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Thread: <2.1> 61Champ/2para/13WL

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    Default <2.1> 61Champ/2para/13WL

    So this is just my take on Champ, i won't promise its the highest DPS build out there. but imho it's fairly solid so take it, play with it, and adjust it to your liking.


    Combat veteran is a personal preference, I like the extra survivability it provides. you could certainly give it up for another point in Teaching of the five rings.

    here's the 2 macros I use.

    Mighty blow
    #show Mighty Blow
    cast Backhand
    cast Mighty Blow
    #show Bladefury
    Cast Backhand
    Cast Proper Timing
    cast Thunderous Strike
    cast Titan's Strike
    cast Bladefury

    other ability's of note,
    Mark of Extermination (very important)
    Cornered Beast
    Chains of Death

    Weapon Defense - for when things get hairy(for CB healing as well)
    Chains of Life - for when things get wookie type of hairy
    Neck punch
    Bull Rush
    Sergeant's Order

    my rotations pretty straight forward

    Chains of death = 1
    Mighty blow macro = 2
    Finisher macro = 3
    Cornered beast = 4

    Bull rush in, and immediately get mark of extermination on the mobs then

    2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 4, (then 1 if chains if of CD, or 3, if not) then start over

    If there's is less then 4 mobs don't use chains, just use mighty blow to 3 ap, then finisher, use cb to build when its off CD.

    so that's it, feel free to pick away at it guys, I'm not a min maxer, and it may not be perfect, but it works for me. hope someone out there enjoys it as well =).

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    What is the focus? Dungeon DPS? solo build? Raid DPS?

    As a solo build it's fairly solid, though I prefer 51 Champ and the extra points in Warlord for survival against 5-8 mob pulls.

    Group and raid Dps I'd think you'd be better off with only 6 pts in warlord, for the interrupt. Rest into paragon or Champ
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    Actually for leveling i did have it more Paragon, with just the 4 points into warlord. the reason i went so heavy into warlord is i really wanted to keep recovery posture, but the point balance just wasn't good. also, with this build so much of your dps comes from finishers, most of it actually. Calculating provides a better boost then teaching of the 5 rings. you very possibly could give up the warlord portion and go into Paragon, just wasn't quite what I wanted. also getting the 61 point ability makes a significant difference in dps.

    as far as use's goes. I've used it in open world, it obviously works very well there. I've used it in new dungeons to. anytime there's pretty much more then 1 mob. parsing atm, on the 6 or whatever dummys (plus the ones to the sides on some hits)

    03:00 Normal Practice : 32474DPS | Nimbl 32474

    that's with 1862ap, and 1403 crit. and cause i use rift meter and cant get it to copy the break down, that's about all I got.

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