After 2.8 warrior have a improved ability of soloing,with new dream soul i can pull 6 elites in hive and carter and kill them together(I have only T1 raid gears and almost be kicked from raid as a result of bad-connection),thus,I solo Big Bad Bugs and Life Stuck every day

This is the spec i chose.
Alice's ultimate warrior guide for leveling / questing-2014-08-09_215839.jpg


I leave Neck Punch for some mobs in chronicles,and when you pull 3 or more mobs,you will always have parry / dodge,it can improve your damage,First Aid >> Combat Veteran.

If you do not have dreamsoul,you can replace lib to tempest or reaver to gain the ability to aggro mobs in distance,spend 11 points in WL tree to Combat Veteran,but you will lose above 50% healing ability as original build.

Trait-order in leveling
8 Lib -> 4 WL -> 61 Champ and 7 WL

Make sure you have Recovery Posture and Aegis of Sanctuary.

This build mixed efficiency and survivability,as Chloro/harb for mage.You can always have some heal and shield-up,and you can save yourself from low hp situation.

First aid is important skill because you can use the rotation 'First aid - First aid - Chains of Life' to refill your HP fastly,on the other hand,you can make your way to quest destination and ignore all other mobs.

Champion is a AOE role,you can aggro mobs with Persecute,pull mobs to you with Sergent's order,then use your AOE skill to kill them together.

This marco for build attack point when you pulled 2 or more mobs,
if you don't need more healing,you can use Cornered Beast, Savage sweep with this marco / then Thunderous Strike / Death Blossom + Dsiruptive Srtike and Punishing Blow /Chains of Death / Blade Fury.
If you need healing,use Chains of life.

Mass-enemy builder
cast Weapon Defense
cast Backhand
cast Mighty Blow
cast Persecute

These 2 macros for single mobs,Castigate give you a shield,if you feel safety,replace Castigate to punishing blow.

Single-enemy builder
#show Disruptive Strike
cast Weapon Defense
cast Backhand
cast Disruptive Strike
cast Power Strike
cast Persecute

Single-enemy finisher
#show Thunderous Strike
cast Backhand
cast Thunderous Strike
cast Titan's Strike
cast Castigate

When you feel dangerous,spam First Aid - First Aid - Chains of life,such as the giant spider boss in KingsWard,you can do it yourself.

At last,This build is not a tank or god-like build,even not the best solo build for warrior.Do not try to kill boss of the nug quest line in seratos or Major rifts at same level,if you want to do these,change 61Lib spec.

Have fun