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Thread: [4.5][PvP] - New Gen NB/Sin

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    Default [4.5][PvP] - The Dark Malice - New Gen NB/Sin Hybrid


    If you loved playing NB/Sin in previous expansions, this retooled version has a similar feel but with totally different mechanics. This is a mid-range spec that allows you to pop in-and-out of stealth to assist your teammates with kills and/or accomplish various other objectives across a variety of maps. While this spec is optimized for the mid-range, it performs smoothly if you find yourself in melee-range as well.

    The Build:

    44 Assassin/32 Nightblade/0 Riftstalker

    The key to this build is to use Dark Malady as your primary builder for the 20% damage buff, given the points in Legendary Thread of Death in the Assassin tree, allowing you to use From Stealth abilities outside of Stealth. It will also help you get to finishers more quickly because one cast of Dark Malady is an effective 3 combo points with points in Subterfuge in the Assassin tree.

    When you're not using a combination of mid-range Nightblade abilities like Dusk to Dawn, Dark Malady, and Flame Thrust, you'll likely be in melee-range, at which point you'll be using Assassin abilities like Assassinate, Backstab, Jagged Strike, Puncture, and Impale. You can also use Thread of Death with Assassin's Paralyzing Strike or Nightblade's Ebon Terror to stun or confuse opponents.

    The only downside to this build is that it lacks the complete repository of CCs in the Assassin tree, which I personally don't have a problem with given that the point of this build is to attack from an unexpected position that puts a little distance between you and your opponent. Additionally, you really only need two CCs, using Paralyzing Strike and/or Ebon Terror from stealth and/or by casting Thread of Death. Dusk to Dawn in the Nightblade tree also provides a root.

    As for the tertiary off-soul, I've always found Riftstalker ports to be more valuable than Marksman run-speed buffs because they allow you to cover more distance in an unpredictable fashion that makes you less prone to targeting, or to unexpectedly catch up with an opponent that's running away. If you don't think you need that, however, you can always opt for the 20% damage boost in the Ranger tree.

    Legendary Abilities:
    • Virulent Poison - As Flame Thrust will likely be your primary finisher, this legendary ability will provide a 30% damage boost to the next two non-Assassin finishers after gaining 7 stacks of Acidic Wrath
    • Poison Malice - This is another key part of the build that will require you to refresh this buff in a timely manner or else face a huge DPS loss
    • Thread of Death - The spec wouldn't exist without the Legendary version of this ability, so make sure you put your points in there
    • Hellfire Blades - This ability benefits from the Melted Skin talent in Nightblade, increasing your damage by 5%
    • Shadow Shift - The Legendary version of this ability reduces the cooldown from 45s to 30s, allowing you to be a lot more mobile in game

    • 61: Soul Steal - Grants stacks of Hemophilia when using Assassin abilities
    • 62: Ascended Biology - This increases the range of your Nightblade attacks from 20m to 25m
    • 63: Sprinter's Guile - Better than Juke and Run because you don't have to always be in melee
    • 64: Repetitive Strikes - Pairs best with Nightblade and Assassin offensive abilities
    • 65: Energy Manipulation - Pairs best with Nightblade and Assassin offensive abilities

    How to Play:

    To start, your two poisons will be Leeching Poison (returns some health) and Virulent Poison (7 Acidic Wrath stacks = 30% damage increase for next two non-Assassin finishers). My playstyle is always starting from stealth and opening with Expose Weakness, Poison Malice and either Paralyzing Strike or Ebon Terror on your opponent. This will take you to 3 combo points.

    Once out of stealth, I recommend you use Dusk to Dawn (now at 5 combo points) > Impale > Jagged Strike (3 combo points) > Dark Malady/Assassinate/Backstab (now at 5 combo points) > Blazing Strike/Flame Thrust > Puncture. You will have to keep an eye on when to refresh your Poison Malice buff, but apart from that, it's a very simple style of play that likely requires 2-3 buttons.

    You won't always end up with a pretty rotation in PvP because there are too many variables in player movement and skill that will have you adjusting your own playstyle accordingly. Just remember that this spec can largely be played at a distance, and if you feel too much pressure on you via a double-team/zerg, use Slip Away when needed to re-position yourself.



    Screenshots are largely from Library matches, where the build performs best due to the tight spacing and levels where you can either go 1v1 or assist with kills. It does relatively well with Garden matches provided you have good coverage, and it can even do well with Karthan matches if you play around the pillars or portal at mid. In spite of my computer performance, I believe you can reasonably expect similar numbers with full PvP gear (minus fragments; I don't have BIS fragments, let alone the full set as of yet), buffs, and consumables.

    If you need tips on how to play, feel free to ask me in-game: Wonskee@Deepwood

    Thanks for checking this guide out, and I hope you have fun with this spec!
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