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Thread: Ezuen's Duelist Build (40vk 32para 4lib) pvp build

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    Default Ezuen's Duelist Build (40vk 32para 4lib) pvp build

    By popular demand I am writing a guide for the VKparaLib spec that ive been using for awhile now in pvp. I am not really going to include rotations for optimal damage, as im not a big PVE guy and parsing isnt really my thing. This spec is for pvp, and the warrior that likes to get in there and deal some damage and not immediately get smeared.

    The Spec:
    40vk, 32para, 4lib
    Ive done a few variations with the points, but this is what i ended up with most recently with extremely high AP seeming to give me a little more out of deadly parity. Absolutely not parsed...but gets the job done whatever the case.

    Enduring Survival
    Soul Regeneration or Steadfast Soul depending on the wf
    Runners Training
    Deliberate Strikes
    Power Manipulation or Power Variation depending on the wf (i generally prefer PM)

    The Buffs:
    Way of the Sun
    Focus of Body

    Aegis of Sanctuary

    Accord of Power
    Accord of Shifting
    Accord of Resillience



    #show defend
    cast defend
    cast impunity
    wf GUARD (defend) on %t, intercepting 25% dmg

    (theres a reason i put that macro at the top..use the ability if not the macro)

    #show tranquility
    cast final blessing
    cast rising waterfall
    cast death touch
    cast tranquility
    cast reckless strike
    cast discharge

    (Main spam macro, prioritizes followups and paragon abilities over reckless strike. ive considered removing death touch from this macro but it doesnt really seem to be a gamebreaker one way or the other. a "passive" snare is almost as good as an on-command-but-not-always-on snare imo)

    Death Touch
    #show death touch
    cast final blessing
    cast death touch
    cast reckless strike
    cast persecute

    (Secondary spam macro, allows quick access to Death Touch and Reckless Strike..important if you have the mastery for increased range on reckless)

    #show shifting blades
    cast shifting blades
    cast power manipulation
    cast devouring blow
    cast castigate
    cast discharge
    cast reckless strike
    cast persecute

    (this macro will Shifting blades, then power manipulation. obviously you do not want to be continually hitting this button as that would be extremely inefficient. This build relies somewhat heavily on using the burst from combining Shifting Blades, Power Manipulation, Destructive Forces/Devouring Blow in unison. I recommend a button layout that keeps 2nd or 3rd abilities of a macro directly above the /show ability as shown here http://i.imgur.com/gG4Txfc.jpg mine is a minimalist setup.)

    #show protective shield
    cast shield of will
    cast protective shield
    cast rift shield
    cast spellbreaker

    (Shield of Will first because it allows for the easy pre-shield without wasting pacts, also, make sure not to reapply it if Castigate's shield is up; they dont stack. Also Devouring shield is not here because i keep it as a solo ability, although if you prefer to keep it in there i'd probably put it rift behind rift shield and call it a day)

    #show spell sunder
    cast spell sunder
    cast discharge
    cast persecute

    (this macro will purge your target and also keep discharge useable more specifically)

    #show flurry
    cast flurry
    cast ragestorm
    cast tempest
    cast persecute

    (not the most efficient macro, but it has two bonuses: Flurry stays as one of your first 12 abilities (page 1), and AEs are readily available if needed. if you arent targetted on anything, tempest will go off, so its usually what i use to get rogues out of stealth)

    #show Thread the trees
    cast thread the trees
    cast liberation treatment

    (allows dual use depending on your target. liberation treatment is kind of garbage, but its better than nothing at times. prehot and preshield before fights whenever possible. It is also worth mentioning that thread the trees DOES NOT use a stack of shifting blades, and neither does rift summon, but both give an attack point. rift summon also makes your next attack be a followup. so SB -> TTT -> rising waterfall (2cp) -> devouring blow is the fastest way to get your shifting-devour to pop. otherwise on your 2nd or 3rd block throwing in a charge or summon just to line up your burst a little (with a little added root) can be useful)

    #show furious rage
    cast wrist strike
    cast shock
    cast furious rage
    cast reckless strike
    cast persecute

    (2 debilitates in the same macro behind furious rage? The way this macro is set up will allow your GCD presses to use a debilitate, and oGCD presses for interrupt. that can take some getting used to, but it really works. A few other things worth mentioning here, as this a large part of this spec being successful. Shock and Wrist Strike are both on 30sec cooldowns, meaning that you can debilitate someone for 10s of every 30. except its better than that if you're fighting a caster because furious rage will also interrupt most of their abilities outside of debilitate. Rotating your silences at 15second intervals w/ interrupts for in between will make your target annoyed or dead. If you're up against a pyro or inq, follow up a silence rotation with http://rift.magelo.com/en/ability/-16285523 for maximum lols)

    i think thats all the macros i use. as for all the single abilities:
    Void Summon
    Break Free
    Thunderous Leap (some prefer this with a cast @gtae macro, i personally do not)
    Fleet of Foot
    Devouring Shield
    Fusion of Flesh

