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Thread: 43 Tempest 28 Paragon 5 Champion Ranged DPS

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    Default 43 Tempest 28 Paragon 5 Champion Ranged DPS


    This is the build I am currently using and have tested using partial T1 gear and lesser items on a 62 Raid boss dummy in my dimension.

    It is testing about 14.5k on a L62 raid boss test dummy.

    AP 3839
    Phys Crit 2497
    CP 406
    Hit 472

    Soldier's Bearing
    Focus of Body
    Way of the River
    Close Training
    Enhanced Conductivity


    <at three charges>
    Charged Pulse
    Double Pulse
    Delayed Pulse
    Lightning Torrent
    Flurry (until Arc is ready again)

    Charged Pulse
    Double Pulse
    Shock Pulse
    Lightning Torrent
    Shock Pulse <1 or 2 times until Arc is ready>

    Please leave feedback if trying this build. Several people in my guild have tried this build and have had excellent results. Please let me know how it works for you.

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    You could have looked in the warrior guide section and referred your guild to tested guides such as this, that has been worked over in his testing long and hard.

    He has endeavored to test out many Tempest hybrids, and a 61 Tempest build with included Ability rotations and macro rotations.

    My warrior in basic crafted and vendor blues, pulls 12k in 61 Tempest and 13k+ in his Hybrid, and hasn't been inside a dungeon yet (one day though).

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    We have been testing a build very similar to this. In testing thus far it would seem that 44/28/4 works very well at lower gear levels, but doesn't scale quite as well as say 51/17/8rb. It appears to still be quite viable at the higher gear levels (raid tier2) but is not a clear cut > spec than other ranged hybrids such as the aforementioned 51/17/8. Individuals testing have come to varying conclusions.

    I do believe it to be viable, especially at lower gear levels. However, I'm not willing to write up a guide for it until Flurry ranged is working with long ranged training as it should be. Right now it is possible to use Flurry and do no damage from greater than 20 meter range (if spec'd into long ranged training in tempest tier1). This, in my book, is unacceptable. Even the possibility of having a 3 second gap in dps due to ability bug makes the spec unusable in most situations to me.

    If the flurry bug doesn't bother you (or never plan to be more than 20 meters from target) there is a testing guide in Chaszar's post above that goes into this spec in more detail than what you've posted here, including macros/parses/posts from players discussing results of testing. You are correct though, the spec does perform well. I myself have shelved it until Flurry is fixed.

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