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    Normally I never use the forum, just accidently clicked on one fo the specs on the leaderboard site but well now that Im here...
    How can any version of this abomination of a Specc (in points of gameplay) be rated harder than 1/10, its just autopilot ******** to get free dps to any bad rogue. .
    Wait you even stole my stupid one button macro I used like 2 times a few weeks ago to troll? This one rly shouldnt have been shared, it just destroys the quality of rogue players even more, they will be lost if the glorious day comes, when they finaly decide to work on speccs again and nerf this boring ********.

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    Hello The True King,

    glad you're enjoying your product and having a good time! Also wellcome to the forums!
    Also glad to hear about your guild enjoying rogue; shoutout to your friends.
    -> Please add a parse with your breakdown + stats to see where the issue is.
    Too much time went into presenting the point&brain related informations and simplifying the amount down to necessities. Still misunderstandings can occour and we are glad about honest customer feedback.

    Please add the time and situation we played together so we will add you to special thanks for the stolen macro.
    Once you came up with more effective alternatives of point&brain related gameplay variations, distributed by Shas or it's registrated partners, please tag us into your sharing process.
    Also once you feel confident to proof yourself, consider combat loging and applying for a spot on the Spreadsheet! (note: now a part of prancingturtle)

    We thank you for- and appreciate the constructive criticism as we gladly list you as our trustful customer.

    Please add any further concerns.

    Your reference number is : 54LT

    Heads up and a good time!

    Your The Destroyer(2) customer service.

    | Hierosolyma | Azuren | Jeru | Syenn

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