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    Default Warrior Run Speed Spec

    This is something I use for funsies or in certain PvP maps. Please don't use this to actually DPS anything serious. The point spread is rather random, and focuses on as much useful utility as possible while still maintaining some semblance of Paragon.

    The build:


    43 Paragon/16 BM/17 Riftblade

    Unfortunately, we can't spec one point more into Paragon to get setting moon, as 16 BM is needed for bonds of alacrity and 17 Riftblade is needed to get the most out of Avatar of Wind. It's pointless to go into Warlord for Forced March. It shares a cooldown with the superior Fleet of Foot.

    If you really don't care about damage, take a point out of analyze weakness or precise strikes and put it into primal heal or command to attack. Or both. Command to attack may come in handy at the beginning of a group fight, like in Whitefall Steppes or a very crowded Codex. Although the 5 minute debuff is bothersome, you'll probably get to use it at least three times in the average warfront (because dying will get rid of it), potentially giving that tiny edge needed to dominate and push.

    What this gives you:

    41% more passive run speed
    12% more run speed in combat (after a few builders)
    Fleet of Foot: 50% more run speed for 21 seconds on a 45 second cooldown

    A decoy for tab targeting enemies (name your pet after yourself if someone made a target macro just for you!)
    Two charges/teleports
    A 5 second debilitate
    Two 3/4 second stuns (one ranged, one melee)
    A few slightly useful raid buffs
    A bit of mitigation
    Knockback immunity


    Bond of Power
    Bond of Alacrity
    Call of Stone
    Way of the Mountain
    Way of the River
    Focus of the Body
    Storm Blade
    Avatar of the Wind
    Turn the Blade

    Avatar of the Wind and Way of the Mountain have the highest priority, so cast them first (so they're purged last). Bond of Power and Alacrity are toggles, and can't be purged.


    Don't try to fight. The point of this build is to reach objectives as fast as possible, and then flee from enemies. Stay back until you see an opening. You don't have something like slip away or elude, or anything that breaks targeting. Throw out flamespears when you can to build stacks of gladiator combat training, but the moment you find yourself targeted, run back. If you must fight, use a standard builder - follow up attack - finisher paragon rotation. Spam builders and use one point finishers to trigger Call of Stone and Gladiator Combat Training on yourself. With 3 stacks, you reach 43% more run speed. With insoles, a mirror, and fleet of foot active, you can outrun anyone and everyone (133% move speed).

    Use your three CCs liberally (but never endanger yourself). Never back peddle, stop or fully turn to target your enemy; you should strafe instead. Make your enemies fear your 360 no scope stonespears.

    Use your charge and teleport defensively. You have little damage and only slightly more mitigation than the average DPS. Instead, use them as speed boosts, In maps with NPC enemies, charge or teleport to them if it'll help you reach your objectives faster.

    If you can afford or find them, mighty quickening brews, rootcatcher potions and elixirs of impunity are your friends. Panacea is also exceptionally useful. This build lacks CC breaks, and although you're immune to knock backs, fears and stuns will be the death of you. Keep your pet in front of you so that people are more likely to target it than you.

    Time your break frees well. Don't waste it on when you're debilitated, incapacitated or squirreled. You can run away or wait those out somewhat safely. Save it for when you're stunned or feared, and take advantage of your greater speed and the temporary immunity to get away.
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    From the Nightmare Saga in 3.3

    Stress Dream:
    Did you craft your souls for running? Optimal running, or just run of the mill running?
    Do we have the running rotation working? Oh gods we're going to be kicked out of the race for being 1.234 percent slower than optimal!

    You are prepared for this! Well done.

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