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Thread: LF pvp paragon assistance

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    Default LF pvp paragon assistance

    Title basically says it. Am wanting to experiment with some different builds. Am hoping someone could offer ideas on build (assuming 61 para with some wl and temp), as well as some macros. Thanks!

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    If you are looking for a paragon pvp build, i think its either best to go for 12 warlord for the extra hp and resist + block without a shield, and then 3 points in tempest. You get a pull and a snare ( but doesnt stack with death touch snare) and more hp+resists.

    If you want a bit more mobility go for temp + rb. Depends on what you want 8 rb for flame spear, 6 tempest for elude (jump back) or you can go towards more damage with more in rb, or more reduced incoming damage with tempest.
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