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Thread: "Whirling Dervish" (Solo/AE DPS)

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    Default "Whirling Dervish" (Solo/AE DPS)

    My normal solo spec is a Warlord/Champion build that works really well, but I've been experimenting with various builds that provide more general purpose usage beyond just soloing. Using Bloodbourne's guide as a base, I came up with some modifications to make it more suited for open-world grinding while still finding use for dedicated AE DPS on raid/dungeon trash; with only six role slots I found that I was running a bit short so wanted to consolidate something. The only thing this build is lacking is any kind of self healing (as bad as Battlefield Medic is) and any kind of major cooldown, but so far in open world content things die fast enough that as long as I'm not stupid and pull a crazy amount of mobs, I can handle it.

    In addition, this build can work while leveling, right out of the box; make sure to go 4 points into Warlord immediately to get Recovery Posture, and then put points into Champion as you level up.

    The finisher macro and general rotation are courtesy of Bloodbourne/Warborne and not my creation.

    Build: 61 Champion/11 Warlord/4 Paragon

    The points are pretty self-explanatory; 11 into Warlord gives you an Interrupt and the ability to block (for soloing) along with the incomparable Recovery Posture.

    • Dominating Bearing
    • Recovery Posture
    • Way of the River

    • Neck Punch
    • Sergeant's Order
    • Weapon Defense
    • Proper Timing
    • Mighty Blow
    • Savage Sweep
    • Disruptive Strike
    • Chains of Life
    • Mark of Exclusion (replace with Extermination if you don't need damage reduction)

    Finisher Macro:
    #show Thunderous Strike
    cast Thunderous Strike
    cast Titan's Strike
    cast Chains of Death
    cast Bladefury
    Lazy Charge Macro:
    #show Bull Rush
    cast Inescapable
    cast Bull Rush
    Rotation (courtesy of Bloodbourne)
    BR = Bull Rush
    MoE = Mark of Exclusion/Extermination
    SS = Savage Sweep
    CB = Cornered Beast
    PT = Proper Timing
    FM = Finisher Macro
    MB = Mighty Blow
    DS = Disruptive Strike

    BR (MoE as you land) > SS > FM
    CB > (PT) FM
    DS > FM
    MB > SS > FM
    (repeat with CB)

    Apply Weapon Defense as needed for an absorb (if you're really lazy you can macro it with something else so it goes off automatically). Use Chains of Life as your finisher if you pull too much.
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    I'm a big fan of 61 champ myself. I don't like the 11/4 split though. I prefer just straight 15 WL.


    With this, you pick up Backhand, which increases your ST DPS while soloing. You also trade 8% to builders (your spec) for 6% to finishers and attacks that follow blocks, which is a slight DPS loss compared to your build, but not that much. On the plus side, you get a 2nd charge (nice when hopping from mobs to mob while soloing) and you can take a 0 point tempest for shock pulse, which is nice if you're using this spec in a great hunt and can't get near the boss or just generally want to pull mobs from distance. I use this as my trash spec also and use 0 pt para or 0pt RB for AoE damage. Not sure which is mathematically best, but generally RB is higher for me. I parse over 40k on 5 or more mobs, which isn't too shabby.

    As for the rotation. I prefer Chains of Death as its own button, not in the finisher macro. It's a DPS loss with fewer than 3 mobs and with the long CD, I don't want to waste it towards the end of mopping up a pack of mobs. I have a Proper Timing -> Titan's Strike macro too. I find that easier than remembering where I am in my finisher macro while running around gathering a lot of mobs.
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    Another fan of 61 Champ as a soloing spec with a different take. i go 61 Champion/8 Riftblade/7 Warlord

    Riftblade gets me a few things i find pretty useful. First, i believe Storm Blade has a chance to proc on each hit of Cornered Beast, which is a significant DPS boost. Second, i pick up Flamespear which i can use with Sergeant's Orders for ranged pulls of spread-out groups of enemies as well as in the annoying ST fight (replaces Mighty Blow for a DPS gain).

    i do give up the interrupt, Neck Punch, but if you wanted, you could move a point from Tactical Advantage (+2% builder damage) for it.

    i also give up Combat Veteran. Frankly, i don't miss it, and i don't think it's worth 2 pts (1 for the skill and 1 in Trained Defenses to get enough for the third tier).

    The rotation is almost exactly the same as Bloodbourne's, except you have the option of Flamespear in a ST fight. i've toyed with the idea of using Death Blossom in AoE. DB + Flamespear + Disruptive Strike + Flamespear should outDPS Bladefury + Mighty Blow + Mighty Blow, but i haven't tested it.

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    jus a quick question ( leveling my war alt_)
    how effective is surging energy for countering energy problems?
    i was leaning toward this
    i mean more dps is great but it all goes south once the energy dips out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Monkey View Post
    jus a quick question ( leveling my war alt_)
    how effective is surging energy for countering energy problems?
    i was leaning toward this
    i mean more dps is great but it all goes south once the energy dips out
    In fact, an earlier version of my build did pick up Surging Energy, just as you did. Although i opted for +2% Strength from WL rather than Burning Blood. A helpful poster pointed out that 61 Champ didn't have energy problems, and i moved those two points from RB to WL. He was right. 61 Champ doesn't have energy starvation problems at all. Surging Energy is completely unneeded.

    Keep in mind here that Cornered Beast is a 6s channel, which is more than long enough to get back up to 100% energy, and you use it every 15s.
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    Wanted to point out that recovery posture plus cornered beast can be a much better heal than chains of life. Went to the dummies in meridian at full health and opened my combat channel. With Recovery posture up I used cornered beast on three dummies and it healed me for about a 1000 more than chains of life (note I am only lvl 53 with a mix of blue and greens for gear). With more enemies it could heal me for more.

    If you are curious do what I did to a set of practice dummies (3 or more) and add up the over-heals. It is quite surprising.
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