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Thread: New Hybrid Warrior build 2.8

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    Default New Hybrid Warrior build 2.8

    ca someone confirm if its any good cuz i don't have a maxed warrior atm
    here's the build http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#2...294E/38hixagww

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    This is not a guide. I think a better place for this would be Warrior Discussion.
    As for the build: No. The point spread is off and the synergy just isn't there.I guess this build is for Open World solo'ing or PVP, in both cases you have waaay better options out there.
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    Inb4 Rift Reversal reflects Fusion.

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    You're close to a couple hybrids that work in pvp.

    That one actually does work but needs tempest or liberator as the 3rd soul.

    I went a similar route after that spec and now use 40vk 32para 4lib, since ttb isn't make or break even with the points upgrading it. Devouring blow with shifting hits really hard with ttb off, and you get the 40pt vk goodies.

    Loses way of the mountain, but gains liberator shield proc, which is key. I play it all the time, and have game play videos and whatnot. I'll get around to making a guide one of these days.

    Edit: your point spread is off for 39vk 37para... if you're going to go that route.
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