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Thread: Using WarriorBiS Spreadsheet - Picture Guide

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    Default Using WarriorBiS Spreadsheet - Picture Guide

    It occurred to me the spreadsheet isn't very simple to use, both for the basic function and certainly for the more advanced ones, so without further ado,

    Using the WarriorBiS Spreadsheet 101:

    Before you begin make sure you have a Google account and are logged on.

    The first thing you wanna do is create your own personal copy for editing:

    Next, head over to the DPS (or Tank!) sheet at the bottom tabs.

    Now you can edit all the gear and runes to match your own, as well as the relevant Planar Attunement cells.
    That's it!

    Advanced Guide
    Here I will explain how to add your own specs and rotations. Also how to compare the damage of the various abilities within specs.

    Head over to the Calculations tab via the 'all sheets' button at the bottom left.

    If you don't want to create your own spec, skip to the end.

    The Calculations sheet is where all the rotations and specs are handled. It uses all the other sheets for it's calculations and this should be the only sheet you ever need to edit.

    To add a new spec scroll down to the Rotations segment (rows 24-32 currently) and add your own customized spec.

    Before you look at the columns to the right, scroll all the way down to SPEC1 segment (rows 106-114 currently).

    This is where you enter the build. For each talent simply write how many points are assigned to it.

    Slightly lower you'll find SPEC2 (rows 120-128).

    Here you need to enter how many total points are assigned to each skill tree, as well as which buffs is your spec using. For each active buff, write 1 in the respective column.

    Before you can continue, you need to have a rotation in mind. Lay it down on a piece of paper / in excel, because you'll need to know how many times each skill is used.

    Now we can scroll back up back to the Rotations segment (rows 24-32).

    Under each skill name write down the amount of times it is used in your rotation. You only need to do that for actual skills used, the sheet handles stuff like Storm Blade and Synergy Crystals by itself. Abilities used alongside Arc & Shifting Blades get an extra column for the proc alongside their base column.

    Almost done!
    Scroll over all the way to the right and find the 'Length' column (column 'CO' currently).

    Input the time required for your rotation in seconds, without server lag. The sheet takes into account server lag automatically by penalizing the damage numbers.

    Now head back over to the DPS sheet and select your spec.

    You're done!

    If you want to simply look and compare ability damages in an existing spec or in a spec you've created, select that spec and head over to the calculations sheet.

    You mostly really just care about the 'Average Hit' row, as that is the amount the skill will hit (not crit) for on the boss in a raid setting with all the buffs active. That is sufficient for most needs. But I will go ahead and explain what each row means:

    - The first 2 Char sheet rows are the amount displayed on your ability tooltip with full raid buffs and personal buffs active, including short duration ones.

    - The next 2 Char sheet rows, that one that specify no buffs, are the amount displayed on your ability tooltip when you are using the selected spec with the selected gear, standing in town without any buffs whatsoever (make sure you have the correct synergy crystal selected in the sheet as it's easy to forget).

    - Armor mitigation is self explanatory for armor and resist abilities, although it's quite surprising how relatively weak are abilities that lower target armor/resists.

    I hope this advanced guide will assist those looking to theorycraft builds and rotations.
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    As much as I am not a fan of your perfect-theory-in-practice approach, this is one awesome guide (one that should've been done long before 2.5 version).

    Thanks a lot Ranger.

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    It's still giving me an error about authentication when I try to find my stat weights.
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    It's a warning that the spreadsheet is asking for editing privileges. To calculate stat weights the spreadsheet edits values. It and increases each stat by 1 and records the DPS change. If you choose not to grant permissions then stat weights can't be calculated.
    The seeing, the true seeing, that is the heart of sword-play.

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