    Im old school and like to keep abilities that need to be used quickly on the same page as their hotbar position. for instance, Page 4 Button 4 for me is fusion of flesh, meaning Shift-4 4 will pop it off for me. i like to group other similar abilities around eachother on their standalone page as well, for instance Page 4 Button 3 for me would be Devouring Shield. there are times when you want to do 1, the other, or both..and doesnt really warrant a macro.


    Rotations/Using your abilities (i talk exclusively about PVP here, and no i dont parse so take this from what it is; personal experience):
    This will vary quite a bit depending on the situation obviously, but you cant go too wrong because the spec is so durable. a lot of the finer points are touched on above.
    1. The whole idea of the build revolves around throwing out as many Devouring Blows as possible, preferably with shifting blade and/or power manipulation on.
    2. Preshield and preHoT yourself whenever possible
    3. ParaHits is your main macro, but learn to use your other builder macro and throwing in thread the trees/rift summon to line up shifting better with the timing you want, like when your next debillitate is about to come off cd
    4. Rotate debillitates whenever possible. also, be ready to debilitate the healer next to the dps you're trying to kill
    5. Use your defensive abilities too much rather than not enough. you can usually run off and come back in a few seconds so long as you dont die in the first place. you're going to be pretty easy to heal, but some amount of dps you just cant live through regardless of who you have healing you. getting in and out of battle as often as necessary will help your team keep up momentum.
    6. take advantage of people who chase you on your way out by giving them a rift summon deep into your line and let them melt.


    When i play in this spec, i like to try a few different things depending on my group composition~

    The spec is very good for 1v1's and so its really fun to take out into the outsides or less populated parts of a warfront and see what kind of fights you can find. Its more than a match for any inquisitor or pyro who thinks hes tough cookies; if you both have all your cd's and equal gear, u should win 90% of the time. rogues and other warriors you have a lot of health and a lot of utility and decent dps so with smart play you should be competitive against basically any role you run up against from those two classes outside of full on tanks...which will stalemate.

    In groups where there is atleast one healer with half a brain, taking to the front lines is no problem. This spec has a good health pool (i sit around 87k in a wf), good armor and resistances, and plenty of defensive cooldowns to avoid getting blown up. getting the attention of everyone right at the beginning of a warfront by charging in like a guy with a deathwish...and then not dying immediately to 10 people...thatll get the attention of a healer pretty quick and then its game on. With just enough dps to kill targets through moderate healing, some caster lockdown, and sprint/leap/charge for getting out of trouble, i find this to usually be the most fun.

    holding down points is the last playstyle i like to try. its a lot like playing for 1v1's, except it involves alternately getting zerged and having extra time to open the next beer. its pretty good at not dying to the zerg while successfully opening a beer, so its a legitimate strategy to keep in the back pocket.

    Whatever im trying to do in a warfront, i really prefer to run off when possible rather than die, if for nothing more than a moral victory at the end of a warfront. This spec is pretty decent at getting away from danger, and sometimes avoiding death is more fun than killing some random scrub, when scrubbudA and scrubbudB showed up midway through a close-fought battle and were -Definitely- going to get you after. Bide your time, bring some Moonwater or whatever, and come back at that guy after his zerg runs off. people hate that.


    This spec is NOT a one button, spec. It may take a few runs to get decent at and another dozen to really get the hang of..dont give up in the first few attempts.
    the first 2 screenshots of this spec in my folder in no particular order, just to show that it really can do as advertised.
    http://i.imgur.com/SqtDGeW.jpg more recent

    If you have any questions, comments, or any points to clarify or dispute just let me know and ill try to fix the guide as necessary.
    Ezuen@Faeblight<Godlike Awesomeness> lvl 65 p100 warrior
    aka "The Healing Warrior" (before it was cool)

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    Ah I see you made one for the guide section. :P

    Nice guide, Ezuen... but you might want to edit that soul tree calculator when you copypasted it. Only has four points in it. Should be this: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#3...4haKGGpoGyG/Zu

    Also, you can now insert the masteries in magelo (at the bottom).


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    whoops lol. thank you for that!
    Ezuen@Faeblight<Godlike Awesomeness> lvl 65 p100 warrior
    aka "The Healing Warrior" (before it was cool)

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