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Thread: How to reduce plat cost and gather all items on the Enforced Perpetual Cape

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    Default How to reduce plat cost and gather all items on the Enforced Perpetual Cape

    Hey guys, I wanted to make a post that actually breaks down on how to obtain the items, or use as a checklist on everything you will need (minus the recipe and someone to make it for you) for the cape. Granted, a lot of these items can be bought with plat, such as the Lumbers/Bars etc, I've composed a list of how to obtain items outside of spending a massive amount of plat on these items. If you don't have the skills Foraging, Butchering, and Mining, you will either have to find someone to farm these for you or buy them off the Auction House.

    Keys: [ ] = Items needed to craft item above
    ()= How to Craft the item or locate it

    It requires the following items:
    25 Rhenium Bar
    20 Truehide Leather
    20 Active Flux
    10 Ephemeral Element
    15 Sovereign Solution
    5 Majestic Material

    15 Sovereign Solutions:
    1. 75 Laminated Madrosa Lumbers
    a. 75 Catalytic Dust (Craft)
    [25 Major Catalyst (Rifts), 50 Emulsifying Blend (Merchant)]
    b. 75 Linden, Madros, and Elm Timber (Auction/Foraging)
    c. 225 Enchanted Lacquer (Merchant)
    2. 75 Regal Distillate (Craft/Auction House)
    b. 75 Lucid Flower (Foraging/AH)
    c. 75 Frazzleweed Tuft (Foraging/AH)
    d. 75 Chimera's Coak Petals (Forgaing/AH)
    e. 75 Embulsifying Blend (Merchant)
    3. 30 Coruscating Ethereal Shards (Rift Store 45,000 ESM)

    10 Ephemeral Elements
    1. 10 Cauldron 75k IS
    2. 50 Chryospace (Mining)
    3. 40 Rhenium Superalloy (Craft)
    a. 40 Catalytic Dust (Craft)
    [14 Major Catalysts (Rifts), 28 Emulsifying Blend (Merchant)]
    b. 40 Karthite, Gantimite, Rheimum Bars (Mining/AH)
    c. 120 Ethereal Flux (Merchant)

    5 Majestic Elements
    25 Lucidflower Spire (Auction House/Foraging)
    5 Infinity Cauldron (37,500 Infinity Stone Rift Store)
    4 Laminated Madrosa Lumber
    4 Catalytic Dust (Craft)
    [2 Major Catalysts (Rifts), 4 Emulsifying Blend (Merchant]
    4 Linden, Madors, and Elm Lumber (Purchase AH)
    12 Enchanted Lacquer

    So if you just want a checklist of ALL the items you need to collect for the BiS cape. Here it is broken down individually.


    40-41 Major Catalyst (Rifts),
    155-156 Emulsifying Blend (Merchant)
    79 Linden Lumber
    79 Madros Lumber
    79 Elm Timber (Auction/Foraging)
    237 Enchanted Lacquer (Merchant)
    100 Lucid Flower (Foraging/AH)
    75 Frazzleweed Tuft (Foraging/AH)
    75 Chimera's Coak Petals (Forgaing/AH)
    30 Coruscating Ethereal Shards (Rift Store 45,000 ESM)
    10 Cauldron (112,5000 Infinity Stones Rift Store)
    50 Chryospace (Mining)
    40 Karthite Bars (Mining/AH)
    40 Gantimite Bars (Mining/AH)
    65 Rheimum Bars (Mining/AH)
    120 Ethereal Flux (Merchant)
    20 Active Flux (Merchant)
    20 TruehideLeather (Butcerhing/AH)

    Happy Hunting!
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