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Thread: It's a Quickie 51 Para/ 25 Champ 2.21 Solo

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    Default It's a Quickie 51 Para/ 25 Champ 2.21 Solo

    Hi, this is my first time in the forums but I thought I'd share something other than another warlord build!
    The key to this build's AoE is the Attack Point generation of Para, combined with the high damage abilities of the Champion. 4 Bladefury's in 12 seconds are better than 1 Titan's Strike in 10!
    The increase to crit chance granted by Flowing Strikes, and the STR boost granted by berserkers are a powerful combination! Anyways, let's cut to the chase.

    Main Build v1.0

    You can twerk the build several ways, such as removing the shield, chains of life, and the interrupt and taking more powerful DPS talents such as One on Many, or Deadly Strikes. Depends on what you need or want out of your skill set.

    ST Main Loop
    #show setting moon
    cast turn the blade
    cast final blessing
    cast rising waterfall
    cast setting moon

    This may seem incorrect to many, but it works; here is how.
    I choose to place the reactive (turn the blade) at the beginning, because it does not affect the GCD, and is basically a free swing.
    Next comes another temporary, Final Blessing, which has 2 conditions. First the target must be below 30% HP, second it is a follow up ability. That means it will only trigger AFTER setting moon, and if the target is below 30%.
    After that the macro will test rising waterfall, which is a follow up and will only be available after setting moon.
    Lastly, it will trigger setting moon, which will open up either rising waterfall or final blessing.

    You can place Turn the blade anywhere in the macro, but the last 3 abilities must come in that order or 1 will be ignored.

    That is the only macro I made, because the AoE skills are best used when fired off the bar.

    I keep all the finishers on the bar, because I use each for a different purpose.
    Chains of Life, Predictable Movements, Shifting Blades, Strike Like Iron, and Reaping Harvest, and Bladefury

    Charge Cycle
    Thread the Trees > Macro (which should trigger Rising Waterfall, giving you a total of 3 Attack Points) > Finisher (Sweeping Blades if AoE, or Strike Like Iron if ST)

    Spam Cycle
    If AoE'ing, use Mighty Blow > Macro > Bladefury/Sweeping Blades
    If ST use Macro x2 > Finisher (Strike Like Iron, Shifting Blades, then Reaping Harvest)

    This build will provide good amounts of DPS, and is very fun to play! for added DPS (For raids or dungeons) Take out the reactive, and remove talents from Chains of Life, Shield of Will and the INT (if you don't need it) and invest them in DPS talents.

    Power sustainability is overall good for long fights. If you find you dont need power regain then invest points from Grim Satisfaction somewhere else.

    Thank You for reading, I apologise for the format (1st time poster! )
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    Have to admit that I didn't try the build, but I would take out three points from either Take No Prisoners, Grim Satisfaction, Chains of Life and/or One on Many (imo TnP & CoL) to get Mired to 3/3.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordplay View Post
    He wasnt wearing hes rank 8 gear he had 0valor with that crit on full valor ppl i crit for 6k only.

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