i know that this isn't best representation of this build but here it is in action against an elite

This spec works for either http://www.riftscene.com/soul-builder/?build=1363
Or you can use http://www.riftscene.com/soul-builder/?build=1364
it depends on situation mostly if you are having hard time either keeping up with target or staying away from high damage targets i would take the 17 in beastmaster or 17 in Riftblade, having more dots doesn't hurt either.

Originally i can came up with this spec because i was sick of dieing while questing, then i tryed it in some pvp and was amazed how well the damage was and survival was and not to mention being top damage. yes yes i know i am not lvl 60 and i don't expect this spec to work at 60.

First points you want to put are for your paladin while keeping in mind to keep all other points into Tempest, Once you have 22points in paladin just work in the rest for tempest and then which other spec you choose. A few things about Beastmaster is that one if you are going to rely on your pet to do damage your sorely mistaken, majority of your damage is going to come from your Shock Pulse,Skyfall,and Lightning Torrent.

There are no macro's for this build its easy enough as it is just few dps buttons with and few cc and Reduction/heals you will need to work with. But i am sure if you wanted to you could use a macro for Jolt and Light's Balm. Storm Shield should be used for escapes or if you are Headed into a crowed of enemies which you probably shouldn't do.

Lights hammer and Lightning Torrent work perfect together when you have a healer low on hp or a high threat target and only use lights hammer after a skyfall to get your buff Discharged defenses up for your fallowing Lightning Torrent.

So it would look something like this Healer is at 50% health cast Skyfall>Lights Hammer> Lightning Torrent and use skyfall if player is still alive by then that is.

Basically your Rotation over all will look like this Shock Pulse>Shock Pulse>Shock Pulse> Skyfall Rinse,Repeat.