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Thread: Rice's 3.0 Paragon PVP Easy as 1,2,3

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    Default Rice's 3.0 Paragon PVP Easy as 1,2,3

    Hello everyone and thank you for visiting yet another one of my guides I have put together for you all. I put together a very simple guide to help explain a bit about paragon utility and abilities. It is not comprehensive by far, so I hope you want something as easy as copy/paste and enjoy your 3-button paragon dps. Of course I recommend that you read the short description or you might mess up the rotation or die in an unfortunate way that you may have been able to get out of.

    This build is directed toward PVP and utility, so you will not have as much output as a PVE build will, but you will ruin peopleís day as you wreck them before they have much time to even react and you will always be on top of your target. You will also most likely be top kills/dps in your WF.

    I chose WL and Champion as sub-souls because I enjoy more of a in your face play style; this allows for optimal mobility and survival.

    61Paragon/15Warlord/0Champion: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#7c/3kllayGGGli/8gOFg


    Way of the wind (extra follow up damage)(may take way of the sun for increased heals)
    Way of the Mountain (no knockbacks and -5% dps taken)
    focus of body (Strength)
    defensive posture (Builders Heal)
    turn the blade (energy saver and faster attacks)

    I like my macros to be easy. I chose a few from what I already had from the forums and changed and added what I like. This is what I came up with.


    #show Death Touch
    cast [notactive] Turn the Blade
    cast final blessing
    cast Rising Waterfall
    cast Reaping Harvest
    cast Death Touch
    cast Tranquility
    cast Setting Moon
    cast Backhand


    #show shifting blades
    cast Shifting Blades
    cast Combat Focus
    cast Alacrity
    cast Reaping Harvest
    cast Death Touch
    cast Tranquility
    cast Setting Moon

    NOTE: Try time your finisher for when Shifting Blades and Combat Focus is up and DO NOT use if Shifting Blades is on CD and at 3 builder points.

    Dot Macro: Use as opener on heals and tank builds

    #show open the stream
    cast Open the Stream
    cast Setting Moon

    McFlurry: (Works with one click for 20% more dps on Flurry use)

    #show Flurry
    cancelbuff Turn the Blade
    cast Flurry

    Charge: (@gtae casts aoe on targets without having to double click to target)

    #show Into the Breach
    cast Thread the Trees
    cast Into the Breach
    cast Bull Rush
    cast @gtae Thunderous Leap

    Pull into stun:

    #show Sergeant's Order
    cast Sergeant's Order
    cast Predictable Movements

    Note: Predictable Movements should be bound to its own key as well. This is only to help with ease of use on Predictable Movements this particular combo.

    Interrupt: (Thunderous Leap has a 20 meter range)
    #show Thunderous Leap
    cast Flinching Strike
    cast Thunderous Leap

    Everything else

    Game Play

    A good thing to do is assist others in a kill and grip healers away from dying players and apply pressure as needed. Always stay moving and look for targets of opportunity (low health or healers) and wait until their team is not watching you to charge in and make your kill.

    I recommend always using my Open the Stream for an opener in case of disconnects or if your target is a healer, but that is completely up to you.

    A typical rotation is: OtS, F(until RH), B, B, B, B,B,B,F, repeatÖ..

    Remember to stay mobile and practice running circles around your target to stay behind them. If they arenít facing you, they cannot hit you. I recommend getting used to steering with your mouse for faster turning. I kill many people because they are keyboard turners.
    Charging in

    Be sure you do not charge into the middle of their group. Try to target someone on the edge or back of their group. Most will not turn around to chase you if you go charging right past them. The best part of this is that most will run the direction they are facing and will make healers run closer to your group.

    Note: If their team is good or they have many healers; go with option 2

    Sergeant's Order

    When you are not sure if you will survive charging after your target, you may grip them back with Sergeant's Order. When doing this, try to mark your target and pull them as far into your group as possible. To better utilize your grip; charge your target to root for 1.5 seconds. If immune to your root, stun with Predictable Movements to ensure you get the kill.

    Grasping the Horizon

    This is the ultimate gap closer. When you have cooldowns going and want to make sure you do not skip a beat; use Grasping the Horizon before your cooldowns and you can even kite your enemies.

    Taking Advantage of Terrain

    Always remember that you have a charge and pull that are two of the most overpowered abilities in game.

     Charge to an enemy on top of rocks, buildings to gain ground; you may also pull them down with Sergeant's Order.

     Jump off a cliff and pull an enemy with you for a good offensive move while retreating. I try to always pull healers if I can so my group might still win the fight.

     If your target is getting away, use Grasping the Horizon

    Bleed Macro

    If you are in a team setting you usually donít have time to use your bleed macro effectively. The only time you bleed in a group setting is on a healer or tank because when Open the Stream ticks 4-5 times, it really drains your target; especially when combined with your burst macro.

    Remember that your charges are attacks and deal damage and root your target. Stunning and pulling are good options as well, but if you want more pressure; I recommend charging.
    Killing Heals

    When attacking a healer and they donít die; do not get frustrated. They are blowing all their cooldowns to stay alive while their teammates die.

    When killing heals, be ready with your pull/interrupt for their cast heals .Preventing a long cast is often better than attacking unless landing a killing blow.

    When a healer/caster is hard casting from afar, Thunderous Leap at them or grip to you to interrupt. If possible, grip healers behind a wall or far from their group to make healing more difficult.

    Things to Remember

    1. You will need to become best friends with your charge macro.

    2. Shifting blades only works for the initial attack of Open the Stream, not the bleed effect, so do not use while Shifting Blades is active.

    3. If Open the stream is about to fall off and you have cooldowns going (i.e. alacrity); let it fall off and refresh when convenient.

    4. Flurry is good to use if you have no other options available (i.e. charges, pull, Grasping the Horizon), as of 3.0 it has gotten better.

    5. If in a 1v1 fight; stay behind your target to keep them from attacking you. Almost every attack in game whether it be a spell or melee attack, is not useable unless facing your target.

    6. If you have 3 combo points and Combat Focus is up, DO NOT use your finisher macro unless shifting blades is up as well. This is to not waste Combat Focus. Your Builder will cast your finisher for you, so keep on spamming that in this scenario.

    I hope you enjoy my paragon guide. I get a lot out of this spec and have used it for about 4 months now. If you all see my 2.6 WL guide, it has a lot of warrior mechanics broken down.

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    Default Gearstats

    i like your spec very much; as a newbie to warrior, I have one question about the best equipment: what stats should my gear / focus etc. have?

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    I'm going to trying it out.

    Any suggestions for Masteries?

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    Your macros are inefficient. If you miss or an ability is dodged, you'll end up doing 1/2pt RH. Builders and Finishers should NOT be macro'd in PvP.
    Misterwar <-Virus-> 5/11 Warborne <Yakisoba> 5/11 Warborne <Apotheosys> 0/11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodbourne View Post
    Your macros are inefficient. If you miss or an ability is dodged, you'll end up doing 1/2pt RH. Builders and Finishers should NOT be macro'd in PvP.
    I see your point, but the point of this guide seems to maximize ease of use, not squeaking out every ounce of DPS, so getting dodged once in a rotation doesn't exactly kill the whole thing. Also, what build is out there is dodging warriors enough to even make this an issue? I rarely ever see rogue tanks running around PvP and they are the only ones that would really pose dodge threat, no other class stacks that stat. I suppose if you were up against someone with amazing gear it could come into play, but if that is the case, you are likely going to be dead soon anyway.
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