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Thread: 3.5 Warrior DPS specs overview (video)

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    Default 3.5 Warrior DPS specs overview (video)

    With recent changes to Warrior DPS specs people are asking a lot of questions about which spec is best atm and how much ST/AoE each spec does.

    Update: Now its 3.6 and only thing that changed since 3.5 is that now 58 BM is preferred over 54 one.

    This video is an overview, quck guide and comparison of all pure 3.5 RIFT Warrior DPS specs. I decided to test their single target damage on a dummy in 2:30 long parse (except Reaver and Warlord which energy starved and the parse was shorter).

    The specs that were tested and discussed:
    61 Paragon
    61 Riftblade
    61 Tempest
    61 Reaver
    61 Warlord
    61 Champion
    48 Beastmaster
    54 Beastmaster

    Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i4XX6mSTUo

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    This is nice, but 2:30 parses don't mean much. Even 5:30 parses are highly crit RNG dependent.

    Still, nice video.
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    Very nice. Something solid, if still vague, for the Hierarchy in raw ST between our specs is always nice to see in a format that can easily be referenced. Vague because, Crit RNG and gear scalling and whatnot.

    54 BM actually looks better then I thought. Then again, 48 comes out ahead even more if there's an Archon around.

    (Now parse Liberator, Paladin and VK as well for ****s and giggles)
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