additional points in the soul tree).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDaemon View Post
    You're right about Liberation Treatment. I swear it was tagged as an ST heal (and it really should be, being a ST HoT without additional points in the soul tree).
    Yeah, that was also my intention, because its just the strongest HoT in PvP and i wanted to push it,.then I saw it that its AE, but I wondered the same.


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    Thanks for the great guide! Maybe now my warrior can be useful in pvp xD

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    few pvp tips.
    (avoid hard casts as fast relief or deliverance some ppl will stun u for that).
    ameliorate: many players will waste a stun or interupt on it (unbreakable and u keep Healing while u r stunned).

    combat rotation:
    1 first aid or group assistance
    2 first aid or group assistance
    3 mass casual response
    4 @self prolonged recovery *
    5 @MO quick remedy
    6 corrective remedy or // @MO dichotomy of pain***
    7 ameliorate
    8 @MO dichotomy of pain
    9 @MO liberation treatment (4ppl)*_**
    10@MO liberation treatment (8ppl)**
    11@MO liberation treatment (12ppl)** (if u not laging)
    (when out of combat keep all heals on ur self except )
    * on self for positive reaction buff
    ** if u get stunned u waste precious time on ur rotation u can skip this skills on that rotation, if u solo Healing in pvp u can keep extraordinary care on ur self at 9, make sure that u refreash liberation treatment on ppl that need it only.
    *** u can avoid corrective remedy if only 2-3 targets get spammed or if u have somone as priority to keep him alive.

    ST rescue rotation (depending on number of sword when u have to save someone, specialy if u play a 58lib):
    1 guard + @MO extraordinary care
    2 @MO prolonged recovery
    3 @MO prolonged recovery
    4 @MO prolonged recovery
    5 or 2 @MO liberation treatment
    3 to 6 power variation (still need a fix, just target ur player)

    AE push: medical facility + deliverance combo right after (but refresh before ur assitance mass casualty response, u can use a group assistance to build a point)

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    Default Alternative Build: 61 Liberator / 9 Warlord / 6 Tempest

    Another Alternative Build: 61 Liberator / 9 Warlord / 6 Tempest
    w/ Elude, Sergeant's Order, Eye of the Storm, Recovery Posture and Neck Punch

    Similar to the builds already posted, Elude just adds another CC break and Blink/Retreat.

    9 Warlord:
    [5/5] Soldiers Might: Increases Strength by 10%
    [3/5] Strength of Arms: Increases your Attack Power and Weapon Damage by 6%
    [1/1] Neck Punch: Interrupts
    Abilities: Sergeant's Order, Recovery Posture, Eye of the Storm

    6 Tempest:
    [5/5] Amped: Increases your Attack Power and Weapon Damage by 10%
    [1/1] Elude: Leap Backwards 20m. Removes all crowd control effects.
    (Buff: Enhanced Conductivity - 2% DMG increase on target on attack for 15s, not very useful)

    58 Liberator / 12 Warlord / 6 Tempest is another alternative if you wanted Battlefield Medic and Block w/o a Shield instead of Medical Facility.

    Medical Facility was discussed in the thread for use in AoE healing. I would love to see it discussed for the purposes of ST Healing. What ability rotations/chains/priorities would you suggest for using Medical Facility to heal a Single Target taking massive amounts of damage?

    0 AP -> Medical Facility (Grants 2AP) -> Fast Relief -> Dichotomy of Pain
    Fast Relief x2 -> (Medical Facility Expires) -> First Aid -> Dichotomy of Pain

    or possibly...
    1 AP -> Medical Facility (Grants 2AP) -> Dichotomy of Pain
    Fast Relief x3 -> Dichotomy of Pain

    or maybe even some 1-Point Dichotomies like you mentioned? MF -> FR x4 -> Dichotomy?

    Elude and Thunderous Leap can be macro'd together for quick movement.

    #show Elude
    cast Elude
    cast Thunderous Leap

    The (situational) utility of the OGC Sergeant's Order (8s Pull) + Eye of the Storm (10s, 10s CD Slow) and sometimes Conflict Avoidance (3s Stun, 30s CD) is absolutely amazing for harass, securing kills and helping to identify ideal FF targets. While other builds might be more ideal for Group Play / Pre-mades, for Solo Queue, this is my favorite build so far.

    **Although I do feel like a total jerk (literally) using the Pull+Slow(+Stun) combo repeatedly on a target. Getting hit with that every 12s or so (however long the pull immunity lasts) just makes for a truly miserable experience.

    Thank you very much for making this guide DarkDaemon.

    Could someone also discuss (or link to a discussion of) Healing Greater Essences and which ones are ideal for PvP? (Particularly compare/contrast and explain how the procs work and if they're reduced in WFs)

    PvP Essences (Upgraded): Frenetic Greater... 162 STR, 88 DEX, 129 END, 247 CP
    ...Lifewood: Equip: Healing And Absorb Abilities Have A Chance To Heal The Target For 3997 Health Over 8 Seconds.

    ...Deepstone: Equip: Healing And Absorb Abilities Have A Chance To Increase Attack And Spell Power By 190 For 20 Seconds.

    ...Hailshard: Equip: Healing And Absorb Abilities Have A Chance To Increase Your Targets Attack And Spell Power By 190 For 20 Seconds.

    PvE Essences (Upgraded): ...Of The Sunken Prophet. 190 STR, 129 DEX, 110 END, 190 CP
    Flamesource...: Equip: Damaging Ability Casts Have A Chance To Increase Critical Hit Power By 113 For 20 Seconds. If An Additional Nightmare Tide Greater Essence Is Equipped, Your Healing And Absorb Ability Casts Also Have A Chance To Increase Your Critical Hit Power.

    Tidesource...: Equip: Healing And Absorb Abilities Have A Chance To Increase Your Spell Power And Attack Power By 153 For 20 Seconds. If An Additional Nightmare Tide Greater Essence Is Equipped, The Duration Of The Spell Power And Attack Power Buff Is Increased By 5s.

    Faesource...: Equip: Healing And Absorb Abilities Have A Chance To Heal The Target For 3672 Health Over 8 Seconds. If An Additional Nightmare Tide Greater Essence Is Equipped, Healing Procs Also Restore 300 Mana, 5 Power Or 5 Energy To The Original Caster.

    Shadesource...: Equip: Healing And Absorb Abilities Have A Chance To Increase Your Target’s Attack Power And Spell Power By 214 For 20 Seconds. If An Additional Nightmare Tide Greater Essence Is Equipped, The Increased Attack Power And Spell Power Affects You Also On Proc.

    P2W Essences (Upgraded):

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