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Thread: [4.5][PvP] - The Griefer - An Objective-Oriented, Anti-Tank Build for Responsible Fun

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    Default [4.5][PvP] - The Disruptor - An Anti-Tank Build


    So like any recipe you can find online or in a cookbook, here's an unnecessary but slightly relevant prelude to the spec:

    If you've been in a warfront recently, you may have noticed an uptick in tanking specs that "cheese" warfronts by sitting on points and taking advantage of their class' EHP, utilities, and ridiculous self-heals that somehow Rogues can't get in Riftstalker with [Defer Death] or in Physician with [Life Insurance]. Still, you can also find Rogues sitting on points by going Riftstalker, but to a lesser degree and with less efficacy than other tanking classes.

    While thinking of ways to counter this sort of strategy in PvP, which to my opinion and many others makes PvP a much less enjoyable experience, I ultimately decided to forgo a spec that engages in legitimate DPS for one that has enough CC to creatively beat tanks to the punch, ward them off, and even get creative kills that aren't necessarily reflected on the leaderboard.

    Quite honestly, contrary to my naming of this spec, I haven't meant to make a "troll" spec. While I have taken full advantage of the Rift Soul system to make something to overcome the tanking aspect of PvP, I do see a slight possibility for my spec to be abused to the point where it makes warfronts less fun for everyone. However, this is, again, not my intention, and I will state that I have done whatever I could to make a spec that can be easily killed with good, focused DPS or countered otherwise, while giving as many options as possible for the player using this spec to overcome gross imbalances or boring, predictable tactics in warfronts.

    Lastly, I wanted to show this spec on the forums to basically let players know what to expect for fairness and feedback. Feel free to post your suggestions or whatnot as you may have your own preferences and soul variations based on playstyle.

    Now, with that, onto the spec:

    32 Assassin/32 Riftstalker/12 Bladedancer


    - [Shadow Shift] has an OP 10 second cooldown due to [Shadow Mastery].
    - [Shadow Blitz] is an AE Port that reduces damage by 15% up to 10 enemies.
    - [Virulent Poison] is for whatever DPS you want to go for when using Guarded Steel as your finisher.
    - [Assassinate] is for Critical Hit procs on Poisons to trigger Aggressive Defense mastery, which is what I think happens at least, plus there isn't really any other option so why not?
    - [Side Steps] is for moar speed; +15% movement speed for 12s.


    - Aggressive Defense (I haven't played since NT, but I'm thinking this still may be a nice buffer for your HP; Soul Steal is a fine alternative)
    - Revitalize (Main one is to extend your [Planar Strike] by 20m because PvP = disconnects)
    - Unstoppable (If you CC, you bet you're going to get CC in return, so this is my preferred one; Sprinter's Guile is also fine but unnecessary really because of your movement utilities across each soul, especially Planeshifting in Riftstalker)
    - Timed Focus (I think [Flash of Steel] is very underrated, and this extends the range to 30m; hint: use this while carrying a flag in Blighted or Whitefall to cover extra ground)
    - Planar Variation (A great self-heal or as a ranged AoE)


    - [Virulent Poison] as explained above is the legendary ability that increases damage of non-Assassin finishers in Guarded Steel (which increases Armor by 10% for 30s).
    - [Leeching Poison] returns health and is one of your harder hitting poisons, so why not.
    - [Guardian Phase] is mostly for the Base-Health increase or if you really do have Guard and Block pieces.
    - [Planebound Resilience] increases Endurance.

    Instead of posting macros and whatnot, I invite people to make their own. This is going to focus moreso on the abilities and how to use them in this spec.

    Riftstalker Abilities:

    1. Ports

    - [Shadow Shift] is one of your most important abilities to cover ground or escape because ports > movement buffs, but just make sure you're using it in the right direction. With the legendary and points in [Shadow Mastery], the CD on this is 10 seconds, but use it wisely. To add, you move 50% faster for 4s after Planeshifting due to points in Hasted Time.
    - [Shadow Blitz] is another important ability when defending an objective as it reduces damage on affected targets by 15%, so it's great for helping your teammates as well as for your own interests. 25s CD.
    - [Shadow Stalk] does no damage but gets rid of all CC effects. Use wisely, 25s CD.
    - [Shadow Assault] deals damage but nothing much else really. 25s CD.
    - [Flashback] + [Memory Capture] can port you away from harm's way up to 50m, so place your capture point strategically; tip: I like to situate a capture point to combine it with a [Shadow Shift] port. 25s CD.

    2. CC

    - [Rift Prison] is your most powerful CC on a 20s CD, as it grants immunity to all outside effects while incapacitating the target. Tip: Use on dying rune/fang holders; you won't get the kill on the leaderboard, but it's a very underrated aspect of winning maps like that.
    - [Planar Disruption] is an interrupt on an 8s CD. Casters will be shook when you're able to interrupt multiple abilities with the second interrupt in [Weapon Barrage]. As a side-note, it's also another reason why I think playing MM RFS-style in PvP is overrated.

    3. Damage Reduction

    - [Phantom Blow] when used reduces damage by 2% for 20s.
    - [Planar Refuge] when used reduces damage by 30% for 10s.
    - [Acquittal] puts your Guard on another player who needs help. Useful for helping a fellow carrier or your healer or just someone who's being mercilessly targeted.

    Assassin Abilities:

    1. Defensive CDs

    - [Stealth] + [Slip Away] + [Elusiveness] are fundamental abilities you should know how to use; tip: avoid combat-intensive areas to avoid being exposed. [Slip Away] is a 2 min CD.
    - [Enduring Brew] is a small heal and energy boost for when you need to just start blowing the self-heals. 1 min CD.

    2. CCs

    - [Foul Play] stuns for 4s, but I'd use this as a lesser priority to [Rift Prison], which incapacitates for 6s as does not need to be used in melee range. 30s CD.
    - [Blinding Powder] is a great CC that confuses for 10s or until damaged, so use this when it's a 1v1 situation. 1 min CD.

    3. Stealth

    - [Incapacitate] is the first CC you should use when trying to capture a point with a camper on it. Incapacitates for 45s or until damaged, but just make sure you do it when the target isn't in combat.
    - [Paralyzing Strike] is a 4s stun that works best as a stealth opener or with [Thread of Death]. 6s CD.

    Bladedancer Abilities:

    1. Utilities

    - [Flash of Steel] is essentially a break-free with a 30m range on it. 15s CD, use wisely.
    - [Weapon Barrage] is an interrupt with a 10s CD. Use with [Planar Disruption] in Riftstalker.
    - [Sprint] is a movement utility that increases movement by 50% for 15s. 1 min CD.
    - [Side Steps] as explained above can be stacked with Sprint. 1 min 30s CD.

    I might add details on how to use this spec in warfronts, but briefly, it is best for control point-based maps, aka Domination maps (Karthan Ridge and Black Garden). I have also found this very useful in Blighted Antechamber for stealing the flag, aka the main objective, and for stealing the sourcestone from the enemy base in Whitefall Steppes. It is also wonderful in maps like Library of the Runemasters when using your CC against rune carriers, as well as in Black Garden (fang). Don't think about using this in Tenebrean Prison, though if you somehow find success with this on that map, let me know.

    Again, I might post more about this spec, including SS of wins using this spec and how dominant this can be when used correctly. I'm totally open to feedback/criticism of this spec and what it means for PvP given the pre-context above.
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