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Thread: Beancord's Simpl-pest ST ranged solo roaming.

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    Default Beancord's Simpl-pest ST ranged solo roaming.


    simple for solo roaming ST only build. Not anything special and definately nor top DPS, just a bit more survivability than a pure hybrid due to bubble and some CC. 1.5 sec GCD for fast kills.

    Buffs: Empower, Enhanced Conductivity, Close Training/Electroamgnetic Shield, Way of the River, Focus of Body, Recovery Posture


    Builder (2)

    #show Charged Pulse
    cast Charged Pulse
    cast Double Pulse
    cast Tranquility
    cast Lightning Torrent
    cast Delayed Pulse
    cast Shock Pulse

    Finisher (3)

    #show Arc
    cast Arc
    cast Skyfall

    On own keys:

    Delayed Pulse (5)
    Lightning Torrent (4)
    AoE attacks (6, 7. 8)
    [Interrupt] (1)

    Rotation start with any AP
    Lightning Torrent > Delayed Pulse (Clip LT at 2 AP with Delayed Pulse)

    Arc > CP*DP > Tranquility -> SP
    Skyfall > SPx2
    Skyfall > Lightning Torrent

    Rinse and repeat

    In macro buttons it's
    4 (2s channel)> 5 > 3 > 2(cast)> 22 > 2 > 3 > 2 > 2 > 3 > 2 (let it channel) repeat.

    There's a few points in Tempest you can switch around to fit your taste like whether you like interrupt, bubble, stun, leap backwards, stealth, self heal or add more targets to AE attacks. And you also have FoF in case you need to exit fast.
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    Forgot to say, every 2nd LT must be clipped at 2 AP with delayed pulse (aka when it's off CD) of you want it to have Arc Bonus hit.

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